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featured and introduction
Much of his personal correspondence with those and other figures is featured in the book The Groucho Letters ( 1967 ) with an introduction and commentary on the letters written by Groucho, who donated his letters to the Library of Congress.
The period featured considerable formal innovation, including possibly the introduction of the Sicilian octave to Florence, where it influenced Petrarch.
1972 saw the introduction of a deluxe version of the sedan, VAZ-2103, which was based on Fiat 124 Special 1968 and featured a new 1. 5 L engine and twin headlights.
The broadcast also featured the introduction of the telestrator to a national audience.
The software was licensed from 3rd party developers Joseph Katz and Mark Barton ( later, SoftVoice, Inc .) and was featured during the 1984 introduction of the Macintosh computer.
A celesta provides the introduction to a song Louis Armstrong recorded for RCA entitled " Someday You'll Be Sorry ", and is featured prominently throughout the song.
Titled " Uncle of the Bride ", the film featured the introduction of Michael Aldridge as Seymour, the new third man of the trio.
Each of the first six takes of the song featured a strikingly different approach to the beginning and ending sections of the song ; the eventual chiming guitar-based introduction to the song would be recorded in a different session and edited in later.
On April 6, 1997, The Disney Channel shortened its name to simply " Disney Channel " ( however, promos that ran until September 2002 often referred to the channel only as " Disney " and the logo often omitted the " Channel " in the network's name ) took on a revamped look including the introduction of a new logo, which featured a 1930s-era Mickey Mouse on a black Mickey ear-shaped TV.
Maggin wrote Superman # 400 ( Oct. 1984 ) which featured work by several popular comics artists including the only major DC work by Jim Steranko as well as an introduction by noted science-fiction author Ray Bradbury.
Judge's piece, Frog Baseball, marked the first appearance of his dimwitted trademark characters Beavis and Butt-head, while McCracken's short The Whoopass Girls in A Sticky Situation featured the introduction of the trio of little girl superheroes that would later gain popularity under their new moniker The Powerpuff Girls.
The second version of the song featured McCartney's Mellotron introduction followed by the refrain.
* A sample probably taken from the German gong station documented by the Conet project appears both in the introduction to and throughout the song " Jet Stream " by Pacific, most notably featured on 1988 Creation Records sampler Doing It for the Kids.
* The film also included " Since I've Been Loving You ", the introduction to " Heartbreaker ", the instrumental " Bron-Yr-Aur " ( which appeared on Physical Graffiti ) and a hurdy gurdy piece called " Autumn Lake ", none of which were featured on the album.
A year before the introduction of the MAE the SCA was introduced, a 1000 cc engine based on a Ford Cortina 116E block that raced in Formula 2, and featured the first totally Cosworth-designed head.
Inevitably, the balance was largely redressed with the introduction of the Sound Blaster AWE32 and its successors, which also featured on-board RAM and wavetable mixing.
The introduction on the record featured a bowed bass played by Jack Bruce.
" This episode also featured a new introduction and voice over that reflected the change in characters.
Lapita society featured renowned pottery, stilt houses, the introduction of domestic animals such as pigs, dogs, and chickens, and substantial developments in agriculture and boat technology, allowing long distance trade to develop.
The 2011 show also saw the introduction of the new Artisan garden category which featured beautiful artistic and natural gardens.
Screeno also featured an introduction by the fiction writer and essayist, Cynthia Ozick.
In 2003, the album was digitally remastered which featured the restored introduction to " The Revealing Science of God ".
Side one featured two versions of an introduction by Freberg ( billed as " Stan Freberg, Matinee Idol "), with the second version including a few words from the president of Blitz-Weinhard Co.
Time ( magazine ) featured Ed Cole and the 1960 Corvair on its cover for the Corvair introduction in 1959 and said: " its fresh engineering is hailed as the forerunner of a new age of innovation in Detroit.

featured and by
Winning the 1951 Best Picture Oscar and numerous other awards, the film was directed by Vincente Minnelli, featured many tunes of Gershwin, and concluded with an extensive, elaborate dance sequence built around the An American in Paris symphonic poem ( arranged for the film by Johnny Green ), costing $ 500, 000.
Its album Pimp to Eat featured guest appearances by various members of Rhyme Syndicate, Odd Oberheim, Jacky jasper ( who appears as Jacky Jasper on the song " We Sleep Days " and H-Bomb on " War "), D. J.
The real stuffed toys owned by Christopher Robin Milne and featured in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories.
Her time spent at the many locations featured in her books is very apparent by the extreme detail in which she describes them.
Christie has also been parodied on screen, such as in the film Murder by Indecision, which featured the character " Agatha Crispy ".
The Ashes featured in the film The Final Test, released in 1953, based on a television play by Terence Rattigan.
The song " The Raven " featured lead vocals by the actor Leonard Whiting, and, according to the 2007 remastered album liner notes, was the first rock song to use a digital vocoder, with Alan Parsons speaking lyrics through it.
Although the studio version of Freudiana was produced by Parsons ( and featured the regular Project backing musicians, making it an ' unofficial ' Project album ), it was primarily Woolfson's idea to turn it into a musical.
The opening instrumental was largely done away with by 1980 ; no later Project album except Eye in the Sky featured one ( although every album includes at least one instrumental somewhere in the running order ).
The years of his minority featured an embittered struggle for the control of affairs between two rival parties, the one led by Walter Comyn, Earl of Menteith, the other by Alan Durward, Justiciar of Scotia.
* Action Comics Number 579, published by DC Comics in 1986, written by Lofficier and Illustrated by Keith Giffen, featured an homage to Asterix where Superman and Jimmy Olsen are drawn back in time to a small village of indomitable Gauls.
In 1981, Korner joined another " supergroup ", Rocket 88, a project led by Ian Stewart based on boogie-woogie keyboard players, which featured a rhythm section comprising Jack Bruce and Charlie Watts, among others, as well as a horn section.
Almost Like Being in Love featured music by Frederick Loewe, Burton Lane, Andre Previn, Charles Strouse, and Kurt Weill.
The song was later featured in the film The Birdcage ( 1996 ) and performed by Robin Williams and Christine Baranski.
A later US radio version by the Theatre Guild in 1947 featured Rathbone with Wendy Hiller and Catherine Rowan, his co-star from a contemporary Broadway production.
* Amicable numbers are featured in the novel The Professor's Beloved Equation by Yoko Ogawa, and in the Japanese film based on it.
* Amicable numbers are featured briefly in the novel The Stranger House by Reginald Hill.
It featured backing by his touring band of the time, with keyboardist Augie Meyers added for the sessions.
Among others, the special featured appearances by Adam Sandler, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, R. E. M., Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Ol ' Dirty Bastard, Tori Amos, and the Beastie Boys.
Also featured were two music videos (" Long Hard Road Out of Hell " by Marilyn Manson and " Criminal " by Fiona Apple ) not included in any of the show's regular episodes.

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