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has and never
This is an unsolved problem which probably has never been seriously investigated, although one frequently hears the comment that we have insufficient specialists of the kind who can compete with the Germans or Swiss, for example, in precision machinery and mathematics, or the Finns in geochemistry.
Carl says it is the greatest poem ever written to the guitar because he has never heard of any other poem to that subtle instrument.
Nineteenth-century virtues, however, seem somehow to have gone out of fashion and the Bright book has never been particularly popular.
There is every reason to recognize that in the very last years of his life, as we shall see, Thompson did take the drug in carefully rationed doses to ease the pains of his illness, but the exact date at which this began has never been determined.
This viewpoint I find interesting, but it has never weighed on my soul.
We cannot truthfully say of anyone who has succeeded in entering deep into his sixties that he was never old.
Patchen has almost never used strict poetic forms ; ;
The doctrine has never worked ; ;
As the girls come to belly dancing from this and other origins, the melting pot has never bubbled more intriguingly.
For something, clearly, has gone very, very seriously wrong in Soviet-Chinese relations, which were never easy, and have now deteriorated.
Sam Rayburn has never had to look back at any of his most devastating fights and ever feel ashamed of his conduct as a combatant under fire or his political manners in the heat of conflicting ambitions.
As the President has said, `` only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain that they will never be employed ''.
Meanwhile he has been thinking about the facts surrounding the problem, facts which he knows can never be complete, and the general background, much of which has already been lost to history.
With the existence of these many factors, some of them variable, it obviously has never been and is not now possible for the Commission to make assignments of AM stations on a case-to-case basis which will insure against any interference in any circumstances.
Therefore it's a genuine pleasure to tell you about an entirely happy bodybuilder who has never had to train in secret has never heard one unkind word from his parents and never has been taunted by his schoolmates!!
Nevertheless, the writer has never experienced such spontaneity of discussion after film showings.

has and been
Besides I heard her old uncle that stays there has been doin' it ''.
Southern resentment has been over the method of its ending, the invasion, and Reconstruction ; ;
The situation of the South since 1865 has been unique in the western world.
The North should thank its stars that such has been the case ; ;
As it is, they consider that the North is now reaping the fruits of excess egalitarianism, that in spite of its high standard of living the `` American way '' has been proved inferior to the English and Scandinavian ways, although they disapprove of the socialistic features of the latter.
In what has aptly been called a `` constitutional revolution '', the basic nature of government was transformed from one essentially negative in nature ( the `` night-watchman state '' ) to one with affirmative duties to perform.
For lawyers, reflecting perhaps their parochial preferences, there has been a special fascination since then in the role played by the Supreme Court in that transformation -- the manner in which its decisions altered in `` the switch in time that saved nine '', President Roosevelt's ill-starred but in effect victorious `` Court-packing plan '', the imprimatur of judicial approval that was finally placed upon social legislation.
Labor relations have been transformed, income security has become a standardized feature of political platforms, and all the many facets of the American version of the welfare state have become part of the conventional wisdom.
Historically, however, the concept is one that has been of marked benefit to the people of the Western civilizational group.
In recent weeks, as a result of a sweeping defense policy reappraisal by the Kennedy Administration, basic United States strategy has been modified -- and large new sums allocated -- to meet the accidental-war danger and to reduce it as quickly as possible.
The malignancy of such a landscape has been beautifully described by the Australian Charles Bean.
There has probably always been a bridge of some sort at the southeastern corner of the city.
Even though in most cases the completion of the definitive editions of their writings is still years off, enough documentation has already been assembled to warrant drawing a new composite profile of the leadership which performed the heroic dual feats of winning American independence and founding a new nation.
Madison once remarked: `` My life has been so much a public one '', a comment which fits the careers of the other six.
Thus we are compelled to face the urbanization of the South -- an urbanization which, despite its dramatic and overwhelming effects upon the Southern culture, has been utterly ignored by the bulk of Southern writers.
But the South is, and has been for the past century, engaged in a wide-sweeping urbanization which, oddly enough, is not reflected in its literature.
An example of the changes which have crept over the Southern region may be seen in the Southern Negro's quest for a position in the white-dominated society, a problem that has been reflected in regional fiction especially since 1865.
In the meantime, while the South has been undergoing this phenomenal modernization that is so disappointing to the curious Yankee, Southern writers have certainly done little to reflect and promote their region's progress.
Faulkner culminates the Southern legend perhaps more masterfully than it has ever been, or could ever be, done.
The `` approximate '' is important, because even after the order of the work has been established by the chance method, the result is not inviolable.
But it has been during the last two centuries, during the scientific revolution, that our independence from the physical environment has made the most rapid strides.
In the life sciences, there has been an enormous increase in our understanding of disease, in the mechanisms of heredity, and in bio- and physiological chemistry.
Even in domains where detailed and predictive understanding is still lacking, but where some explanations are possible, as with lightning and weather and earthquakes, the appropriate kind of human action has been more adequately indicated.
The persistent horror of having a malformed child has, I believe, been reduced, not because we have gained any control over this misfortune, but precisely because we have learned that we have so little control over it.

has and firmly
It is interesting, however, that despite this strong upsurge in Southern writing, almost none of the writers has forsaken the firmly entrenched concept of the white-suited big-daddy colonel sipping a mint julep as he silently recounts the revenue from the season's cotton and tobacco crops ; ;
But he hastened to add that, if United States policies were not always clear, despite Mr. Rusk's analysis of the various global danger points and setbacks for the West, this may merely mean the new administration has not yet firmly fixed its policy.
A current modern interpretation is that the Hittite sacral hieratic hunting bag ( kursas ), a rough and shaggy goatskin that has been firmly established in literary texts and iconography by H. G.
Over the past decade, Brazil has firmly established itself as a regional power.
It has made its presence firmly known in the philosophy of language and epistemology-a modern revival of rationalism-as well as constituting a substantial wing of modern linguistics.
Hal Erickson has written that the film "... is remarkable in its willingness to offer both sides of the conflict -- though its sympathies are firmly with the Loyalists.
Since the 1980s, the party has firmly pushed economic liberalism, and has aligned itself closely to the promotion of free markets and privatisation.
There has been considerable scholarship, reaching back to Johann Jakob Bachofen in the mid-nineteenth century, about the possibility that Hera, whose early importance in Greek religion is firmly established, was originally the goddess of a matriarchal people, presumably inhabiting Greece before the Hellenes.
Despite opposing the United States in favour of the Sandanistas on the country's northern border, stern warnings against the US Bay of Pigs invasion, along with repelling Nicaraguan dictator Somoza's invasion after turning to the Organization of American States, and border disputes with Nicaragua, Costa Rica has held firmly to its belief against ever having a military.
A recent study argues that the force of Berkeley's criticisms has been overestimated ; that Leibniz's defense of infinitesimals is more firmly grounded than Berkeley's criticism thereof ; and that Leibniz's system for differential calculus was free of logical contradictions.
The historian William J. Cooper has stated that Davis believed in southern social order that included " a democratic white polity based firmly on dominance of a controlled and excluded black caste.
" Kemp has compared his speech to George Carlin's 1984 comedy routine on the differences between baseball and American football and has written that his " tongue was firmly planted in cheek " when making the speech.
Controversially, in England there has been some screening in sensitive security cases, but the Scottish courts have firmly set themselves against any form of jury vetting.
Although spun out of licensed properties, Shang-Chi is a Marvel-owned character and has been firmly established as a part of the Marvel Universe with guest appearances in numerous other titles, such as Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Knights and X-Men.
China has counseled North Korea ’ s leaders to gradually open the economy to market forces, and it is possible this path will be successfully followed as well as China's policy of keeping political control firmly in the hands of the Communist Party.
Some Lamarckian principles, however, have not been entirely discounted and some of Darwin's pangenesis principles ( in this regard ) do relate to heritable aspects of phenotypic plasticity, while the status of gemmules has been firmly rejected.
One cord of the sling is firmly attached to the stave and the other end has a loop that can slide off and release the projectile.
Heinlein Society member and researcher Robert James has noted that Heinlein wrote a letter in which he " firmly states " that Rod Walker is black.
It firmly believes this agreement " has the potential to usher in an era of responsible nuclear-energy development throughout the Middle East .” Global Security. org, " New U. S .- U. A. E.
" According to the Party's statute, amended at the 9th National Congress on 22 April 2001, the CPV was " established and trained by President Hồ Chí Minh, has led the Vietnamese people to carry out successfully the August Revolution, establishing the Democratic Republic of Việt Nam, now the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam, to defeat foreign invaders, to abolish the colonial and feudalist regime, to liberate and reunify the country, and then carry out the cause of renovation and socialist construction and firmly defend national independence.
The age and origin of these stones is debated, and so far none has been firmly dated or associated with clear evidence of a medieval Norse presence.
Analyzing Gretzky ’ s hockey skills, he says, " What we take to be creative genius is in fact a reaction to a situation that he has stored in his brain as deeply and firmly as his own phone number.

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