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is and held
This is puzzling to an outsider conscious of the classic tradition of liberalism, because it is clear that these Democrats who are left-of-center are at opposite poles from the liberal Jefferson, who held that the best government was the least government.
It is testimony to the deep respect in which Mr. Eisenhower was held by members of all parties that the moral considerations raised by his approach to the matter were not explicitly to be broached.
Arlen is one of the few ( possibly the only ) composer Mercer has been able to work with so closely, for they held their meetings in Arlen's study.
Conventional images of Jews have this in common with all perceptions of a configuration in which one feature is held constant: images can be both true and false.
To Adams that age in which religion exercised power over the entire culture of the race was one of imagination, and it is largely the admiration he so obviously held for such eras that betrays a peculiar religiosity -- a sentiment he would have probably denied.
But there is, nevertheless, always a subtle difference in the way in which supposedly similar opinions are held.
This is an official preliminary contest of the Miss America Pageant held each September in Atlantic City.
A college service of worship is held each Sunday morning at eleven o'clock in the Chapel.
Practices are held regularly and the schedule of games is prepared by the student coach and the officers of the club.
Fortunately, although only a few years ago they held the student at arms length, today the business houses welcome the opportunity to aid the student, not only from an increased sense of community responsibility but also from the realization that the student of today is the interior designer of tomorrow -- that the student already is `` in the trade ''.
The dirt on the soiled objects is mechanically held by surface irregularities to some extent.
Each adult is held personally responsible for assuring his inscription and obtaining an identification card which must be shown on demand.
Since a national interpretation cannot be avoided it is unfortunate that the elections were not held in a way to maximize party responsibility and the educational effect of mass political participation.
The model of this paper considers an industry which is not characterized by vigorous price competition, but which is so basic that its wage-price policies are held in check by continuous critical public scrutiny.
Although it is in some ways comparable to a voluntary sale of assets for cash, to which section 203 quite clearly applies, the courts and Treasury have held that acquiring corporations in several types of non-taxable reorganizations may sue for refund of taxes paid by transferors.
Finally, there is the question of how strongly an expressed opinion is held -- whether it is a firm opinion or one that the respondent favors only slightly over the alternatives.
Orthodontic work is possible because teeth are held firmly but not rigidly, by a system of peridontal membrane with an involved nerve network, to the bone in the jaw ; ;
On December 9, 1862, Sergeant Edwin H. Fay, an unusual Louisianan who held A.B. and M.A. degrees from Harvard University and who before the war was headmaster of a private school for boys in Louisiana, wrote his wife: `` I saw Pemberton and he is the most insignificant puke I ever saw.
One manufacturer who held an allegedly basic patent said: `` I would readily put over $50,000 into the manufacture of the device, but it is so easy to make that we would enter immediately into a prolonged ordeal of patent litigation which would eat up all our profits ''.
There is no registration fee but there will be a charge of $2.50 for the luncheon to be held in the library and fine arts building.

is and bi-annually
Euro Bus Expo is a trade show, which is held bi-annually at the UK's National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.
The Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize, named after the artist Paul Ré, is awarded bi-annually by the University of New Mexico ( UNM ).
The William H. Riker Prize for excellence in undergraduate teaching is awarded by the University of Rochester bi-annually in his honor.
The Bash Street Kids Annual was originally published bi-annually ( as The Bash Street Kids Book in those days ) but is now out every August and summer specials also used to be printed annually during the 1990s.
The Biennale of Sydney is an important festival dedicated to the contemporary visual arts, held bi-annually at the MCA and at various other venues around the city and often spilling into the streets.
Elections each May determine occupants of alternating seats on the council and the mayor is elected bi-annually.
It remained in Columbia from 1997 to 2006. it is published bi-annually by a group based in Berkeley, California.
It is worth mentioning that jointed track has suffered buckles in the past ; the fish-plates need to be removed and greased annually ( the requirement was relaxed to bi-annually in 1993 ) and where this was forgotten or where ballast conditions were especially weak, buckling took place in hot weather.
It meets bi-annually and is headquartered in Washington, D. C.
The Shing Wong festival is held bi-annually in Hong Kong on the eleventh day of the fifth lunar month, and the twenty-fourth day of the seventh lunar month ( Shing Wong's personal anniversary ) where people praise and give sacrifice to their city-guarding deity.
: is a festival held bi-annually, usually at the end of July.
The QMU is run by a student Board of Management bi-annually elected by the membership.
Each executive team's officers are elected bi-annually by secret ballot which is conducted through the college's intranet system.
Previously published at least annually and bi-annually from 1961 until 1974, the journal has been annually published since 1990 as a student managed theological journal whose content is provided by seminary faculty members and students.
The fair was revived in 1961 and in recent years is held bi-annually in May or June and traditionally opens with a procession parading through the village.
The exam consists of two hundred multiple-choice questions and is administered bi-annually in June and December during a four-hour session.
It is awarded bi-annually.
It is named in honour of Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau and is awarded bi-annually.
The award consists of a silver medal and a cash award of CAD $ 2, 500 and is awarded bi-annually.
It is named in honour of Joseph Wesley Flavelle and is awarded bi-annually.
It is named in honour of Henry Marshall Tory and is awarded bi-annually.

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