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John and Randolph
* John Randolph Lucas, 1973.
* Lisa Hearst Hagerman, granddaughter of 3rd son John Randolph Hearst Sr.
* 1915 – John Randolph, American actor ( d. 2004 )
His nomination for the Presidency was challenged by Rep. John Randolph, who apparently believed Sec.
John Randolph of Roanoke led the Quid effort to stop Jefferson's choice of James Madison.
Seconds ( 1966 ) tells of an elderly man John Randolph given the body of a young man Rock Hudson through experimental surgery.
Majority Leader John Randolph led the opposition.
His parents were Sir John Randolph, the son of William Randolph, and Susannah Beverley, the daughter of Peter Beverley ; his brother was John Randolph.
On July 24, a committee of five ( John Rutledge ( SC ), Edmund Randolph ( VA ), Nathaniel Gorham ( MA ), Oliver Ellsworth ( CT ), and James Wilson ( PA ) was elected to draft a detailed constitution.
* June 1 – John Randolph, American actor ( d. 2004 )
Artist's rendering of the fire, by John R. Chapin, originally printed in Harper's Weekly ; the view faces northeast across the Randolph Street Bridge.
File: John Randolph of Roanoke at National Portrait Gallery IMG 4460. JPG | Congressman John Randolph of Virginia
John Randolph stated on the floor of the Senate that he'd " never will be palsied by any power save the constitution, and the will of my constituents.
Disasters on the battlefield made him double his legislative efforts to overcome the obstructionism of John Randolph of Roanoke and Daniel Webster and other opponents of the war.
By the 1860s top artists in the west were illustrating for children, including Crane, Randolph Caldecott, Kate Greenaway and John Tenniel.
Old Republicans, represented by John Taylor of Caroline and John Randolph of Roanoke characterized the Second Bank of the United States as both constitutionally illegitimate and a direct threat to Jeffersonian agrarianism, state sovereignty and the institution of slavery, expressed by Taylor's statement that "... if Congress could incorporate a bank, it might emancipate a slave ".

John and released
The United States District Court for the District of Minnesota released its judgement on October 19, 1973, finding in Honeywell v. Sperry Rand that the ENIAC patent was a derivative of John Atanasoff's invention.
Sharing in the attack on the Electorate of Saxony, Albert was taken prisoner at Rochlitz in March 1547 by Elector John Frederick of Saxony, but was released as a result of the Emperor's victory at the Battle of Mühlberg in the succeeding April.
* 1978 – Former United States President Nixon aide John D. Ehrlichman is released from an Arizona prison after serving 18 months for Watergate-related crimes.
The software is developed and sold by Autodesk, Inc., first released in December 1982 by Autodesk in the year following the purchase of the first form of the software by Autodesk founder, John Walker.
A biopic of his life, The Babe, was released in 1992 and starred John Goodman in the title role.
Media reports immediately following his death indicated Haley displayed deranged and erratic behavior in his final weeks, although beyond a biography of Haley by John Swenson, released a year later, which described Haley painting the windows of his home black, there is little information extant about Haley's final days.
John Paul II did not reveal this cardinal's identity prior to his death, or in the 15-page testament he wrote during his papacy and which was released after his death.
After being released by the Panthers, the Saints acquired " Original Panther " John Kasay, who had an excellent 2011 season in New Orleans.
John Chowning's work on FM synthesis from the 1960s to the 1970s allowed much more efficient digital synthesis, eventually leading to the development of the affordable FM synthesis-based Yamaha DX7 digital synthesizer, released in 1983.
While the compositions and performances were credited to " Jimmy Thudpucker ", they were in fact co-written and sung by Brewer, who also co-wrote and provided the vocals for " Ginny's Song ", a 1976 single on the Warner Bros. Label, and Jimmy Thudpucker's Greatest Hits, an LP released by Windsong Records, John Denver's subsidiary of RCA Records ).
On June 26, 2009, John Carmack released Doom Resurrection, a new game developed by Escalation Studios for iOS and published by id Software.
Floating Point is an album by John McLaughlin, released in 2008 through the record label Abstract Logix.
* 2004 – The initial version of the John Jay Report, with details about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal in the United States, is released.
This was owned by John Middleton Murry, who had released editorial control to Max Plowman and Sir Richard Rees.
In September 2009 the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce released an Economic impact study and analysis of the economies of Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar produced by Professor John Fletcher of Bournemouth University.
American avant-garde composer John Zorn released an album called Grand Guignol by Naked City in 1992, in a reference to " the darker side of our existence which has always been with us and always will be ".
On 1 June 1832, Charles Lindsay, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin and the William John released their holdings of Sir John Rogerson's lands at Glasnevin, ( including Glasnevin House ) to George Hayward Lindsay.
Carcass released Reek of Putrefaction in 1988, which John Peel declared his favorite album of the year despite its very poor production.
Jazz pioneers such as John Coltrane — who recorded a composition entitled ' India ' during the November 1961 sessions for his album Live At The Village Vanguard ( the track was not released until 1963 on Coltrane's album Impressions )— also embraced this fusion.
The 1975 movie Inserts directed by John Byrum about a pornographic film production, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and was originally released with an X rating, took its name from the double meaning that " insert " both refers to this film technique ( often used in pornographic filmmaking ) and to sexual intercourse.
Funded by the John Templeton Foundation, IMU released a report in 2008 " Mathematics in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities " on the current state of mathematics in Africa and on opportunities for new initiatives to support mathematical development.
In the critically acclaimed CBS miniseries Pope John Paul II, released in December 2005, Voight, who was raised a Catholic, portrayed the pontiff from the time of his election until his death, garnering an Emmy nomination for the role.
In 1966, Moon worked with Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck, session man Nicky Hopkins, and future Led Zeppelin members Page and John Paul Jones to record an instrumental, " Beck's Bolero ", released as a single-double later that year.
" That was three different songs ... yet they were brought together to sound like one, which was fantastic ," lead guitarist John Echols said of " You Set The Scene " in the liner notes by Andrew Sandoval for the " Collector's Edition " of " Forever Changes " that was released by Rhino Records in 2008.

John and from
A lady, you made clear to me both by precept and example, never raised her voice or slumped in her chair, never failed in social tact ( in heaven, for instance, would not mention St. John the Baptist's head ), never pouted or withdrew or scandalized in company, never reminded others of her physical presence by unseemly sound or gesture, never indulged in public scenes or private confidences, never spoke of money save in terms of alleviating suffering, never gossiped or maligned, never stressed but always minimized the hopelessness of anything from sin to death itself.
Hearst won the Iowa state convention, but ran into a bitter battle in Indiana before losing to Parker, drawing an angry statement from Indiana's John W. Kern:
( John ) Boutflower of Christ's was twelfth in the list, coming from Perse School under Mr. Lovering as pensioner 20 April 1625 under Mr. Alsop.
Gov. John M. Dalton, himself a lawyer and a man of long service in government, spoke with rich background and experience when he said in an address here that lawyers ought to quit sitting in the Missouri General Assembly, or quit accepting fees from individuals and corporations who have controversies with or axes to grind with the government and who are retained, not because of their legal talents, but because of their government influence.
`` Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him.
Certainly, the meaning is clearer to one who is not familiar with Biblical teachings, in the New English Bible which reads: `` Then Jesus arrived at Jordan from Galilee, and he came to John to be baptized by him.
From the saddlebags, hung on a Hitchcock chair, David took out a good English razor, a present from John Hunter.
As has been the custom for the past several years, John Cross, Jr., Bench Show Chmn. of Westminster, arranged for the Juniors' meeting before the Class, and invited two speakers from the dog world to address them.
John Vernon had had all the patronage he cared for -- he had prospered, but he could not retire from horsedom.
This was built by John Templeman from plans submitted by James Finley of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
From 1896 until 1910 John H. Whipple was manager of Western Union at the Center in the drugstore he purchased from Clark Wait.
On November 7, 1859, the Providence Daily Journal reprinted a letter sent to John Brown from `` E. B. '', a Quaker lady in Newport.
`` E. B. '' compared John Brown to Moses in that they were both acting to deliver millions from oppression.
In her letter to John Brown, `` E. B. '', the Quakeress from Newport, had suggested that the American people owed more honor to John Brown for seeking to free the slaves than they did to George Washington.
It ticked over smoothly, idling while Fogg exchanged mails with the armed messenger from Burlington at Fort Ethan Allen, and one from Montpelier and Barre at the St. John field.
One afternoon during a cold, powdery snowstorm, Fogg took off for Concord from the St. John field.
But our two Jeep mates -- Keo Viphakone from Luang Prabang and John Cool from Beaver, Pennsylvania -- were beaming under their coatings of dust.
John, an engineer and anthropologist with a doctorate from the London School of Economics, headed the rural development division of USOM, the United States Operations Mission administering U.S. aid.
When Giffen decided to charge him interest on the loan from John Palfrey, Gorham readily assented, vowing that in a matter of dollars and cents, his brothers would never have any cause to complain of him.
Thus, when Dartmouth's Winter Carnival -- widely recognized as the greatest, wildest, roaringest college weekend anywhere, any time -- was broadcast over a national television hookup, Prexy John Sloan Dickey appeared on the screen in rugged winter garb, topped off by a tam-o'-shanter which he confessed had been acquired from a Smith girl.
John himself was bruised and clawed from head to tail, but he was in this fight to the finish, running almost as strongly now as in the morning.
Tractor production at Massey-Ferguson, Ltd., of Toronto in July and August rose to 2,418 units from 869 in the like period a year earlier, says John Staiger, vice president.

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