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was and owned
After all, Woodruff owned a competent printing plant and was the logical man for the job.
his hospital and doctor bills had been large and his income had been cut until he was receiving little except small rentals on some properties he still owned.
There is a humorous but revealing story about a rancher who owned a large slice of Texas and who wanted to have on it everything that was necessary for a completely pleasant community.
Milton and Rosella Lovett of Cranston were awarded $55,000 damages from the state in Superior Court yesterday for industrial property which they owned at 83 Atwells Ave., Providence, and which was condemned for use in construction of Interstate Route 95.
The job at Funk wasn't particularly better, but it got him away from being subordinate to John and assured him steady advancement, since Funk was owned to a large degree by various branches of Linda's family.
By the time his son Abraham was born, Thomas owned two farms, several town lots, livestock, and horses.
AMEX was a mutual organization, owned by its members.
Absalon was born into the powerful Hvide clan, and owned great land possessions.
With the coming-of-age of railroads superseding canal barge transport, the lake was abandoned by the Commonwealth, sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad, and sold again to private interests and eventually came to be owned by the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club in 1881.
This was the first major professional sports championship for the state of Arizona and the first for a team ( in the four major North American professional sports leagues ) owned or controlled by Colangelo, whose basketball Suns made it to the NBA Finals in 1976 and 1993 but lost both times.
The stadium, which is owned directly by the club, was inaugurated in 2006 and replaced the old Alkmaarderhout venue as the DSB Stadion.
One franchise that did not share in this newfound success of the league was the Chicago Cardinals, owned by the Bidwill family, who had become overshadowed by the more popular Chicago Bears.
This early version ran on the Marinchip Systems 9900 computer ( Marinchip Systems was owned by Autodesk co-founders John Walker and Dan Drake ).
Originally, the B ( wireline ) side license was usually owned by the local phone company, and the A ( non-wireline ) license was given to wireless telephone providers.
It probably comes from the 12th century and was owned by an ecclesiastical patron of the north or south province.
Jensen was born August 24, 1923, in San Diego, California, the son of Linda Mary ( née Schachtmayer ) and Arthur Alfred Jensen, who operated and owned a lumber and building materials company.
( Ben Dykes, who owned the land on which the prison was built, was both depot agent and postmaster.
However, its release was cancelled at the last moment at the demand of Judge, who owned approval rights for video releases of the series.
In Minsk there were a dozen privately owned ISP's and in some larger cities Beltelecom's broadband was available.
However, some researchers have disputed the major league status of the Union Association, pointing out that franchises came and went and contending that the St. Louis club, which was deliberately " stacked " by the league's president ( who owned that club ), was the only club that was anywhere close to major league caliber.
Although it appears clear that Badminton House, Gloucestershire, owned by the Duke of Beaufort, has given its name to the sports, it is unclear when and why the name was adopted.

was and by
Her face was very thin, and burned by the sun until much of the skin was dead and peeling, the new skin under it red and angry.
Gavin's stallion was in the barn and he tightened the cinches over the saddle blanket, working by touch in the darkness, comforting the animal with easy words.
It was pierced by a wagon gate built of two wings.
In the brief moment I had to talk to them before I took my post on the ring of defenses, I indicated I was sickened by the methods men employed to live and trade on the river.
His face was split by a vermilion streak, his eyes were pools of white ; ;
It was pitiful to see the thin ranks of warriors, old and young, wheeling and twisting their ponies frantically from side to side only to be tumbled bleeding from their saddles by the relentless slam, slam of the cruelly efficient Hawkinses.
He grabbed her by the shoulders and went down on one knee, taking her weight so that some of the wind was driven out of him.
There was an artificial lake just out of sight in the first stand of trees, fed by a half dozen springs that popped out of the ground above the hillside orchard.
only the counter at one end was lighted by a long fluorescent tube suspended directly above it.
He had looked over my forms and was impressed by what he had seen there ; ;
The office was of logs, four rooms, each heated by an iron stove.
The building was dwarfed by the scene outside.
It was partially cemented by ages and pressure, yet it crumpled before the onslaught of the powerful streams, the force of a thousand fire hoses, and with the gold it held washed down through the long sluices.
Even Hague was repelled by the machinelike deadliness that was Kodyke.
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
It was secured by an oversized padlock.
The rustling problem was by no means solved.
Jess's coarse features twisted in a surprised grin which was smashed out of shape by Curt's fist.
Russ ran through the bills and named an amount it was highly unlikely any cowpuncher would come by honestly.
The truth was, the puncher was both bewildered and dismayed by his own mixed luck.
When it was followed by a second, whining even closer, Cobb swerved sharply aside into a depression.

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