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Kerr and recommended
That was not popular with many staff and volunteers, some of whom resigned when new station manager Simon Laan took over and started implementing changes recommended in a report titled " Saving BFM " by Kerr Inkson and Kelly Grove Hill ( from the Auckland University School of Business ).
Milton Friedman said of The Capitalist Manifesto " the book's economics was bad ... the interpretation of history, ludicrous ; and the policy recommended, dangerous " and recalls a debate where even the moderator Clark Kerr " lost his cool as a moderator and attacked arguments vigorously ".

Kerr and Bush
Kerr and his family are longtime friends of George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, whom they used to live down the street from.
According to a Washington Post article by Walter Pincus and Bob Woodward entitled Doing Well with Help from Family, Friends, ( August 11, 1988 ) when Bush was running against Lloyd Bentsen for senator in 1970, Kerr advised Bush on a proposed business deal involving a loan request from a man named Victor Flaherty, who needed money to buy Fidelity Printing Company.

Kerr and make
The American Film Institute acknowledged the iconic status of the scene from that film in which he and Deborah Kerr make love on a Hawaiian beach amid the crashing waves.
Thinking it unlikely that Kerr would grant the election without supply, Fraser warned Whitlam that the Governor-General might make up his own mind about the matter.
Roufus, was to make his MMA debut against former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Kerr at a WCO event in San Diego, California on January 12, 2008 at the San Diego Sports Arena, but was denied his application by the California State Athletic Commission.
Since this was slow and did not accurately reproduce the images on the pottery, Kerr set out to find a technique that would make a single, fluid picture.
In an ongoing feature of the show, Kerr would make his way into the audience as the closing credits began and select an audience member ( usually female ) whom he would invite onstage with him to enjoy whatever dish he had just prepared.
For example, in a manner analogous to the way that one obtains a multiple soliton solution of the KdV from the single soliton solution ( which can be found from Lie's notion of point symmetry ), one can obtain a multiple Kerr object solution, but unfortunately, this has some features which make it physically implausible.
After his loss to Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Kerr was supposed to make his comeback against Wes Sims in the American Championship Fighting ( ACF ) on May 6, 2006 at the Denver Coliseum, but was not medically cleared to fight due to a hand injury.
Bas Rutten states clearly during the documentary that due to Kerr's ability to end fights quickly, the tournament directors were removing all of Kerr's ' weapons ' ( notably head-butts and knees to the head of a grounded opponent ) in an attempt to make the fights last longer for television and crowd satisfaction ; inferring that no fighter could compete with Kerr in a real ' no holds barred ' fight.
Gable also sought to make a nervous Kerr feel relaxed when shooting commenced.

Kerr and loan
One of the more famous examples of the defeat of a supply bill occurred in Australia in 1975, when the Senate, which was controlled by the opposition, refused to approve a package of appropriation and loan bills, prompting Governor-General Sir John Kerr to dismiss Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and appoint Malcolm Fraser as caretaker Prime Minister until the next election ( where the Fraser government was elected ).

Kerr and also
The best-known exact solutions, and also those most interesting from a physics point of view, are the Schwarzschild solution, the Reissner – Nordström solution and the Kerr metric, each corresponding to a certain type of black hole in an otherwise empty universe, and the Friedmann – Lemaître – Robertson – Walker and de Sitter universes, each describing an expanding cosmos.
The celebration of Americana starred Frankenheimer regular Lancaster, reuniting him with From Here to Eternity co-star Deborah Kerr, and it also featured Gene Hackman.
Using a less strict definition of the electro-optic effect allowing also electric fields oscillating at optical frequencies, one could also include nonlinear absorption ( absorption depends on the light intensity ) to category a ) and the optical Kerr effect ( refractive index depends on the light intensity ) to category b ).
Joan Crawford and Gladys George were offered roles, but George lost her role when the director decided he wanted to cast the female roles against type while Crawford's demands to be filmed by her own cameraman led to the studio taking a chance on Deborah Kerr, also playing against type.
However, there is also the non-linear Kerr effect: the refractive index of a material at a given frequency depends on the light's amplitude or strength.
The Leader of the Opposition, Billy Snedden, was enthusiastic about the appointment and also agreed to reappoint Kerr in five years, were he Prime Minister at the time.
Kerr also asked on 21 October for Whitlam's permission to interview Fraser, which the Prime Minister readily granted, and the two men met that night.
It also threatened, should Kerr grant Whitlam a half-Senate election, that the Coalition state premiers would advise their governors not to issue writs, thus blocking the election from taking place in the four states with non-Labor premiers.
" In 1991, Whitlam stated that no future Governor-General was likely to act as Kerr did lest he also become the subject of " contempt and isolation ".
In a rotating black hole, also known as a Kerr black hole, the singularity occurs on a ring ( a circular line ), known as a " ring singularity ".
Occupied Vienna is also colourfully depicted in the Philip Kerr novel, " A German Requiem.
Several notable films based on stories from Australian literature ( generally with strong rural themes ) were made in Australia in the 1950s-but by British and American production companies, including A Town Like Alice ( 1956 ) which starred Virginia McKenna and Peter Finch ; The Shiralee ( 1957 ) also starring Peter Finch with Australian actors Charles Tingwell, Bill Kerr and Ed Devereaux in supporting roles ; Roberry Under Arms, again starring Finch in 1957 ; and Summer of the Seventeenth Doll ( 1959 ), starring Ernest Borgnine, John Mills and Angela Lansbury ; and in 1960, The Sundowners was shot in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales with foreign leads Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, and Peter Ustinov but a supporting cast including Australians Chips Rafferty, John Meillon and Leonard Teale.
They also had sharpshooter Steve Kerr, whom they acquired via free agency before the 1993 – 94 season, Myers, and centers Luc Longley ( acquired via trade in 1994 from the Minnesota Timberwolves ) and Bill Wennington.
He also decided not to re-sign Dennis Rodman, and traded Luc Longley and Steve Kerr for other draft picks.
Coming off their second NBA Championship, the retirement of David Robinson left a void in San Antonio's daunting defense, while playoff hero Steve Kerr and veteran forward Danny Ferry also sailed off into the sunset.
He also starred with Deborah Kerr and Robert Newton in Hatter's Castle ( 1942 ).
The anonequity project is ongoing, and collaborator Kerr has also researched and lectured widely on implantable technologies.
From Here to Eternity also featured Deborah Kerr, best known for prim and proper roles, as a philandering Army wife.
Additionally, the Roanoke also provides recreational opportunities in the form of 3 large impoundments -- Kerr, Gaston, and Roanoke Rapids Reservoirs -- located just upstream of Halifax.
To expand the band's potential sound, Kerr and Burchill also doubled on keyboards and violin respectively.
Mark Kerr would also contribute to the project ( this time as an acoustic guitarist and Burchill's co-writer on a number of songs ) while Jim Kerr brought in various Italian musicians as collaborators, including Planet Funk and Phunk Investigation.
Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill also played a number of unrelated shows across Europe with Night of the Proms prior to those UK dates.

Kerr and demand
Most models only draw in around $ 500 USD every showcase and only famous models that are high in demand such as Miranda Kerr or Gisele Bündchen earn multi-million dollar salaries.
The Opposition stated that they would continue to do so unless Whitlam called an election for the House of Representatives and urged Kerr to dismiss Whitlam unless he agreed to their demand.

Kerr and some
However in nonlinear media, such as some crystals, interactions can occur between light and static electric and magnetic fields — these interactions include the Faraday effect and the Kerr effect.
The public role adopted by Sir John Kerr was curtailed considerably after the constitutional crisis of 1975 ; Sir William Deane's public statements on political issues produced some hostility towards him ; and some charities disassociated themselves from Peter Hollingworth after the issue of his management of sex abuse cases during his time as Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane became a matter of controversy.
* Dismissal — some constitutions allow a Head of state ( or their designated representative, as is the case in Commonwealth countries ) to dismiss a Head of government, though its use can be controversial, as occurred in 1975 when then Australian Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, dismissed Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in the Australian Constitutional Crisis.
Though Kerr, who died in 1991, continues to be reviled in some quarters, Whitlam and Fraser later reconciled.
By some accounts, Kerr sought reassurance at that meeting that the Coalition senators would not have given in before supply ran out, " The Senate would never have caved in, would it?
This may be a mechanical device such as a shutter, chopper wheel, or spinning mirror / prism placed inside the cavity, or ( more commonly ) it may be some form of modulator such as an acousto-optic device or an electro-optic device — a Pockels cell or Kerr cell.
Mel Gaynor and John Giblin both contributed to the recording ( and, in Giblin's case, to some of the writing ) but both men had left the band by the time of the album's release, by which time the band was credited as a trio of Kerr, Burchill and MacNeil.
Layton and Chow were also the subject of some dispute when a June 14, 1990, Toronto Star article by Tom Kerr accused them of unfairly living in a housing cooperative subsidized by the federal government, despite their high income.
The house changed to accommodate the cast: in some episodes it appeared to be a two-bedroom terraced house, with Kerr as Hancock's lodger ; but in series four and five it had at least three bedrooms, as Miss Pugh was also resident in some episodes.
The domestic situation varied, but Hancock usually portrayed a ' resting ' or hopeless down-at-heel actor and / or comedian ( though some episodes showed him having runs of success, while some episodes depict him pursuing professional careers as fantasies ), James was always on-the-fiddle in some way, Kerr gradually became dim and virtually unemployable ( although he had started out as a fast-talking American-style Australian ), and Hancock's ' secretary ', Miss Pugh, had such a loose job description that in one celebrated episode she had cooked the Sunday lunch.
Some of these examples are, like the Tipler cylinder, rather artificial, but the exterior part of the Kerr solution is thought to be in some sense generic, so it is rather unnerving to learn that its interior contains CTCs.
The town and castle of Wewelsburg, the Reichs SS Leadership School, as also some of the castle's illustrious patrons and visitors like Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, Karl Maria Willigut, SS-Obengrupenführer and chief of the SS-Reichssicherheitshauptamt ( including the Gestapo and Kripo ) Reinhard Heydrich, and SS-Gruppenführer Arthur Nebe play a prominent part in the 1990 novel The Pale Criminal by Philip Kerr.
The Zoological collections are now housed within the Graham Kerr Building, the art collections in the Hunterian Art Gallery, and Hunter's library containing some 10, 000 printed books and 650 manuscripts, finally received in 1807, in Glasgow University Library.
Under the agreement, all of JCPenney's Thrift Drug unit of drug stores ( comprising Thrift Drug, Kerr Drugs, Fay's Drugs, and some Rite Aid stores ) were rebranded to the larger Eckerd name.
After the Battle of Flodden Field, some of the Liddesdale clans put themselves under the Kerr of Ferniehurst's protection, but in 1523 his castle was taken by the English after a protracted defence.
While The Galloping Gourmet first aired in 1969 and ended in 1971, some near tragedies caused Kerr to suspend his television career ending the show.
( While generally intended to be vegetarian, Kerr did incorporate meats into some MEV recipes in later books.
For these reasons some claim that U. S. government pressure was a major factor in the dismissal of Whitlam as prime minister by the governor general, Sir John Kerr, who according to Boyce was referred to as our man Kerr by CIA officers.

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