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Kuntz and later
Alan Shearer headed in, after three minutes to give his side the lead, but Stefan Kuntz evened the score less than 15 minutes later, and the score remained 1 – 1 after 90 minutes.
Kuntz later admitted to lying.
At this point, brothers Leo and Frank Kuntz began purchasing the horses with the aim of preserving the breed, and in 1999 started the Nokota Horse Conservancy, later beginning a breed registry through the same organization.

Kuntz and Gygax
Shortly therefter in 1970, Robert Kuntz and Gygax founded the Castle & Crusade Society of the IFW.
* WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure ( Robert Kuntz & Gary Gygax, 1984 )
Written by Carl Sargent and Rik Rose, this was not the city created by Gygax and Kuntz, but a new plan built from references made in previously published material.
Although this was not the Castle Greyhawk of Gygax and Kuntz, it was the first serious attempt to publish details of the castle.
Although TSR and WotC had each in turn owned the official rights to the World of Greyhawk since the first folio edition was published in 1980, the two people most responsible for its early development, Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz, still had most of their original notes regarding the fifty levels of dungeons under Castle Greyhawk.
However, in 2003, Gygax announced that he was working with Rob Kuntz to publish the original castle and city in six volumes, although the project would use the rules for Castles and Crusades rather than Dungeons & Dragons.
This project proved to be much more work than Gygax and Kuntz had envisioned.
By the time Gygax and Kuntz had stopped working on the original home campaign, the castle dungeons had encompassed fifty levels of maze-like passages and thousands of rooms and traps.
However, neither Gygax nor Kuntz had kept careful or comprehensive plans.
* Gygax, Gary and Robert Kuntz.
Gygax and his friend Rob Kuntz further developed this campaign setting, and by 1976, the lands within a radius of 50 miles had been mapped in depth, and the lands within a radius of approximately 500 miles were in outline form.
This particular image first appeared on the inside front cover the 1975 Greyhawk supplement book authored by Gary Gygax and Robert Kuntz.
Rob Kuntz's brother Theron O. Kuntz created the < i > Beholder </ i >, and Gary Gygax detailed it for publication .< ref >
Gygax started with his old Greyhawk Castle campaign material and added a spaceship, which Rob Kuntz helped him populate with monsters.
Lizard men first officially appeared as part of the original D & D game in the 1975 Greyhawk supplement booklet authored by Gary Gygax and Robert Kuntz.
Kuntz quickly grew impatient with play when it involved more than a couple of players, often playing solo adventures one-on-one with Gygax ; their constant ( almost daily ) play meant that Robilar rapidly gained power and possessions.
The character was introduced to the game in its first supplement, Greyhawk ( 1975 ), by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz.
He was also a player when his friend Rob Kuntz was the dungeon master, and Gygax created many different characters for the Greyhawk world.

Kuntz and was
Although Kuntz did not own the creative rights to Robilar and no longer worked at TSR, he unofficially suggested an alternate storyline that Robilar had been visiting another plane and in his absence, a clone or evil twin of Robilar was responsible for the attack.
Randy Kuntz of the Edmonton Police Service, was open to active police members only through an online forum in a popular police-related magazine where respondents were all confirmed Canadian police officers.
When Oller was eighteen, he moved to Madrid, Spain, where he studied painting at the Royal Academy of San Fernando, under the tutelage of Don Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz, director of the Prado Museum.
The third was for " MaJiK ", from the second album ; this also employed stop-motion, and was a collaboration with artist Thomas Kuntz.
In 2012, North Dakota State College of Science received media attention when student athlete Jamie Kuntz claimed that he was dismissed from the school's football team because he was gay.
Kuntz was injured and had volunteered to film an away game for the team.
During the game, Kuntz invited his boyfriend into the press box and, according to NDSCS, engaged in conduct that was " ongoing and explicit in nature " and " drew complaints from numerous parents and players.
" Kuntz lied to his coach about his relationship with the man and stated that it was his grandfather.
NDSCS president John Richman is quoted as saying, " coach's and my conversation consisted of if this was a heterosexual incident, would we come to the same conclusion, and Coach Parsons answer was yes, Mr. Kuntz simply and plainly failed to perform his duties as assigned and was ongoing distraction to the game … Despite how this is being portrayed by some, Jamie's sexual orientation had nothing to do with his dismissal from the football team.
Currently, the highest score on the original game was set in 1982 by 15 year old Randy Kuntz of Fairview, Alberta.
Robilar was originally the creation of Rob Kuntz, rolled up on Gary Gygax's kitchen table in late 1972 for the second-ever session of the game that would become known as Dungeons & Dragons.
Kuntz, as the creator of Robilar, was unhappy with this, stating that Robilar would never turn on his old adventuring companion, Mordenkainen ( Gygax's own D & D character ).
Although Kuntz had long since left TSR and had no creative control over Robilar's published life, he suggested in print that the person responsible for aiding Rary was in fact a clone or evil twin of Robilar's who had " taken over " Robilar's apparent life while Robilar was off adventuring on a distant plane.

Kuntz and very
In extra time, Paul Gascoigne came very close to scoring a golden goal, but missed a cross from Shearer, Darren Anderton hit the post, and Kuntz had a goal disallowed for pushing.

Kuntz and had
* Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, by Monte Cook, returned the players to Gygax's infamous temple, which Rob Kuntz ( as Robilar ) had originally trashed.
Kuntz had to withdraw due to other projects, although he continued to work on an adventure module that would be published at the same time as the first book.
This edition, by James M. Ward and Robert J. Kuntz, served to update the material they had earlier included in 1976's Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-gods & Heroes for the original D & D ruleset.
Kuntz alleges that if his companion had been female, he would not have been removed from the team.
By 1993, the Kuntz brothers had a herd of 150 horses, including those purchased from the park over the course of several auctions and their descendents.
Rary was not a member of Gygax's original Circle of Eight, which was made up of eight of Gygax's own characters that he had developed during solo play, when his friend Rob Kuntz acted as Dungeon Master.

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