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Let and once
Let us quote once more from R. G. Collingwood: `` History is properly concerned with the actions of human beings Regarded from the outside, an action is an event or series of events occurring in the physical world ; ;
Let the once smiling and
According to one family tradition, a schoolteacher once expressed concern over Boone's education, but Boone's father was unconcerned, saying " Let the girls do the spelling and Dan will do the shooting ….
The first play he saw was Cottage to Let and he once skipped school in order to see Laurence Olivier in Henry V. He frequently stood outside stage-doors to collect autographs, his first being the actress Celia Johnson.
: Let anyone whose mind is steady remember this, once he has learned the story of Thestius ' daughter, ruthless Althaea, who killed her own son.
In reference to Lucas, his three Ohio commissioners and their guard, Mason wrote, " Let him get on our soil, arrest him, strike the blood at once, disgrace him and his state, and end the controversy.
Let me go at once, lest the demon torture me for my delay.
Let p ( n ; H ) be the probability that during this experiment at least one value is chosen more than once.
Let me not be misunderstood: richly as the valleys wave with corn, and beautiful as is the general aspect of modern Palestine, vestiges of the ancient cultivation are every where visible ... proofs far more than sufficient that the land still enjoys her Sabbaths, and only waits the return of her banished children, and the application of industry commensurate with her agricultural capabilities, to burst once more into universal luxuriance — all that she ever was in the days of Solomon.
Truscott once said to his son, " Let me tell you something, and don't ever forget it.
(" Let me state at once, in clearest unmistakable terms, that I have never known of, or seen, or heard, a greater actor than was Irving.
According to Irenaeus, Polycarp told the story that John the Apostle, in particular, is said to have so detested Cerinthus that he once fled a bathhouse when he found out Cerinthus was inside, yelling " Let us flee, lest the building fall down ; for Cerinthus, the enemy of the truth, is inside!
" Let me tell you the difference between a GWB town-hall meeting — George W. Bush — and a GBW — Ginny Brown-Waite — town-hall meeting: I don't load the audience with just the choir ," she once said.
" Let me say at once that no court in this land has any power to issue a search warrant to enter a man's house so as to see if there are papers or documents there which are of an incriminating nature, whether libels or infringements of copyright or anything else of the kind.
Let there be no occasion in the lives of any of you to say that you were once a Sangh Swayamsevak some years ago.
Let our soldiers be paid, let the credit of the Government be once again re-established, let the rate of interest be kept down, and let the Treasury reassert its independence, and all will yet go well …
This new trio put out Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing in 1997, touring Australia and Europe once more, and USA for the first time.
Let us represent worthily for once the foul brood to which a cruel fate consigned us!
For example, saying " Let there be light " and then saying " Let there be light " again, is the same as saying it once.
: Take the large white gooseberries before they are very ripe, but at full growth, stone and wash them, and to a pound of gooseberries put a pound and half of sugar, beat very fine, and half a pint of water ; set them on the fire ; when the sugar is melted, let them boil, but not too fast ; take them off once or twice, that they may not break ; when they begin to look clear, they are enough: Let them stand all night in the pan they are boiled in, with a paper laid close to them ; the next day scald them very well, and let them stand a day or two ; then lay them on plates, sift them with sugar very well, and put them in the stove, turning them every day till they are dry ; the third time of turning, you may lay them on a sieve, if you please ; when they are pretty dry, place them in a box, with paper betwixt every row.
Let what is natural in you raise itself to the level of the spiritual, and let the spiritual become once more natural.
This identity is derived from the divergence theorem applied to the vector field: Let φ and ψ be scalar functions defined on some region U in R < sup > 3 </ sup >, and suppose that φ is twice continuously differentiable, and ψ is once continuously differentiable.
In mid-2004, shortly after the release of their first single in a decade, " Let Me Go Home ", the band split once again.

Let and be
Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened ; ;
Let every policeman and park guard keep his eye on John and Jane Doe, lest one piece of bread be placed undetected and one bird survive.
`` Let him be now ''!!
Let us assume that it would be possible for an enemy to create an aerosol of the causative agent of epidemic typhus ( Rickettsia prowazwki ) over City A and that a large number of cases of typhus fever resulted therefrom.
Let T be a linear operator on the finite-dimensional vector space V over the field F.
Let p be the minimal polynomial for T, Af, where the Af, are distinct irreducible monic polynomials over F and the Af are positive integers.
Let Af be the null space of Af.
Let N be a linear operator on the vector space V.
Let T be a linear operator on the finite-dimensional vector space V over the field F.
Let V be a finite-dimensional vector space over an algebraically closed field F, e.g., the field of complex numbers.
Let N be a positive integer and let V be the space of all N times continuously differentiable functions F on the real line which satisfy the differential equation Af where Af are some fixed constants.
Let Q be a nonsingular quadric surface bearing reguli Af and Af, and let **zg be a Af curve of order K on Q.
Let us take a set of circumstances in which I happen to be interested on the legislative side and in which I think every one of us might naturally make such a statement.
Let the state of the stream leaving stage R be denoted by a vector Af and the operating variables of stage R by Af.
Let this be denoted by Af.
Let it be granted then that the theological differences in this area between Protestants and Roman Catholics appear to be irreconcilable.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid ''.
The same God who called this world into being when He said: `` Let there be light ''!!
For those who put their trust in Him He still says every day again: `` Let there be light ''!!
Let us therefore put first things first, and make sure of preserving the human race at whatever the temporary price may be ''.
Let her out, let her out -- that would be the solution, wouldn't it??

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