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Lucky and Pierre
It is there he met some of his future colleagues: Maurice de Bevere ( Morris, creator of Lucky Luke ), Pierre Culliford ( Peyo, creator of the Smurfs ), and Eddy Paape.
He appeared in the late 1960s in a gag on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in as a French ventriloquist named Lucky Pierre, who has the misfortune of having his elderly dummy die of a heart attack in the middle of his act.
* Lucky Pierre ( disambiguation )
The first site in Regina used for flying was the infield at Regina Exhibition Park's horse race track, where visiting barnstormer " Lucky Bob " St. Pierre ( a Nebraskan whose real name was " Shaeffer " or " Shaffer ") flew a Curtiss Model D biplane in August, 1911.
In keeping with the theme of sexual allusion ( see arab strap ( sexual device )), Moffat records as a solo artist under the name Lucky Pierre ( later changed to L Pierre ) – slang for the man in the middle of a gay threesome.
* Lucky Pierre ( Ronny Graham )-Pierre ( Robert Clary ), Reporter and Chorus
* The Adventures of Lucky Pierre, a 1961 nudie cutie-sexploitation film
* Lucky Pierre, an American band fronted by Kevin McMahon ( musician ) and including one-time member Trent Reznor
* retired NHL player Pierre " Lucky Pierre " Larouche
* " Lucky Pierre ", a song in Act I of Leonard Sillman's Broadway musical New Faces of 1952
* The lead character in Eric Rohmer's The Sign of Leo ( original French title: ' Le Signe du lion ', 1959 ) refers to himself as ' Lucky Pierre ' early on in the film.
* Lucky Pierre, a character who appeared in one episode of Batman ( 1960s TV series ); portrayed by Pierre Salinger, Lucky Pierre defended The Joker and Catwoman
and Pierre Canavese who had been previously deported from the U. S. to Italy but had subsequently entered Cuba by means of a fraudulent passport and was closely associated with Lucky Luciano
It was there that she was broadcast on French television in a performance with Lucky Thompson, Pierre Michelot and Kenny Clarke.
Kevin Michael McMahon ( born September 21, 1953 in Cleveland, Ohio ) is a musician, singer, and songwriter for the long-standing bands Lucky Pierre and Prick.
McMahon began recording with his pop group Lucky Pierre in 1974, releasing a number of vinyl singles though 1981.
Lucky Pierre initially consisted of: John Guciardo-Lead Guitar, Brian Dempsey-Drums, Dennis DeVito-Bass and McMahon on Guitar & Lead Vocals.

Lucky and may
Two dances specifically named in the Danish ballads which appear to be line dances of this type are The Beggar Dance, and The Lucky Dance which may have been a dance for women.
The boy ( or pair of boys ) may be seen to represent meekness and hope before compassion is consciously excluded by an evolving personality and character, and in which case may be the youthful Pozzo and Lucky.
Cigarettes may have been initially used in a manner similar to pipes and cigars and not inhaled ; for evidence, see the Lucky Strike ad campaign asking
A player may attempt to kill Doctor Lucky by playing a weapon card ( such as a runcible spoon, a monkey hand, a letter opener, or pinking shears ) while the player's token is in the same room as Doctor Lucky and out of sight of all other players.
The two characters may be roughly equal or have a begrudging interdependence ( like Vladamir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot or the two main characters in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead ); one character may be clearly dominant and may torture the passive character ( like Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot or Hamm and Clov in Endgame ); the relationship of the characters may shift dramatically throughout the play ( as in Ionesco's The Lesson or in many of Albee's plays, The Zoo Story for example ).
The name " Lucky " may have also been a mispronunciations of Luciano's surname " Lucania ".
Miners working a sluice on Lucky Gulch, AlaskaThe same principle may be employed on a larger scale by constructing a short sluice box, with barriers along the bottom called riffles to trap the heavier gold particles as water washes them and the other material along the box.
However, when Luke learns Lucky is alive, they suspect Stefan may have been involved in his disappearance.
His pseudonym may be translated as Lucky ( or Happy ) End (" Felix " in Latin means lucky and " kres " means the end in Polish ).
Solitaire, ( usually ) played by one, Lucky Seven may be played by any number of players.
Each player may have a set of Lucky Seven coasters and all play simultaneously.
Lucky may refer to:
If he were able to time travel to the future and bring some back with him, then his Lucky Charms may well have been stolen.
Like previous online games players may mark their selections on a Lucky Lines play slip or verbally give their instructions to the Lottery Terminal operator.
However, unlike scratch-off tickets where the winning tickets are all predetermined and top prizes may be sold before a player makes their purchase, the Lottery's computer randomly generates all Lucky Line tickets in real time.
Lucky visitors to the Reserve may be able to spot the resident family of Smooth Otters, as well as the rare Lesser Whistling-duck.
For variety of contents, a regular Lucky Bag may vie with the caldron that witches boil and bubble “ at the pit of Acheron .”
Get Lucky may refer to:
Lucky You may refer to:

Lucky and refer
The, commonly referred to in English as the Seven Lucky Gods, refer to the seven gods of good fortune in Japanese mythology and folklore.
Lucky duckies is a term that was used in Wall Street Journal editorials starting on 20 November 2002 to refer to Americans who pay no federal income tax because they are at an income level that is below the tax line ( after deductions and credits ).
Her friends now refer to her by the nickname Lucky.
Thank Your Lucky Stars may refer to:

Pierre and may
An even larger specimen is known from the Pierre Shale Formation, with a wingspan of, though this specimen may belong to the distinct genus and species Geosternbergia maysei.
However, a direct source may be the real-life story of Pierre de la Broce and Lady of Brabant.
Frederic Myers may be regarded as an " important early depth psychologist ", and his significant influence on colleagues like William James, Pierre Janet, and Théodore Flournoy and also Carl G. Jung has been well documented.
" His elder brother Pierre became a privateer ; he may have operated from Saint-Domingue, which frequently issued letters of marque.
Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu, Directeur des Ports et Arsenaux, stated in the draft of the memorandum on the expedition he submitted to the King: “ the utility which may result from a voyage of discovery ... has made me receptive to the views put to me by Mr. Bolts relative to this enterprise ”.
Wilson ( although married ) had seen a great deal of Mrs. Greenhow, and while with her may have told her about the plans followed by Major General Irvin McDowell, which may have been part of the intelligence Mrs. Greenhow got to Confederate forces under Major General Pierre Beauregard.
The race was marred by the crash which killed 83 spectators and fellow racer Pierre Levegh, when Hawthorn, relaxing at the end of his stint, may have braked too hard in order to slow down before entering his pit, causing Macklin's Healey to swerve into the path of Levegh's Mercedes.
On the other hand, creativity research may one day be pooled with a computable metalanguage like IEML from the University of Ottawa Collective Intelligence Chair, Pierre Levy.
The best account of Nemo's character may come from the observations of Professor Pierre Aronnax, the narrator of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, who embarks upon the voyage with Nemo when the latter is about forty years of age.
The greatest expense of her education was undoubtedly the employment of renowned singers and actors, such as Pierre Jélyotte, much of it paid for by Le Normant de Tournehem ; and it may have been this in particular that sparked rumours of his paternity to Jeanne Antoinette.
" Baumgarten may have been motivated to respond to Pierre Bonhours ' opinion, published in a pamphlet in the late 17th century, that Germans were incapable of appreciating art and beauty.
Both Meyer, and later Pierre America, who was the first to use the term behavioral subtyping, gave proof-theoretic definitions of some behavioral subtyping notions, but their definitions did not take into account aliasing that may occur in programming language that supports references or pointers.
He may be the officer who uttered the words often attributed to Pierre Cambronne " La Garde meurt et ne se rend pas " " The Guard dies, and does not surrender ".
The 1852 daguerreotype of Pio Pico may be the earliest objective image of acromegaly ever recorded, since the disease was not recognized and named until Pierre Marie coined the term in 1886 while working at the clinic of Charcot in Paris, France.
Pierre DuPont may refer to:
A genetic study carried out by geneticists Spencer Wells and Pierre Zalloua of the American University of Beirut argued that more than 50 % of Y-chromosomes from Maltese men may have Phoenician origins.
As popular as the Duhem-Quine thesis may be in the philosophy of science, in reality Pierre Duhem and Willard Van Orman Quine stated very different theses.
The study done by Pierre Savard, Ing., PhD., Ecole Polythechnique de Montreal, et al., for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC ), indicated that the threshold of energy needed to induce deadly ventricular fibrillation decreased dramatically with each successive burst of pulses ; however, one pulse may provide enough energy to induce deadly ventricular fibrillation in some cases.
To the southeast is the mysterious Pierre de Couhard, a rock pyramid of uncertain function which may date to Roman times.
French troops commanded by Pierre Deliette may have occupied Fort St. Louis from 1714 to 1718 ; Deliette's jurisdiction over the region ended when the territory was transferred from Canada to Louisiana.
Some anticonformist sociologists like Pierre Bourdieu have argued that this exam measures a candidate's social connections as much their ability to present a lesson — consider, for example, that a candidate for a Law professorship may be helped by first-class attorneys if he happens to know them.
Pierre Beaumarchais noted in the preface to his 1778 play, The Marriage of Figaro ( which satirized the aristocracy ) that it was the late prince de Conti who requested the play be written, and Louis François Joseph's antics may have been the model for the misadventures of " Count Almaviva ".
Pierre de Marca, a Béarnese author, suggests that the attackers were a reduced number of mostly local Low Navarrese, Souletines, and Baztanese, whose main motivation may well have been plunder.
French troops commanded by Pierre Deliette may have occupied Fort St. Louis from 1714 to 1718 ; Deliette's jurisdiction over the region ended when the territory was transferred from Canada to Louisiana.

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