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Many and generalized
Many concepts and techniques of analysis and differential equations have been generalized to the setting of Riemannian manifolds.
Many later Marxist theorists ( e. g. Eric Wolfe ) have generalized this characterization to include non-European societies, grouping feudalism together with Imperial Chinese and pre-Columbian Incan societies as ' tributary.
Many such constraints can be incorporated by changing the normal Cartesian coordinates to a set of generalized coordinates that may be fewer in number.
Many order theoretical definitions for partially ordered sets can be generalized to preorders, but the extra effort of generalization is rarely needed.
Many of the same entropy measures in classical information theory can also be generalized to the quantum case, such as Holevo entropy and the conditional quantum entropy.
Many concepts from ring theory, such as ideals, Jacobson radicals, and factor rings can be generalized in a straightforward manner to this setting.
Many linear homogeneous recurrence relations may be solved by means of the generalized hypergeometric series.
( Many mathematicians use the label generalized Riemann hypothesis to cover the extension of the Riemann hypothesis to all global L-functions,
Many aspects of the theory of Fourier series could be generalized by taking expansions in spherical harmonics rather than trigonometric functions.
Many of the characteristic ANT tools ( including the notions of translation, generalized symmetry and the “ heterogeneous network ”), together with a scientometric tool for mapping innovations in science and technology (“ co-word analysis ”) were initially developed during the 1980s, predominantly in and around the CSI.
Many companies create their own customized version of SOWs that are specialized or generalized to accommodate typical request and proposals they receive.
Many regression methods, including ridge regression, linear smoothers and smoothing splines are not based on ordinary least squares projections, but rather on regularized ( generalized and / or penalized ) least-squares, and so degrees of freedom defined in terms of dimensionality is generally not useful for these procedures.
Many operations on ordinary matrices can be generalized to supermatrices, although the generalizations are not always obvious or straightforward.

Many and items
Many goods and items are restricted from being sold between midnight and noon on Sunday, rendering virtually all retailers closed in those hours, including malls and large retail chains such as Walmart.
Many stores have a limited quantity of big draw or deeply discounted items.
Many crocheted items are composed of individual motifs which are then joined together, are by sewing or crocheting, whereas knitting is usually composed of one fabric, such as entrelac.
Many of the items in the list below are taken from.
Many of the coinages that have been considered ( often by Aavik himself ) as words concocted ex nihilo could well have been influenced by foreign lexical items, for example words from Russian, German, French, Finnish, English and Swedish.
Many other British engineers and craftsmen were imported to assist with the project, along with significant quantities of equipment-even apparently mundane items such as pickaxes, spades and wheelbarrows.
Many food items are wrapped in Filo pastry, either in bite-size triangles or in large sheets: kotopita ( chicken ), spanakotyropita ( spinach and cheese ), chortopita ( greens ), kreatopita ( meat pie, using minced meat ), etc.
Many authorities say that missiles also release aluminized balloons, electronic noisemakers, and other items intended to confuse interception devices and radars ( see penetration aid ).
Many items of jewellery, such as brooches and buckles, originated as purely functional items, but evolved into decorative items as their functional requirement diminished.
Many Jello dishes, such as desserts and jello salads, became special occasion foods rather than everyday items.
Many essential items are able to be duplicated e. g. water tanks, fuel tanks and toilets.
Many urban dwellers ' shelves were stocked with contraband luxury items.
Many police departments advise burglary or robbery victims to visit local pawnshops to see if they can locate stolen items.
Many pawnshops will also trade used items, as long as the transaction turns a profit for pawn shop.
Many well known uses of silver involve its precious metal properties, including currency, decorative items and mirrors.
Many items such as squash, tomatoes, corn ( and its derivatives, including grits ), as well as the practice of deep pit barbecuing were inherited from the southeastern American Indian tribes such as the Caddo, Choctaw, and Seminole.
Many authorities say that in the limit, the cost of self-replicating items should approach the cost-per-weight of wood or other biological substances, because self-replication avoids the costs of labor, capital and distribution in conventional manufactured goods.
Many of the titles only featuring one path to the solution, and in some cases this can only be achieved by obtaining various story items ( e. g. gems in Deathtrap Dungeon ).
Many people use their clothing as packing material around fragile items that might otherwise break in transit.
Many items have been used as money, from naturally scarce precious metals and cowry shells through cigarettes to entirely artificial money, called fiat money, such as banknotes.
Many iwi owned flour mills, ships and other items of European technology, some exported food to Australia.
Many of Patton's directives on caring for the enlisted men under his command, such as ordering that captured supplies of enemy food and liquor be delivered to frontline units were overlooked in the media in favor of more popular news items, such as his system of fines for officers and men who failed to shave daily and wear helmets and leggings at all times.
Many items of archaeological interest from this Hellenic era have been retrieved and are displayed in various places locally.

Many and can
Many readers of this department no doubt discount certain of my opinions for the simple reason that they can guess pretty accurately, even if they have never actually been told, what my age is.
Many of you will say, `` Well, what can I do ''??
" Many illnesses can be cured by the one medicine of love and compassion.
Many alloys of aluminium, copper, magnesium, titanium, and nickel can be strengthened to some degree by some method of heat treatment, but few respond to this to the same degree that steel does.
Many anagram servers ( for example, the Internet Anagram Server ) can control the search results, by excluding or including certain words, limiting the number or length of words in each anagram, or limiting the number of results.
Many processes are close to adiabatic and can be easily approximated by using an adiabatic assumption, but there is always some heat loss ; as no perfect insulators exist.
Many useful array slicing operations ( such as selecting a sub-array, swapping indices, or reversing the direction of the indices ) can be performed very efficiently by manipulating the dope vector.
Many alkaloids can be purified from crude extracts by acid-base extraction.
Many methods, once developed, are kept purposely static so that data can be compared over long periods of time.
Many of these noise sources are narrow bandwidth and therefore can be avoided.
Many different methods can be used to stimulate apoptosis in various places along the death signaling pathway.
Many find aberration to be counter-intuitive, and a simple thought experiment based on everyday experience can help in its understanding.
Many areas average of rain per week, and these can use a cistern as small as.
Many autonomous homes can reduce water use below per person per day, so that in a drought a month of water can be delivered inexpensively via truck.
Many board games are now available as video games, which can include the computer itself as one of several players, or as sole opponent.
Many board games can now be played online against a computer and / or other players.
Many BBSes also offer on-line games, in which users can compete with each other, and BBSes with multiple phone lines often provide chat rooms, allowing users to interact with each other.
Many types of packaging can be made from biopolymers: food trays, blown starch pellets for shipping fragile goods, thin films for wrapping.
Many of the cartoons and art Watterson did at Kenyon can be found online.
Many primates can stand upright on their hind legs without any support.
Many people regard bare female breasts to be erotic, and they can elicit heightened sexual desires in some men in some cultures.
Many professional VTRs can " burn " ( overlay ) the tape timecode onto one of their composite outputs.
Many of the instances that occur in practical applications can be solved much more quickly.
Many practical problems are actually " easy ", so the SAT solver can easily find a solution, or prove that none exists, relatively quickly, even though the instance has thousands of variables and tens of thousands of constraints.

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