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Most and fires
1 ) Most of the legends that are created to fan the fires of patriotism are essentially propagandistic and are not folk legends at all.
Most anthropologists believe that cooking fires first developed around 250, 000 years ago.
Most anthropologists believe that cooking fires began only about 250, 000 years ago, when hearths started appearing.
Most other anthropologists, however, oppose Wrangham, stating that archeological evidence suggests that cooking fires began in earnest only c. 250, 000 years ago, when ancient hearths, earth ovens, burnt animal bones, and flint appear across Europe and the Middle East.
Most San Francisco civil records were destroyed by the extensive fires that followed the 1906 earthquake ; it is not known with certainty what name appeared on his birth certificate.
Most of those forests were cut down to fuel the fires of the many foundries established since colonial times to exploit the abundant deposits of copper, silver, and nitrate found in the area.
Most of the structures that were built by the Land and Improvement Company are no longer visible due to fires which are also a distinct feature of the town's history.
Most of the CO produced by gasification is oxidized to in the secondary combustion cycle ; therefore, gasification stoves carry lower health risks than conventional cooking fires.
Most large fires easily create their own circulation, even in unfavorable conditions, but the variant log-cabin fire-build suffers from a chronic lack of air so long as the initial structure is maintained.
Most launchers also support varied munitions, including missiles designed to light fires, lay down mine fields, etc., as well as torpedo variants.
Most houses in Biłgoraj were made of wood, which resulted in several fires.
Most modern infantry machine guns ( GPMG, General Purpose Machine Gun ) are issued with several quick change barrels that are swapped out allowing one barrel to cool while the gun fires with the other.
Most of the hotels were lost to fires over the years.
Most other anthropologists oppose Wrangham, stating that archeological evidence suggests that cooking fires began in earnest only c. 250, 000 years ago, when ancient hearths, earth ovens, burnt animal bones, and flint appear across Europe and the Middle East.
Most eternal flames are ignited and tended intentionally, but there are those created through such natural phenomena as natural gas leaks, peat fires and coal seam fires, all of which can be initially ignited by lightning, piezoelectricity or human activity, and all of which can burn for decades or centuries.
Most, if not all of the shots scored hits, causing heavy damage and fires.
Most major fires are extinguished using water and it is this that can result in extensive damage.
Most fires were started by sparks flying from coal-burning locomotive stacks and landing on logging slash.
Most migration appear to be related to seasonally decreased food sources, though an overabundance of biting insects ( especially gadflies ), severe drout or fires, poaching by humans and large numbers of domestic livestock may also trigger movements.

Most and should
Most of them sincerely believe that the Anglo-Saxon is the best race in the world and that it should remain pure.
Most of the wines of Beaujolais, on the other hand, should be drunk while very young ; ;
Most simulations contain only non-baryonic cold dark matter, which should suffice to understand the universe on the largest scales, as there is much more dark matter in the universe than visible, baryonic matter.
Most American members of the Christian Right consider homosexual acts as sinful and think it should not be accepted by society.
' Most of the movement's leading thinkers, funders, and advocates do not question their most basic assumptions about who we are, what we stand for, and what it is that we should be doing.
Most of these films had been comedies, and Spiegel felt that Evil Dead II should be less straight horror than the first.
* Most Kyrgyz residents believe country should give priority to Russia-poll
Most mutualists believe that anarchy should be achieved gradually rather than through revolution.
Most forces carefully record the location and disposition of their own minefields, because warning signs can be destroyed or removed, and minefields should eventually be cleared.
Most stainless steel machetes should be avoided, as many high-carbon stainless-steel machetes cannot stand up to repeated impacts, and will easily break if abused.
Most of these species do not consider human / metahuman types as more than victims, and should be treated as dangerous subjects.
Most researchers acknowledge that the credit for creating the operetta form should go to Hervé ( 1825 – 1892 ), a singer, composer, librettist, conductor, and scene painter.
" Most interpreters agree that there is some hyperbole in the sermon, with Matthew 5: 29 being the most prominent example, but there is disagreement over exactly which sections should not be taken literally.
Most of these readers favored the sad ending, partly because they felt Heinlein should have been free to create his own story, and partly because they believed that the changed ending turned a tragedy into a mere adventure, and not a very well constructed one at that.
Most Earth observation satellites carry instruments that should be operated at a relatively low altitude.
Most UDS builders / users would say a water pan defeats the true pit BBQ nature of the UDS, as the drippings from the smoked meat should land on the coals, burning up, and imparting a unique flavor one cannot get with a water pan.
Most are semicircular in shape, so they should not properly be called amphitheatres.
Most navies have a standard court-martial which convenes whenever a ship is lost ; this does not presume that the captain should be suspected of wrongdoing, but merely that the circumstances surrounding the loss of the ship should be made part of the official record.
Most crocus species and hybrids should be planted in a sunny position, in gritty, well-drained soil, although a few prefer shadier sites in moist soil.
Most authors suggest that the work of crystal gazing should be undertaken in a dimly-lit and quiet room, so as to foster visions and more easily allow the onset of a trance state.
Most peculiar is the vibrato ting yin ( literally " still vibrato "); ancient manuals state that the finger on the left hand that is pressing the string should only move or rock ever so slightly so as to alter the pitch minutely, and some manuals say that the finger should not move at all but let the pulse of the finger do the vibrato.
Most recently, the Royal Canadian Mint was inundated with queries and complaints from those who believed the first line should end with " grow " when a design for the ten-dollar bill was released in 2001 that featured the first stanza of " In Flanders Fields ", ending the first line with " blow ".
The NME described Cocker's actions as a " great publicity stunt " which was " creative, subversive and very, very funny ", while Melody Maker described Cocker as, " arguably the Fifth Most Famous Man In Britain " and suggested he should be knighted.

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