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Neil and Finn
Crowded House are a pop rock band formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1985 by lead-vocalist and primary songwriter, New Zealand-born Neil Finn.
Queen Elizabeth II bestowed an OBE on both Neil and Tim Finn, in June 1993, for their contribution to the music of New Zealand.
Neil Finn had decided to end the band to concentrate on his solo career and the Finn Brothers project with Tim.
Neil Finn ( vocals, guitar, piano ) and drummer Paul Hester ( ex-The Cheks, Deckchairs Overboard ) were former members of New Zealand band Split Enz, which spent part of 1975-6 in Australia and several years in England.
Neil is the younger brother of Split Enz founding member Tim Finn, who joined Crowded House in 1990 on vocals, guitars and keyboards for the album Woodface.
L to R: Paul Hester, Neil Finn, Nick Seymour. Thanks to their Split Enz connection, the newly formed Crowded House had an established Australasian fanbase.
As the band's primary songwriter, Neil Finn was under pressure to create a second album to match their debut and the band joked that one potential title for the new release was Mediocre Follow-Up.
Following the recording sessions with Tim, Neil began writing and recording a third Crowded House album with Hester and Seymour, but these tracks were rejected by the record company, so Neil asked Tim if Crowded House could use the Finn songs.
In June 1993 the New Zealand Government recommended that the Queen award an OBE to Neil and Tim Finn for their contribution to the music of New Zealand.
Neil Finn ( left ) and Mark Hart
The concert featured the line-up of Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, Mark Hart and Paul Hester.
Neil Finn released two solo studio albums, Try Whistling This ( 1998 ) and One Nil ( 2001 ), as well as two live albums, Sessions at West 54th ( 2000 ) and 7 Worlds Collide ( 2001 ).
Tim Finn had resumed his solo career after leaving the group in 1992 and he also worked with Neil on a second Finn Brothers album, Everyone Is Here, which was released in 2004.
Writing in 2010 Neil Finn said, " When we lost Paul it was like someone pulled the rug out from underneath everything, a terrible jolt out of the dark blue.
Matt Sherrod, Dublin, 2007. In 2006 Neil Finn asked Nick Seymour to play bass on his third solo album.
As the recording sessions progressed it was decided that the album would be issued under the Crowded House band name, rather than as a Neil Finn solo album.
As the primary songwriter for the band, Neil Finn has always set the tone for the band's sound.
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* Trouser Press commentary on Crowded House, Neil Finn and Tim Finn discography

Neil and brother
His wife and daughters and other women of the party were sent to Kildrummy in August 1306 under the protection of Bruce's brother Neil Bruce and the Earl of Atholl and most of his remaining men.
Bruce's queen, Elizabeth, his daughter Marjorie, his sisters Christina and Mary, and Isabella MacDuff were captured in a sanctuary at Tain, and sent to harsh imprisonment, which included Mary and Isabella being hung in a cage at Roxburgh and Berwick castles respectively for about four years, and Bruce's brother Neil was executed.
He has a younger brother, Neil ( b. 1938 ).
From the ' 30s through the ' 50s, Neil Reagan, brother of Ronald Reagan, directed the radio series Dr. Christian, starring Jean Hersholt.
He is mentioned in Neil Gaiman ’ s The Sandman as " the unseemly ," brother to Mailure.
He is the brother of fellow actor Neil Antin, Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, and celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Antin.
The Merton Parkas were a mod revival band, formed in the Merton area of South London in the mid 1970s, by Danny Talbot ( vocals and guitar ), his brother, Mick Talbot ( keyboards ), Neil Hurrell ( bass ) and Simon Smith ( drums ).
While his brother Tim Finn left for England, Neil was the founder of Crowded House with Split Enz's final drummer Paul Hester in 1985.
Not long after the band's debut performance, Neil was invited to London to join Split Enz, the band formed by his elder brother Tim.
Finn formed a new band called The Mullanes ( Mullane being both his middle name and his mother's maiden name ) with Split Enz drummer Paul Hester, guitarist Craig Hooper of The Reels and bassist Nick Seymour ( younger brother of Hunters & Collectors leader Mark Seymour ), whom Neil had met on the final Split Enz tour.
Both Neil and his brother Tim were invested as Officers of the Order of the British Empire ( OBE ) for services to New Zealand music in the 1993 Queen's Birthday Honours List.
In March 2009, Neil joined brother Tim on stage with son Liam Finn at Melbourne's charity Sound Relief concert at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in support of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires.
For example, from literature: Shirley Ann Grau, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner, and Andrew Breitbart, conservative journalist ; from business: David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo !, and Neil Bush, economist and brother of President George W. Bush ; from entertainment: Lauren Hutton, film actor and supermodel, and Paul Michael Glaser, TV actor of " Starsky and Hutch "; from music: conductor and composer Odaline de la Martinez, who was the first woman to conduct at a BBC Proms concert in London ; from government: Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House who famously coordinated the first Congressional Republican majority in 40 years, and Luther Terry, former U. S. Surgeon General who issued the first official health hazard warning for tobacco ; from medicine: Michael DeBakey, inventor of the roller pump, and Dr. Regina Benjamin, President Obama's Surgeon General ; from science A. Baldwin Wood, inventor of the wood screw pump and Lisa P. Jackson, United States Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) Administrator under President Obama ; from sports: Bobby Brown, former New York Yankees third baseman and former president of the American League.
Tim Finn had just released the very successful solo album Escapade, while younger brother Neil Finn had a child on the way.
* 7 – Christopher Adams, 46, pro wrestler and judoka, brother of Olympic Judo star Neil Adams.
Polly romanced Declan Byrne but when her brother Gavin Arnold ( Neil Roberts ) arrived in town, she resumed her illicit love affair with him.
Before leaving, however, Chunn gave a crucial piece of parting advice, suggesting that the replacement for Phil Judd should be Tim Finn's younger brother Neil, who officially joined on 7 April 1977.
Another brother Paddy Lenihan was a Fianna Fáil councillor in Roscommon but resigned from FF in 1983 and became associated with Neil Blaneys Independent Fianna Fáil party.
Marvin Pierce Bush ( born October 22, 1956 ) is the youngest son of U. S. President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Pierce, and brother of President George W. Bush, John ( Jeb ), Neil and Dorothy.
In recent years, Berezovsky has done business with Neil Bush, the younger brother of the U. S. President George W. Bush.
**** Neil Bush ( born 1955 ), third son of George H. W. Bush and brother of President George W. Bush, is a businessman.
Belobog is referred to in American Gods by Neil Gaiman ( as " Bielebog "), where he replaces his brother Czernobog in the spring.
The previously volatile band lineup settled in 1989 with Lee's brother, Neil Mavers on drums, and Peter " Cammy " Camell as lead guitarist.

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