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Nikolay and Kostov
However, in 2008, Bulgarian specialist Nikolay Kostov was brought in to rebuild the team.

Nikolay and was
Superconductivity was simultaneously explained by Nikolay Bogoliubov, by means of the so-called Bogoliubov transformations.
A quantitative chain chemical reaction theory was created by Soviet physicist Nikolay Semyonov in 1934.
Independently and at the same time, superconductivity phenomenon was explained by Nikolay Bogoliubov by means of the so-called Bogoliubov transformations.
A new government led by Nikolay Tanayev was then formed and has remained ever since.
Trotsky was so upset by what he saw as a usurpation of his newspaper's name that in April 1913 he wrote a letter to Nikolay Chkheidze, a Menshevik leader, bitterly denouncing Lenin and the Bolsheviks.
Perhaps the first remark that quarks should possess an additional quantum number was made as a short footnote in the preprint of Boris Struminsky in connection with Ω < sup >-</ sup > hyperon composed of three strange quarks with parallel spins ( this situation was peculiar, because since quarks are fermions, such combination is forbidden by the Pauli exclusion principle ): Boris Struminsky was a PhD student of Nikolay Bogolyubov.
The problem considered in this preprint was suggested by Nikolay Bogolyubov, who advised Boris Struminsky in this research.
Independently, the superconductivity phenomenon was explained by Nikolay Bogolyubov.
The Russian-language libretto was written by the composer, and is based on the " dramatic chronicle " Boris Godunov by Aleksandr Pushkin, and, in the Revised Version of 1872, on Nikolay Karamzin's History of the Russian State.
Count Nikolay Rumyantsev funded Russia's first naval circumnavigation under the joint command of Adam Johann von Krusenstern and Nikolai Rezanov in 1803 – 1806, and was instrumental in the outfitting of the voyage of the Riurik's circumnavigation of 1814 – 1816, which provided substantial scientific information on Alaska's and California's flora and fauna, and important ethnographic information on Alaskan and Californian ( among others ) natives.
The Russian-American Company was formed in 1799 with the influence of Nikolay Rezanov for the purpose of hunting sea otters for their fur.
Leonid Brezhnev again recreated the All-Union Ministry for Securing the Public Order in July 1966 and later assigned Nikolay Shchyolokov as Minister ; the RSFSR Ministry was disbanded for the second time, the first being at the creation of the NKVD of the Soviet Union.
Nikolay Nikolaychuk, a member of The United Russia party, has been the Mayor since 2007, replacing mayor Alexander Makarov, who was suspended from his post pending the outcome of criminal proceedings against him.
Their example was followed by many influential Russians, such as Fyodor Shalyapin, Nikolay Golovanov, and Tikhon Khrennikov, who, perhaps dismayed that the great composer's name was " reminiscent of garbage ", supported the erroneous second-syllable stress that has also become entrenched in the West.
Acmeism, or the Guild of Poets, was a transient poetic school which emerged in 1910 in Russia under the leadership of Nikolay Gumilev and Sergei Gorodetsky. Their ideals were compactness of form and clarity of expression.
Akhmatova's first husband, Nikolai Gumilev was executed by the Soviet secret police, and her son Lev Gumilev and her third husband Nikolay Punin spent many years in the Gulag, were Punin died.
In 1921, Akhmatova's former husband Nikolay Gumilyov was prosecuted for his alleged role in a monarchist anti-Bolshevik conspiracy and on 25 August was shot along with 61 others.
This last happened in 2005 ( Iurie Boreico ), 1995 ( Nikolay Nikolov, Bulgaria ), and 1988 ( Emanouil Atanassov, Bulgaria ), but was more frequent up to the early 1980s.
In August 1921, Nikolay Gumilev, his friend and fellow writer was arrested by the Petrograd Cheka for his monarchist views.
In 1926, during the korenizatsiya policy in the Soviet Union, the Cyrillic alphabet was replaced by a Latin alphabet devised by Nikolay Marr.
One of the most important was the Oberiu movement that included Nikolay Zabolotsky, Alexander Vvedensky, Konstantin Vaginov and the most famous Russian absurdist Daniil Kharms.

Nikolay and appointed
In 1815, Chamisso was appointed botanist to the Russian ship Rurik, fitted out at the expense of Count Nikolay Rumyantsev, which Otto von Kotzebue ( son of August von Kotzebue ) commanded on a scientific voyage round the world.
On 20 June 1996, Boris Yeltsin fired FSB Director Mikhail Barsukov and appointed Nikolay Kovalyov as acting Director and later Director of the FSB.
* 1991-1996 Nikolay Mikhaylovich Podgornov, head of the administration, appointed ;
In 1919, Nikolay Yudenich appointed Rodzyanko his aide.
On August 4, 1853, Captain Gennady Nevelskoy founded a military post named after Admiral Grand Duke Konstantin, and renamed the bay to Imperatorskaya Gavan (' Emperor's Harbor '), after the then reigning Emperor Nicholas I. Nikolay Boshnyak was appointed the commander of the post, which became the first Russian settlement in the area, and the predecessor of today's Sovetskaya Gavan.
On October 19, 1944, following a decision by the USSR State Defense Committee and People's Commissar for Aviation Industry Alexey Shakhurin, Chelomey was appointed the Director and Chief Designer of Plant N51 ( its previous director Nikolay Polikarpov having died a short time before ).

Nikolay and new
After briefly considering Lev Mey's The Tsar's Bride as a subject ( later taken up in 1898 by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, his 9th opera ), Borodin began looking for a new project for his first opera.
An entire new generation of poets including Mikhail Lermontov, Yevgeny Baratynsky, Konstantin Batyushkov, Nikolay Nekrasov, Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, Fyodor Tyutchev, and Afanasy Fet followed in Pushkin's steps.
The nine churches themselves retained their appearance, but additions to the ground-floor arcade and the first-floor platform were so profound that Nikolay Brunov considered the rebuilt composite church a " new " building and an independent work that incorporated the " old " Trinity Church.
In July 2012, owner Nikolay Smolensky announced that despite analysing various potential plans to create a new car, building a new TVR model was not going to be financially viable, thus bringing TVR's existence as a car manufacturer to an end.
On August 14, Count Nikolay Kamensky decided to use this numerical superiority to launch a new offensive.
The following week in Cincinnati, as 10th seed, he made it to the third round, before losing to Nikolay Davydenko, after which he rose to a new career high of no.
The club was completely rebuilt with a new organizational structure but featuring players with first league and international experience such as striker Atanas Kurdov, midfielder Todor Timonov and captain Nikolay Manchev or goalkeeper Armen Ambartsumyan.
Upon their return, they engaged Nikolay Krasnov, Yalta's most fashionable architect, responsible for the grand ducal residences in Koreiz, to prepare plans for a brand new imperial palace.
The new era for Lokomotiv Sofia came in 1994 with the new president Nikolay Gigov.
His narrative poem Fiza was read in 1913 in author ’ s absence in St. Petersburg and gave its name to the Society of Poets, which included Anna Akhmatova, her husband Nikolay Gumilyov, and Osip Mandelstam and became the centre of Acmeism, a new trend in Russian poetry.

Nikolay and manager
The Peredvizhniki ( from left to right ): Grigoriy Myasoyedov, Konstantin Savitsky, Vasily Polenov,: ru: Аммосов, Сергей Николаевич | Sergey Ammosov,: ru: Киселёв, Александр Александрович | Alexander Kiselev,: ru: Волков, Ефим Ефимович | Yefim Volkov, Nikolai Nevrev, Vasily Surikov, Vladimir Makovsky, Alexander Litovchenko, Ivan Shishkin,: ru: Лемох, Кирилл Викентьевич | Carl Lemoch, Ivan Kramskoi, Nikolai Yaroshenko, Ilya Repin,: ru: Брюллов, Павел Александрович | Pavel Bryullov, Ivanov ( manager of Peredvizhniki cooperative ),: ru: Маковский, Николай Егорович | Nikolay Makovsky, Alexander Beggrov

Nikolay and club
From the autumn of 1994, president of the club was Nikolay Ishkov.

Nikolay and giving
He defeated Nikolay Davydenko, 6 – 4, 7 – 6, 7 – 6, in the first rubber, and Mikhail Youzhny, 7 – 6, 6 – 4, 6 – 3, in the fifth and final rubber, giving Argentina a victory of 3 – 2 to qualify for the semifinals.

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