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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1391
from Brown Corpus
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Now and park
Now this park, as I have said, was a later construction.
Now known as St. Louis Regional Airport, subsequent expansion and addition of an office and industrial park are helping to propel Bethalto into the future.
Now billed as " New England's Oldest Family Fair ", the four-day event draws huge crowds each autumn to admire animals, produce and crafts, or enjoy amusement park rides.
Now the town park with playground, fishing pier and boat launch.
Now it can foster its reputation as a place that loves children and it can present itself as the first amusement park in the world that has focused on environmental policy.
Now a part of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, the mountain is part of a popular trail that strings from Burnt Hickory Road to the park visitor center, traversing Pigeon Hill and both mountains.
Now it serves as a park alley.
Now, parts of this river have been turned into a provincial waterway park as well as a provincial nature reserve ( at Egan Chute ).
Now however there is a junior high school and a small park there.
Memorable lyrics included: " Six for the Common Market / Five pence a mile to drive your car / And four pounds just to park it / Three P for a rotten cup of tea / Tu-tu for women's lib / Now they've burned their bras-O!
Now Boughton Park, a town park shared with East and West Bloomfield.
The park was built to represent the history of logging in Port Arthur ( Now part of Thunder Bay ).
For years, its offices and production facilities were located on-site at Opryland, and a nightly variety show ( originally Nashville Now, later Music City Tonight and Prime Time Country ) was taped at the Gaslight Theatre inside the park itself.
Now the village serves principally as the main entrance to the hall and deer park, and to Lady Anne's Drive which leads to the beach.
* " BET Now " taped a series of episodes from around the park including the pool, beach, boardwalk, Double Shot and Carousel on Friday July 25, 2008.
Now, with four station stops, the train takes twenty minutes to circle the park.
* 2000: Jazz fusion / rock duo Steely Dan made mention of the park in " Janie Runaway ", from their album Two Against Nature: Down in Tampa the future looked desperate and dark / Now you're the wonderwaif of Gramercy Park.
Now a coach park on Bayswater Road.
Now a cable car facility is also available inside the park to commute the tourists.
World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen and Raven performing " It's All Coming Back to Me Now " at Tusenfryd amusement park in StatoilHydro on August 22, 2007.
Now, the Rhone is a popular dive site, and the area around her was turned into a national park in 1967.
Now, the most prominent tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park is Bamera, who has territory in all the four zones of the park.
edition with a new afterword exploring South park, Family guy, and other animated TV shows, the Catholic League was " not persuaded " by Chavez ' letter, and stated that they " sarcastically " responded in Catalyst: " Now why didn ’ t we think of that?
Now the falls and a small park just west of the falls ( Bridal Veil Park ) can also be accessed via U. S. Highway 189.

Now and is
Now I wish to enter the American market, where the competition is very strong.
`` Now that is a very nice, a very nice '', he murmured to himself, back in his corner.
`` Now that Bruno Walter is virtually in retirement and my dear friend Dimitri Mitropoulos is no longer with us, I am probably the only one -- with the possible exception of Leonard Bernstein -- who has this special affinity for and champions the works of Bruckner and Mahler ''.
Now the detective must save his own skin by informing on the girl he loves, who is also the real murderer.
Now what is perfect motion??
Now this concern for the freedom of other peoples is the intellectual and spiritual cement which has allied us with more than forty other nations in a common defense effort.
Now an abiding difficulty of paragraphs like the foregoing is that they appear to preach ; ;
Now the basic question to be asked in this situation is what motivates the manipulators, that is, what are their values??
Now, as then, it is a matter of jobs.
Now the Stone Harbor bird sanctuary, 31 acres of magic attraction for exotic herons, is threatened, but the battlefront extends far beyond our state.
Now Richards, of course, is known as a deep thinker as baseball managers go.
Now he is apparently expected to give up his evenings -- and Sundays, too, for this is coming.
Now, of course, that the Russians are the nuclear villains, radiation is a nastier word than it was in the mid, when the US was testing in the atmosphere.
Now good definition is one thing that all of us can acquire with occasional high-set, high-rep, light-weight workouts.
Now here is truly a marvel.
Now, the machine has been improved to a point where it is generally more economical than oil heat at temperatures down to 15 degrees.
Now Welch had a pet theory that everyone is guilty of breaking more laws than he ever gets caught at.
Now, you probably share the widespread Western belief that the Lord Buddha is the most compassionate of the gods, much more so than Jehovah and Allah and the rest.
Now the thing for us to do is to find ourselves a couple of those wonderful flowering currants such as the red Ribes sanguineum of our Pacific Northwest, or otherwise a good sloe tree, or perhaps some nice pussy willow in bloom, preferably one with male or staminate catkins.
Now the range of Af is the null space Af of Af.
Now suppose that we also have Af where D' is diagonalizable, N' is nilpotent, and Af.

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