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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

One and more
One is not more true than the other.
A more complete list would also include Bradbury's `` The Pedestrian '' ( 1951 ), Philip K. Dick's Solar Lottery ( 1955 ), David Karp's One ( 1953 ), Wilson Tucker's The Long Loud Silence ( 1952 ), Jack Vance's To Live Forever ( 1956 ), Gore Vidal's Messiah ( 1954 ), and Bernard Wolfe's Limbo ( 1952 ), as well as the three perhaps most outstanding dystopias, Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth's The Space Merchants ( 1953 ), Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano ( 1952 ), and John Wyndham's Re-Birth ( 1953 ), works which we will later examine in detail.
One is impressed with the dignity, clarity and beauty of this new translation into contemporary English, and there is no doubt that the meaning of the Bible is more easily understandable to the general reader in contemporary language in the frequently archaic words and phrases of the King James.
One, more horrible than the rest, lunged, growling deep in his throat, his hair bristling.
One might pretend never to have seen one before, or, to more purpose, that there would never be another like it.
Justices Frankfurter and Jackson dissented: `` One State may cherish formalities more than another, one State may be more responsive than another to procedural reforms.
One sees Costaggini's rendering of the same figure more than thirty feet away.
One can apply these facts to Britain in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as she spread her dominion over palm and pine, and they can be applied again to the United States in more recent years.
One of the more seriously wounded was Lieutenant Carroll, the young officer bucking for the Regular Army.
One of the A.L.A.M. lawyers observed that if the Selden case had been tried under this simplified procedure, the testimony which filled more than a score of volumes, `` at a minimum cost of $1 a page for publication alone, could have been contained in one volume ''.
One more muddleheaded play like that one and they'd be leading him away.
One, by Sen. Louis Crump of San Saba, would aid more than 17,000 retailers who pay a group of miscellaneous excise taxes by eliminating the requirement that each return be notarized.
One effect of the proposal, which puts a premium on population instead of economic strength, as in the past, would be to take jobs from European nations and give more to such countries as India.
`` One wants a little more power, and the other doesn't want to give up any ''.
One of the more noteworthy changes that have taken place since the mid-19th century is the situation of Catholics at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
One thing is certain, however, and that is that he is far more slavish to the detailed accents, phrasings and contours of the music he deals with than a confident dance creator need be.
`` One more and I'm coming out there ''!!
One study found that slightly altering photographs so that they more closely resembled the faces of study participants increased the trust the participants expressed regarding depicted persons.
:: One consequence is that people are more cooperative if it is more likely that individuals will interact again in the future.
One is that people will be more helping when they know that their helping behavior will be communicated to people they will interact with later, is publicly announced, is discussed, or is simply being observed by someone else.
One of the central characteristics is that anthropology tends to provide a comparatively more holistic account of phenomena and tends to be highly empirical.
One method of building a mooring is to use three or more conventional anchors laid out with short lengths of chain attached to a swivel, so no matter which direction the vessel moves one or more anchors will be aligned to resist the force.

One and remarkable
One of the remarkable features of deism is that the critical elements did not overpower the constructive elements.
One of the most remarkable features of American society is that the difference between the " uneducated " and the " educated " is so slight.
One remarkable commentary of Herodotus on Heracles is that he lived 900 years before himself ( c. 1300 BCE ).
Polgár called the game, " One of the most remarkable moments of my career.
One of the many remarkable features of this album is Irene Papas's guest participation ( vocal on " Infinity ").
" One of the most remarkable things that he ever told me was when we were together on the submarine and he said that he wished that a nuclear explosive had never been evolved.
One particularly remarkable example of co-speciation exists between the simian foamy virus ( SFV ) and its primate hosts.
One of her remarkable successes there was in the title role of Voltaire's Zaïre ( 1874 ).
One of the more remarkable attributes of the Guadalupe of Extremadura is that she is dark, like the Americans, and thus she became the perfect icon for the missionaries who followed Cortés to convert the natives to Christianity.
One remarkable thing that was also decided at the Tehran Conference was the way in which the Allies would deal with Finland, a free democratic country which cooperated with Germany after Soviet aggression and one that had not signed the Tripartite Pact, and had not declared war on any free Allied countries.
One reviewer from The New York Times called the book " a remarkable volume " and compared Patchen's work to Walt Whitman, Hart Crane, D. H. Lawrence, and even to the Bible.
One remarkable commentary of Herodotus on Pan is that he lived 800 years before himself ( c. 1200 BCE ), this being already after the Trojan War.
One of the first remarkable specimens of early metallurgy to be discovered by archaeologists is the silver vase of Entemena.
One remarkable aspect of Eta Carinae is its changing brightness.
One of the most remarkable characteristic of biomaterials is their hierarchical structure.
One of the many remarkable aspects of this town are its abrupt boundaries, surrounded on all sides by rich agricultural fields that begin immediately where town's streets and lots end.
One remarkable feature of Pernese society is its stability, having lasted approximately 2, 500 years with little change.
One remarkable feature of the Genji, and of Murasaki's skill, is its internal consistency, despite a dramatis personæ of some four hundred characters.
One truly remarkable phenomenon in the post-Cold War upsurge of Chinese nationalism is that Chinese intellectuals became one of the driving forces.
One of the more remarkable broadcasts was in July 1942, when Toscanini conducted the American premiere of Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7.
One outstanding example of a remarkable performance not approved by the Maestro was his December 1948 NBC broadcast of Dvořák's Symphonic Variations, released on an LP by the Society.
One Norse saga called Eymund's saga ( a part of Yngvars saga víðförla ), with remarkable details, puts on Yaroslav the blame of his brother Burizlaf's murder.
One result of these years of commercial dominance was the construction of a remarkable number of architecturally significant mansions and palaces by rich merchants of many nationalities.
One quotation may be given as being a most remarkable prophecy of the impending revolution in the art of war, a revolution which the " advanced " tacticians themselves scarcely foresaw.

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