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One and strategically
One wonders why the Carter Administration fails to see any threatening pattern in the Soviet presence, by way of Cuban proxies, in so much of Africa, which is the source of minerals absolutely essential to the industrialized democracies of Japan, Western Europe, and the U. S. We are self-sufficient in only 5 of the 27 minerals important to us industrially and strategically, and so the security of our resource life line is essential.
One spoofed the " launderette " commercial for Levi in which Nick Kamen stripped to his underwear ; in their pastiche, Arden and Frost played launderette customers who were stripped entirely, with just strategically placed books maintaining their modesty.
One was in the centre of the island and little more than the remains of some middens are left there, however there was another Pa on the northern tip of the island, strategically positioned with cliffs on three sides for ease of defence.
One noted campaign featured her in a billboard in Times Square, bare, " except for a strategically placed banana leaf.
One technological innovation presented at the congress is the bus equipped with the system Diesel + Natural Diesel Gas, strategically displayed to connect Volkswagen Truck and Bus and Delphi Automotive Systems booths.

One and important
One of the most important is economic.
One of the important and difficult decisions which had to be made in this budget concerned the role of the B-70, a long-range supersonic bomber.
One of the most gratifying applications of an important technique of submarine detection is in the exploration of the human body.
One of the important aspects of this study was to determine the oxygen transfer relationships of the mechanical aerator.
One important piece of advice Yamamoto gave Kurosawa was that a good director needed to master screenwriting.
One of Avicenna's important Persian work is the Daaneshnaame ( literally: the book of knowledge ) for Prince ' Ala ad-Daulah ( the local Buyid ruler ).
One can get by without referring to charts, but they are an important tool and a part of good anchoring gear, and a skilled mariner would not choose to anchor without them.
# One bishop succeeding another in the same see meant that there was a continuity of teaching: " while the Church as a whole is the vessel into which the truth is poured, the Bishops are an important organ is carrying out this task ".
One of the most important components of analytical chemistry is maximizing the desired signal while minimizing the associated noise.
One of his more famous works, the Summa which is important because of is its system for determining if a war is just.
One of the most important pieces of the regeneration jigsaw for the Borough is reviving Accrington town centre.
One of the most important restrictions of SAT is HORNSAT, where the formula is a conjunction of Horn clauses.
One of the most important towns is Gavoi.
One important turning point came in the Seven Years ' War, when the British conquered the port of Havana and introduced thousands of slaves in a ten month period.
One important characteristic of many normative moral theories such as consequentialism is the ability to produce practical moral judgements.
One less-noted advantage of PCCs is their lower muzzle report compared to more powerful rifles ; because they are less noisy when fired, they are less likely to cause permanent hearing damage when fired indoor without hearing protection-this can be an important consideration during home defense.
One such incident played an important part in the history of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire.
One canid, the domestic dog, a subspecies of the gray wolf, long ago entered into a partnership with humans and today remains one of the most widely kept domestic animals in the world and serves humanity in many important ways.
One of its most important functions was the security of revolutionary order, and the fight against counterrevolutionary activity ( see: Anti-Soviet agitation ).
One of the important problems for logicians in the 1930s was David Hilbert's Entscheidungsproblem, which asked if there was a mechanical procedure for separating mathematical truths from mathematical falsehoods.
One particularly important physical result concerning conservation laws is Noether's Theorem, which states that there is a one-to-one correspondence between conservation laws and differentiable symmetries of physical systems.
One important change in the practice after 1721 was regulated quarantine of inoculees.
One of the most important Casablancan exports is phosphate.
One of the most important changes, and one that almost certainly had an effect, was the revolution in transportation that occurred at this time.
One of the most important and sophisticated books in the field is the Grundlegung der Psychologie ( Foundations of Psychology ) by Klaus Holzkamp, who might be considered the theoretical founder of critical psychology.

One and place
One can imagine that with her and Gorton there it was no place for anyone with weak nerves.
One species is restricted to statements which are neither explicit nor precise regarding a particular person, place, time or thing.
One can take a vase of about 800 B.C. and, without any knowledge of its place of origin, venture to assign it to a specific area ; ;
One might expect that in a poetic career of seventy-odd years, some changes in style and method would have occurred, some development taken place.
One of the more noteworthy changes that have taken place since the mid-19th century is the situation of Catholics at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
One of the missing handspikes came out of its hiding place after Midshipman Tillotson had been insolently disobeyed by Seaman Wilson.
* 1580 – One of the largest earthquakes recorded in the history of England, Flanders, or Northern France, takes place.
One aspect in the art of lapidary involves correctly cutting the stone to place the color in a way that makes the tone of the finished gem homogeneous.
One of their Yukar Upopo, or legends, tells that " They lived in this place a hundred thousand years before the Children of the Sun came.
* 1914 – Mexican Revolution: One of the world's first naval / air skirmishes takes place off the coast of western Mexico.
One plane crash was said to have taken place in 1937 off Daytona Beach, Florida, in front of hundreds of witnesses ; a check of the local papers revealed nothing.
One of Coronation Streets best known storylines took place in March / April 1998, with Deirdre Rachid being wrongfully imprisoned after a relationship with con-man Jon Lindsay.
One form describes the primeval state as an eternal union of two parents, and the creation takes place when the two are pulled apart.
One might note, however, that what is assumed to be a niche for the Torah scroll in the building probably originally built as a Judeo-Christian synagogue between AD 70 and AD 135 on the traditional site of the Cenacle or upper room of the Last Supper and now identified as the site of the King David's Tomb is oriented not towards the Temple Mount, but towards the site of the Holy Sepulchre, which would seem to indicate that the Christian community that had built it had already began to transfer many of the religious traditions originally associated with the Temple to the sites they associated with Christ's death and resurrection ( such as the burial place of Adam and the centre of the world ).
One example from I. 105 describing a ship at sea during a storm has Virgil violating metrical standards to place a single-syllable word at the end of the line:
One method of interception is to place equipment at locations where fiber optic communications are switched.
" One cannot substitute words referring to pleasure, needs or anything else in place of " good.
But when a man acts wrongly, nature is not to be blamed ; for what is wrong, takes place not according to nature, but contrary to nature, it being the work of choice, and not of nature ” ( The Christian Examiner, Volume One, published by James Miller, 1824 Edition, p. 66 )
One neutral survey of 1000 departing fairgoers awarded the General Motors exhibit 39. 4 points to only 8. 5 points for second place Ford as the most interesting exhibit.
One of the earliest purely " American " rifle-shooting competitions took place in 1775, when Daniel Morgan was recruiting sharpshooters in Virginia for the impending American Revolutionary War.
One of the legacies of the guilds, the elevated Windsor Guildhall was originally a meeting place for guilds, as well as magistrates ' seat and town hall.
One of the first written laws in the world, the Code of Hammurabi was inscribed on a stele and placed in a public place so that all could see it, although it is thought that few were literate.
* One NIT Championship ( 1974 ); the first for the Big Ten Conference and two Runner-up finishes ( 1979, 1982 ) and a third place finish ( 1981 )
Later in the year Brabham, again driving the Bobtail, tussled with Stirling Moss for third place in a non-championship Formula One race at Snetterton.
One method of opening is where the blade exits out the front of the handle point-first and then is locked into place ( an example of this is the gravity knife ).

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