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Operation and Petticoat
* Operation Petticoat
He was soon noticed by Blake Edwards, who in 1958 cast him as a neurotic harried navy yeoman in Operation Petticoat with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.
; Operation Petticoat ( 1959 )
Operation Petticoat was Edwards ' first big-budget movie as a director.
* Operation Petticoat ( 1959 )
That was followed by Blake Edwardscomedy Operation Petticoat ( 1959 ) with Cary Grant.
She appeared as nurse Lt. Duran in the short-lived television series, Operation Petticoat ; based on the big-screen version which starred her real-life father.
Merrill has thus far acted in twenty-two motion pictures, including 1957's Desk Set, 1959's Operation Petticoat ( with Cary Grant, who was married to her cousin, Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton ), 1960's The Sundowners and Butterfield 8, 1961's The Young Savages, 1963's The Courtship of Eddie's Father, 1977's A Wedding, 1991's True Colors, and 1992's The Player.
From 1977-1979, Varney was cast as Seaman " Doom & Gloom " Broom in the television version of Operation Petticoat.
He did guest shots on the TV shows Love, American Style, The Big Valley, Night Gallery, Alias Smith and Jones, Mannix, Emergency !, Alice, Police Woman, Operation Petticoat, The American Girls, Vega $, Big Shamus Little Shamus, Laverne & Shirley, Bewitched, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Hart to Hart, Zorro, King of Queens, and George Lopez.
** Several Cary Grant movies, some independently produced by his company but released by other studios ( Indiscreet, Operation Petticoat, The Grass is Greener, That Touch of Mink, and Father Goose ).
* Nick Holden ( Tony Curtis ) in the 1959 Blake Edwards film Operation Petticoat
He also appeared in The Great Locomotive Chase starring Fess Parker, Operation Petticoat starring Cary Grant, and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken starring Don Knotts.
No vessel of the United States Navy has been given that name, but the 1959 movie Operation Petticoat, starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis, and the short-lived 1977-1978 television series of the same name, were set aboard a fictional Sea Tiger.
* Operation Petticoat 1959 — US Comedy directed by Blake Edwards depicting fictional USS Sea Tiger ; remade in 1977 TV series Operation Petticoat
She found steady work in film, appearing in The Glenn Miller Story ( 1954 ), Sabrina ( 1954 ), Teacher's Pet ( 1957 ), and Operation Petticoat ( 1959 ).
* Lt. Stovall, character in the 1959 film Operation Petticoat
Operation Petticoat is a 1959 comedy film directed by Blake Edwards, and starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.
es: Operation Petticoat
nl: Operation Petticoat
pt: Operation Petticoat

Operation and proved
A generation of Soviet commanders ( notably Georgy Zhukov ) learned from the defeats, and Soviet victories in the Battle of Moscow, at Stalingrad, Kursk and later in Operation Bagration proved decisive.
Called Operation Highjump, the historic trek proved the worth of the Siberian Husky due to its compact size and greater speeds.
In May 1951, during Operation Greenhouse, the explosions of devices " George " and " Item " proved that a fission explosion could trigger non-sustaining fusion reactions in a mixture of deuterium and tritium.
According to a Defense Prisoner of War / Missing Personnel Office ( DPMO ) white paper, 1, 394 names were also transmitted during " Operation Glory " from the Chinese and North Koreans, of which 858 proved to be correct.
Extensive successful drops were made during the Normandy Landings ( see Operation Tonga ), under the command of General Richard Gale, but Operation Market Garden against Arnhem under General Frederick Browning were less successful, and proved, in the famous phrase, to be A Bridge too far.
The amphibious assault ( Operation Infatuate ) proved a success and by 8 November, all German resistance on the island had been overrun.
In 1988, Queensrÿche released Operation: Mindcrime, a narrative concept album that proved a massive critical and commercial success.
Operation WASHTUB proved unnecessary ; in May 1954, surplus Wehrmacht weapons, from Czechoslovakia, secretly arrived to Guatemala, delivered by the Swedish ship Alfhem.
Some who gave evidence to the Royal Commission into the Operation of the Poor Laws suggested that the existing system had proved adequate and was more adaptable to local needs.
However, none of these systems proved usable in practice, and the one major US effort, Operation Aphrodite, proved to be far more dangerous to its users than to the target.
An investigation by the Metropolitan Police — named Operation Oxborough — proved fruitless for over a year.
The raid, codenamed Operation Claymore, proved to be a considerable success, resulting in the capture of a number of wheels of the German Enigma encoding machine which helped the Allies to decode German radio traffic later in the war, as well as the destruction of a considerable amount of petrol and oil and the capture of several hundred Germans.
On 3 July 1940, the British opened fire after an agreement proved impossible ( Operation Catapult ).
However, implementation of the legislation proved to be extremely difficult, particularly as the primary focus of the War Office and General Headquarters Home Forces was on Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk between 27 May to 4 June.
He was proved correct ; after Operation Baytown the Eighth Army marched 300 miles north to the Salerno area against no opposition other than engineer obstacles.
Army Group Centre had previously proved tough to counter as the Soviet defeat in Operation Mars had shown.
Operation Castle was considered by government officials to be a success as it proved the feasibility of deployable " dry fuel " designs for thermonuclear weapons.
After the Srebrenica and Markale massacres, NATO intervened during the 1995 Operation Deliberate Force against the positions of the Army of Republika Srpska, which proved key in ending the war.
Nevertheless, Operation Lindbergh proved that the technology exists today to enable delivery of expert care to remote areas of the globe.
Afterwards, to justify the US intervention to the internal politics of the Republic of Guatemala, the CIA launched Operation PBHISTORY, which unsuccessfully sought Árbenz Government and Communist party ( PGT ) documents that would have proved that Guatemala was a puppet state of the USSR in the Western Hemisphere.
Experience in Afghanistan lead to the realisation that TIALD was outdated, as described by an RAF Wing Commander: " was designed in the 1980s, to allow pilots to drop laser guided bombs on targets like bridges, big buildings and aircraft hangars ... TIALD as an air interdiction targeting pod is very good and has done this reasonably well over the last decade, as was proved in Deliberate Force ( 1995 ), Allied Force ( 1999 ), and Operation Telic ( 2003 ).
This included developing a new version of the Rebecca-Eureka homing device system, the Mk II, which was ready by 1943 and proved to be very successful when used in later airborne operations ; during Operation Market Garden and Operation Varsity, aircraft that used the system reported a 95 % success rate.

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