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Paul and Le
* Le Goff, Jacques and Paul Archambault.
The spring of 1896 saw the publication, in Paul Fort's review Le Livre d ' art, of Jarry's 5-act play Ubu Roi — the rewritten and expanded Les Polonais of his school days.
Important museums in Ghent are the Museum voor Schone Kunsten ( Museum of Fine Arts ), with paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Paul Rubens, and many Flemish masters ; the SMAK or Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst ( City Museum for Contemporary Art ), with works of the 20th century, including Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol ; and the Design Museum with masterpieces of Victor Horta and Le Corbusier.
Lucifer ( Le génie du mal ) by Guillaume Geefs ( Cathedral of St. Paul, Liège, Belgium )
In 2000, Senator Paul Le Claire called for a referendum on independence, a proposal which failed to win any significant support.
* Collection of three vinyl recordings of Jean Cocteau including La Voix humaine by Simone Signoret, 18 songs composed by Louis Bessières, Bee Michelin and Renaud Marx, on double-piano Paul Castanier, Le Discours de réception à l ' Académie Française, Jacques Canetti JC1, 1984
* Paul Le Blanc.
* 1964 – Paul Le Guen, French football manager
* Paul Bouteiller, Le Chevalier de Boufflers et le Sénégal de son temps ( 1785 – 1788 ), Lettres du Monde, Paris, 1995.
In fact, the first proven occurrence of the term derives from a review of Reclus ' Nouvelle géographie universelle from 1884, written by Paul de Rousiers, a member of the Le Play School.
After the death of Reclus as well as the main proponents of Le Play's ideas, and with Émile Durkheim turning away from his early concept of social morphology, Paul Vidal de la Blache, who noted that geography " is a science of places and not a science of men ", remained the most influential figure of French geography.
* The yellow hot rod driven by Paul Le Mat in Lucas ' 1973 film American Graffiti shows the license plate THX 138.
The Latin text was printed for the first time in Basel in 1549 by Nicholas Brylinger ; it was also published in the Gesta Dei per Francos by Jacques Bongars in 1611 and the Recueil des historiens des croisades ( RHC ) by Auguste-Arthur Beugnot and Auguste Le Prévost in 1844, and Bongars ' text was reprinted in the Patrologia Latina by Jacques Paul Migne in 1855.
Paul Foucault eventually took over his father-in-law's medical practice as well, while his wife took charge of their large mid-19th century house, Le Piroir, located at the village of Vendeuvre-du-Poitou 15 kilometres from the town.
Taking place in the rear courtyard of the Hôpital de la Salpêtriêre, it was attended by hundreds of admirers who had seen the event advertised in Le Monde, including left wing activists like Yves Montand and Simone Signoret and academics such as Jacques Derrida, Paul Veyne, Pierre Bourdieu and Georges Dumézil.
Notable supporters of Feyenoord include Craig Bellamy, Gerard Cox, Wouter Bos, Jan Marijnissen, Robert Eenhoorn, Arjan Erkel, Dennis van der Geest, DJ Paul Elstak, Raemon Sluiter, Vincent Le Blanc, and Renate Verbaan.
The Paul Ricard Circuit is a motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, near Marseille, in France, with finance from the eccentric pastis magnate Paul Ricard.
In 1891, naturalist Paul Le Cointe provides a rare first-hand account of a candiru entering a human body, and like Lacerda's account, it involved the fish being lodged in the vaginal canal, not the urethra.
Drawing by Adolphe Willette in Le Pierrot, December 7, 1888, inspired by Paul Margueritte's Pierrot, Murderer of His Wife, 1881.
Her final words to the German Lutheran prison chaplain, Paul Le Seur, were recorded as, " Ask Father Gahan to tell my loved ones later on that my soul, as I believe, is safe, and that I am glad to die for my country.
Image: Serusier-the talisman. JPG | Paul Sérusier, The Talisman / Le Talisman, 1888
Tifo | Card display at Ibrox to welcome Paul Le Guen
Paul Le Guen replaced Alex McLeish as manager after season 2005 – 06.
* Aubry, Paul V., Monge, Le savant ami de Napoléon Bonaparte, Paris, Gauthiers-Villars, 1954.

Paul and Flem
Paul Le Flem ( 18 March 1881-31 July 1984 ) was a French composer and music critic.
* Gonin, Philippe ( 1998 ) Vie et œuvre de Paul Le Flem ( Université de Lyon II ).
* Vendramini-Joseph, Cecile: Paul le Flem, musicien breton, Sorbonne ( Paris ).
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Through her father, Green is the great-granddaughter of French composer Paul Le Flem.
He first studied with Paul Le Flem, who gave him a firm grounding in classical forms of harmony and counterpoint.
Claude Debussy, Paul Dukas and Maurice Ravel were to be his next influences after hearing a concert of their work in 1919 ; he composed several piano pieces while training to become a teacher before going to study with Le Flem.

Paul and with
On arrival at headquarters he had, however -- in King Stanislas' words to Glayre -- `` found such favor with Pe Potemkin that he made him his aide-de-camp and up to now does not want him to go join Paul Jones.
Tracking down Mrs. Calhoun was like trying to catch up with Paul Revere between Lexington and Concord.
Resentment welled up yesterday among Democratic district leaders and some county leaders at reports that Mayor Wagner had decided to seek a third term with Paul R. Screvane and Abraham D. Beame as running mates.
The apostle Paul said the same thing in the language and faith of the New Testament: `` He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him freely give us all things??
Paul Paray, rounding out his current stint with the orchestra, is a solid musician, and the Philharmonic plays for him.
She was thinking of Paul a few weeks ago, in the Easter holidays, with her at one of those awful Friday Evening Dancing Class parties her mother had made her attend.
During this time most of what is known as ethnologie was restricted to museums, such as the Musée de l ' Homme founded by Paul Rivet, and anthropology had a close relationship with studies of folklore.
Assuming ZF is consistent, Paul Cohen employed the technique of forcing, developed for this purpose, to show that the axiom of choice itself is not a theorem of ZF by constructing a much more complex model which satisfies ZF ¬ C ( ZF with the negation of AC added as axiom ) and thus showing that ZF ¬ C is consistent.
in the 13th-century by the alchemist Pseudo-Geber ( Geber ), sometimes identified with Paul of Taranto, that all physical bodies possess an inner and outer layer of minute particles or corpuscles.
Schweitzer notes that St. Paul apparently believed in the immediacy of the " Second Coming of Jesus ": " Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord " ( 1 Thessalonians 4. 17 ).
Schweitzer established his reputation further as a New Testament scholar with other theological studies including The Psychiatric Study of Jesus ( 1911 ); and his two studies of the apostle Paul, Paul and his Interpreters, and the more complete The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle ( 1930 ).
The modern theory of antimatter began in 1928, with a paper by Paul Dirac.
After Osiander's death in 1552, Albert favoured a preacher named Johann Funck, who, with an adventurer named Paul Skalić, exercised great influence over him and obtained considerable wealth at public expense.
In 2004, Pope John Paul II's efforts to unite Europe were honoured with an ‘ Extraordinary Charlemagne Medal ’, which was awarded for the first time ever.
The Vipava Valley, through which Alboin led the Lombards into ItalyAs a precautionary move Alboin strengthened his alliance with the Avars, signing what Paul calls a foedus perpetuum (" perpetual treaty ") and what is referred to in the 9th-century Historia Langobardorum codicis Gothani as a pactum et foedus amicitiae (" pact and treaty of friendship "), adding that the treaty was put down on paper.
Immediately after this, Algardi produced an interactive sculptural group representing the beheading of Saint Paul with two figures: a kneeling, resigned saint and the executioner poised to strike the sword-blow, for the church of San Paolo, Bologna.
Synthetic antibiotic chemotherapy as a science and development of antibacterials began in Germany with Paul Ehrlich in the late 1880s.
Some believe that this appeal “ thereby shows Christian ’ s of Luke ’ s day both that their predecessors were innocent before the state and that Paul had no political quarrel with Rome ” but rather with the Jews who were accusing him.
Some scholars believe that the apologetic view of Luke ’ s work is overemphasized and that it should not be regarded as a “ major aim of the Lucan writings .” While Munck believes that purpose of Luke ’ s work is not that clear-cut and sympathizes with other claims, he believes that Luke ’ s work can function as an apology only in the sense that it “ presents a defense of Christianity and Pauland may serve to “ clarify the position of Christianity within Jewry and within the Roman Empire .” Pervo disagrees that Luke ’ s work is an apology and even that it could possibly be addressed to Rome because he believes that “ Luke and Acts speak to insiders, believers in Jesus .” Freedman believes that Luke is writing an apology but that his goal is “ not to defend the Christian movement as such but to defend God ’ s ways in history .”
Many who side with this view disagree that Luke portrays Christianity or the Roman Empire as harmless and thus reject the apologetic view because “ Acts does not present Christians as politically harmless or law abiding for there are a large number of public controversies concerning Christianity, particularly featuring Paul .” For example, to support this view Cassidy references how Paul is accused of going against the Emperor because he is “ saying that there is another king named Jesus .” ( Acts 17: 7 ) Furthermore, there are multiple examples of Paul ’ s preaching causing uprisings in various cities ( Acts 14: 2 ; 14: 19 ; 16: 19-23 ; 17: 5 ; 17: 13-14 ; 19: 28-40 ; 21: 27 ).

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