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; and Primary
The way MacArthur said his line -- if you had the recorded transcript of a professional linguist -- would probably have gone like this: Af Primary stresses on emeralds and wish ; ;
; Primary sources
; Primary sources
HLK Primary care ; general practice < BR >
There are a further three primary ( or elementary ) schools within Bodmin ; Berrycoombe School in the north west corner of the town, St. Mary's Catholic Primary School and Robartes Primary Junior School, both situated west of the town centre.
; Primary tumors of the heart: Tumors that arise initially in the heart and not from elsewhere in the body.
; Primary sources
Dartmouth Community College and Dartmouth Primary School are part of the Dartmouth Learning Campus ; as from September 2007, Dartmouth Community College is part of a federation with Dartmouth Primary School and Nursery, meaning that the two schools share one governing body for pupils aged 1 to 19.
; Primary sources
; Primary sources
; Primary sources
; Primary sources
; Primary sources
Primary industry is a larger sector in developing countries ; for instance, animal husbandry is more common in Africa than in Japan.
Primary external rail links connect the republic's network with Odessa ( in Ukraine ) on the Black Sea and with the Romanian cities of Iaşi and Galaţi ; they also lead northward into Ukraine.
* The Primary Chronicle ( Slavic mythos, 12th century ): Perun ( the creator of lightning and thunder ) and Veles oversee the 10th-century peace treaties between the Eastern Slavs and the Byzantine emperors ; Vladimir I of Kiev later introduces a pantheon of Perun, Hors, Dažbog, Stribog, Simargl, and Mokosh.
; Primary texts
; Primary sources
Primary objectives are ones which must be completed for victory, generally stealing secret documents or destroying a radar array ; however secondary objectives are ones which are optional-they do not have to be completed, but if they are they may aid the appropriate team, such as blowing out a door to allow access into a tunnel which shortens travel time or allows less-noticeable infiltration of the enemy base.
Primary sources for accounts of the trial are given by two of Socrates ' friends, Plato and Xenophon ; well known later interpretations include those of the journalist I. F. Stone and the classics scholar Robin Waterfield.
; Primary sources

; and control
to the SAC command and control post, forty-five feet below the ground at Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska ; ;
Air Force forward headquarters in Europe and in the Pacific, which control tactical fighters on ships and land bases ; ;
Proprietorships can establish a unity and integrity of control ; ;
We can be virtuous only if we control our lower natures, the passions in this case, and strengthen our rational side ; ;
Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware were to be enjoined from acquiring stock in or exercising control over General Motors ; ;
The above discussion does not mean to imply that control factors were completely in abeyance in the Kohnstamm-positive subjects ; ;
It is our hypothesis that Kohnstamm-positive subjects are less hesitant about relinquishing control than are Kohnstamm-negative subjects ; ;
30% of them worried about past happenings which were completely beyond their control ; ;
Lincoln learned from his chief of staff General Henry Halleck, a student of the European strategist Jomini, of the critical need to control strategic points, such as the Mississippi River ; he also knew well the importance of Vicksburg and understood the necessity of defeating the enemy's army, rather than simply capturing territory.
The first case recorded of the partial exemption of an abbot from episcopal control is that of Faustus, abbot of Lerins, at the council of Arles, AD 456 ; but the exorbitant claims and exactions of bishops, to which this repugnance to episcopal control is to be traced, far more than to the arrogance of abbots, rendered it increasingly frequent, and, in the 6th century, the practice of exempting religious houses partly or altogether from episcopal control, and making them responsible to the pope alone, received an impulse from Pope Gregory the Great.
One strategy adopted by both Sargon and Naram-Sin, to maintain control of the country, was to install their daughters, Enheduanna and Emmenanna respectively, as high priestess to Sin, the Akkadian version of the Sumerian moon deity, Nanna, at Ur, in the extreme south of Sumer ; to install sons as provincial ensi governors in strategic locations ; and to marry their daughters to rulers of peripheral parts of the Empire ( Urkesh and Marhashe ).
He reasons that, i ) if we knew the nature of this power, then the mind-body divide would seem totally unmysterious to us ; ii ) if we had immediate knowledge of this mysterious power, then we would be able to intuitively explain why it is that we can control some parts of our bodies ( e. g., our hands or tongues ), and not others ( e. g., the liver or heart ); iii ) we have no immediate knowledge of the powers which allow an impulse of volition to create an action ( e. g., of the " muscles, and nerves, and animal spirits " which are the immediate cause of an action ).
Altogether, the boule was responsible for a great portion of the administration of the state, but was granted relatively little latitude for initiative ; the boule's control over policy was executed in its probouleutic, rather than its executive function ; in the former, it prepared measures for deliberation by the assembly, in the latter, it merely executed the wishes of the assembly.

Primary and control
Primary elections were advocated by the progressive faction in the Republican Party, which wanted to break the control of political parties by bosses.
Primary causes of mortality include habitat loss, human-introduced diseases, and indirect poisoning from prairie dog control.
The school is unique in the Scottish state sector in that it contains both Primary and Secondary departments, providing education for children from 4 to 18, and in that it has Grant Maintained status and is independent from local government control.
Primary responsibility for weeds control rests with the occupier of the land on which the weeds are growing, therefore it is important to be alert to potential weed problems and to take prompt action.
Primary color correction affects the whole image utilizing control over intensities of red, green, blue, gamma ( mid tones ), shadows ( blacks ) and highlights ( whites ) of the entire frame.
Primary enuresis refers to children who have never been successfully trained to control urination.
* Primary airport control station, a survey marker established in the vicinity of an airport
Primary elements of each booster are the motor ( including case, propellant, igniter and nozzle ), structure, separation systems, operational flight instrumentation, recovery avionics, pyrotechnics, deceleration system, thrust vector control system and range safety destruct system.
When Time & Frequency Standards moved from 59 Collins Street to Clayton, the control signals were duplicated and a second bank of Caesium Beam Primary standards installed so the cutover was transparent with no loss of service.
As the Alien character the player first takes control of a facehugger, stalking a guard through the Primary Operations Complex and implanting an Alien embryo in him.
Air traffic control uses Primary and Secondary Radars.
Primary purpose is to test and validate nuclear command and control and execution procedures.
The Lai Autonomous District Council managed their education from Primary to Middle stage in which the state government ( Mizoram ) has no control and interference.
# Data Modeling — Primary process objects as well as protection and control functionality in the substation is modelled into different standard logical nodes which can be grouped under different logical devices.
The NSW Department of Primary Industries believe shooting is the preferred method of population control as it does not subject the horses to the stresses of mustering, yarding, and long-distance transportation, all of which are related to ' capture and removal ' methods.

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