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Prior and Final
Prior to round one of the 1998 season, Carey booted six second half goals in the Ansett Cup Grand Final against St Kilda, earning himself the Michael Tuck Medal, as the best on ground in the pre-season Grand Final, and issuing an ominous warning to the rest of the competition that he was over his injury woes of the previous year.
Prior to the League's creation, a large portion of humanity departed for other planets and solar systems in what came to be known as the Diaspora, leaving those who remained to rebuild from the effects of pollution, resource exhaustion, and the cataclysmic Final War.
Prior to this, New Line was responsible for genre films and cult classics such as Dark City, The Mask, the Austin Powers film trilogy, the fantasy Pleasantville, the Final Destination series, the Nightmare on Elm Street series, the film Friday ( and its two sequels Next Friday and Friday After Next ), the films of John Waters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films, the highly successful movie adaptation of Mortal Kombat ( as well as its ill-fated sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation ) and the Rush Hour films.
Prior to the 1995-96 tournament the club brought in former Real Madrid greats Emilio Butragueño and Hugo Sánchez who led the club to the Final with a record of 14 / 10 / 10 for a total of 52 points, qualifying them for the quarterfinals for the first time in club history.
Mission Possible ( B )- Prior to the competition, participants will design, build, test and document a " Rube Goldberg – like device " that completes a required Final Task using a sequence of consecutive tasks.
Prior to and during much of Final Fantasy VII, Shinra acted as a world government.
Prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII, the Department of Science and Research, was headed by Dr. Gast, but he was replaced by Professor Hojo.
Prior to April 1, 2004, the global standard for the IMEI started with a six-digit Type Approval Code followed by a two-digit Final Assembly Code ( FAC ).
Prior to the solidifcation of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, the development team originally considered using other gunfighter characters from the Final Fantasy series, such as Final Fantasy VIIs Barret Wallace, Final Fantasy VIIIs Irvine Kinneas or Final Fantasy X-2s Yuna.
Prior to that, Stephen Knight, in his 1976 book Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution, had maintained that Sickert had been forced to be an accomplice of the Ripper.
Prior to the album's North American release, a reduced version entitled Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack was released on a single disk by Tokyopop in 2002.
Prior to version 4, Final Cut Express included Soundtrack 1. 5, a music program similar to the consumer-level GarageBand, but designed for videographers who wish to add music to their films.
Prior to this, a Championship Final was introduced to determine the winner of the British Rugby Football League Championship in 1904, though it only became a regular fixture from 1906 onwards.

Prior and there
Prior to World War 2, there was a higher percentage of endogamous marriages than after World War 2.
Prior to modern times, there was no distinction between architects, engineers and often artists, and the title used varied depending on geographical location.
Prior to the controversy surrounding Agent Orange, there was already a large body of scientific evidence linking 2, 4, 5-T to serious negative health effects and ecological damage.
Prior to major influence from outside, there were approximately 25, 000 Aleuts on the archipelago.
Prior to the charter, there were various statutes which protected an assortment of civil rights and obligations, but nothing was enshrined in the constitution until 1982.
Prior to the formation of the Dallas Cowboys, there was not an NFL team south of Washington DC.
Prior to dividing by, one needs to check if there are stationary ( also called equilibrium )
Prior to that, there exist references to " badger dogs " and " hole dogs ", but these likely refer to purposes rather than to specific breeds.
Prior to The Origin of Species, there was little appreciation or understanding of the dynamic and reciprocal relations between organisms, their adaptations, and the environment.
Prior to his death, Parsons stated that he wanted his body cremated at Joshua Tree and his ashes spread over Cap Rock, a prominent natural feature there ; however, Parsons ' stepfather arranged for a private ceremony back in New Orleans and neglected to invite any of his friends from the music industry.
Prior to statehood, there were five governors of the Michigan Territory.
Prior to Keynes, a situation in which aggregate demand for goods and services did not meet supply was referred to by classical economists as a general glut, although there was disagreement among them as to whether a general glut was possible.
Arthur Prior asserts that there is nothing paradoxical about the liar paradox.
Prior to this proposal, Goethe, de Saussure, Venetz, Jean de Charpentier, Karl Friedrich Schimper and others had made the glaciers of the Alps the subjects of special study, and Goethe, Charpentier as well as Schimper had even arrived at the conclusion that the erratic blocks of alpine rocks scattered over the slopes and summits of the Jura Mountains had been moved there by glaciers.
Prior to this period there was a general perception that the climate of Washington State was too cold to produce red wine varietals.
Prior to 1800 the majority of Maltese were engaged in agriculture or fishing, although there was significant trade.
Prior to 1950, there were only of railway lines.
Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone and its eventual decipherment, there had been no understanding of the Ancient Egyptian language and script since shortly before the fall of the Roman Empire.
Prior to the Garcia decision, the determination of whether there was state immunity from federal regulation turned on whether the state activity was " traditional " for or " integral " to the state government.
On 28 April, Powell spoke in the Commons against the Northern Ireland Secretary's ( Jim Prior ) plans for devolution to a power-sharing assembly in Northern Ireland: " We assured the people of the Falkland Islands that there should be no change in their status without their agreement.
Prior to Thurston, there were only a handful of known examples of hyperbolic 3-manifolds of finite volume, such as the Seifert – Weber space.
Prior to the European foundation of the city, there was no established nation state, and the population instead consisted of some indigenous semi-nomad groups that are collectively called Chichimecas.
For example, there is a story that at the Battle of Neville's Cross in 1346, the Prior of the Abbey at Durham received a vision of Cuthbert, ordering him to take the corporax cloth of the saint and raise it on a spear point near the battlefield as a banner.
Prior to that there had been an agricultural society in the town dating back to the 1790s, which held ploughing competitions.
Prior to the 1870s there were vast herds of buffalo in Nebraska which provided fresh meat and jerky for the trip.

Prior and was
Prior to that he was associated with Long Island University in Brooklyn.
With the Prior Analytics, Aristotle is credited with the earliest study of formal logic, and his conception of it was the dominant form of Western logic until 19th century advances in mathematical logic.
Prior to its proclamation as a British settlement in 1836, the area around Adelaide was inhabited by the indigenous Kaurna Aboriginal nation ( pronounced " Garner " or " Gowna ").
Prior to his death, according to the Book of Jubilees, Amram was among those who went to Egypt and recovered the bones of the sons of his grandfather and great uncles ( excluding those of Joseph which had already been brought to Canaan ), so that they could be reburied in the cave of Machpelah.
Prior to the First Buddhist Council, it was proposed that Ananda not be permitted to attend on the grounds that he was not yet an arahant.
Prior to the 1950s, Alberta was a primarily agricultural economy, based on the export of wheat, beef, and a few other commodities.
Prior to creating the Asterix series, Goscinny and Uderzo had previously had success with their series Oumpah-pah, which was published in the Tintin magazine.
Prior to the Revolution, New Englanders consumed large quantities of rum and beer, as maritime trade provided them relatively easy access to the goods needed to produce these items: Rum was the distilled spirit of choice, as the main ingredient, molasses, was readily available from trade with the West Indies.
Prior to the emergence of the term Mizrahi, the term " Arab Jews " was sometimes used to describe Jews of the Arab world.
Prior to this definition, it was used by Persian-speakers ( and others influenced by Persian ) to denote the Pashtun people.
Prior to the tunnel being built, the LIRR's western terminus was Atlantic Street at Clinton Street.
Prior to burial in the Panthéon, the body of Victor Hugo was exposed under the Arc during the night of 22 May 1885.
Prior to 1991 the law was stricter, when changes more clearly defined which businesses were exempt such as pharmacies, hospitals, and restaurants.
Prior to the release of the VHS Volumes, a laserdisc titled Beavis and Butt-Head: The Essential Collection was issued in 1994, containing sixteen episodes from the second and third seasons.
Prior to 1969, the National League champion ( the " pennant winner ") was determined by the best win-loss record at the end of the regular season.
Prior to 1931, as soon as the first necessary run to win the game scored, the play was over, and the batter was credited only with the number of bases needed to drive in the winning run.
Prior to the South African tour, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and a planned tour of Germany in the fall of 1980 was canceled.
Prior to the 1963 Act, it was chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor and the Speaker of the House of Commons.

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