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Regional and transportation
* Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority, local bus transportation
Local public transportation is run by the Victoria Regional Transit System, which is part of BC Transit.
The town is served by air transportation via Telluride Regional Airport ( TEX ), the highest altitude commercial airport in the United States.
; Regional public transportation
: The North Central Regional Transit District ( NCRTD ) has public transportation service between regional areas.
Regional transportation planning was needed because increasingly cities weren ’ t just cities anymore, but parts of a complex regional system.
Public transportation throughout the county and in the North Quabbin area of northwestern Worcester County is provided by the Franklin Regional Transit Authority and in Athol ( which is in Worcester County but aligns itself with Franklin County ).
Regional public transportation throughout the metropolitan area is coordinated by PART, Piedmont Area Regional Transportation.
Public transportation in Lexington County is provided by the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority.
Public bus transportation is currently provided by the Sacramento Regional Transit District.
Public transportation is provided by the Sacramento Regional Transit.
Sarasota County has joined the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority to plan and build future transportation infrastructure including light rail, commuter rail and longer range bus service.
Air transportation is possible by using the Springhill Airport ( 15 – 20 minutes ) or using the Shreveport Regional Airport ( 60 – 80 minutes ).
The most reliable source of public transportation from Vineyard Haven to the rest of the island is the Martha's Vineyard Regional Transit Authority ( VTA ).
Methuen is served by the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority's bus service ; there is no other mass transportation source within town.
Public transportation for Ashby is largely supplied by the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority ( MART ).
Public transportation for northern Worcester county is largely supplied by the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority ( MART ), but no fixed-route stops serve Westminster.
Two transportation advantages play to Millards favor: Kirksville Regional Airport is located directly across US Highway 63 from Millard, offering commuter air service to larger cities.
For public transportation, it is served by the Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority ( PARTA ).
Public transportation is provided by the city's South Metro Area Regional Transit, which includes Wilsonville Station on the Westside Express Service operated by TriMet.
The inner city public transportation is provided by Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority with its 28 bus routes.
Bus service is available through request for transportation between the college campus and the town center, as well as other points throughout the Berkshires, by the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority.
Public transportation in Albion is provided by the OTS, which is part of the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority ( RGRTA ).

Regional and networks
All further-and higher-education organisations in the UK are connected to Janet, as are all the Research Councils ; the majority of these sites are connected via 20 metropolitan area networks ( though Janet refers to these as Regional Networks, emphasising that Janet connections are not just confined to a metropolitan area ) across the UK.
Regional " hawala " networks remained intertwined with smuggling and trade-based money laundering, facilitated by notoriously corrupt customs and immigration officials, raising significant concerns that some members of the Syrian government and the business elite were complicit in terrorist financing schemes.
Regional Express Network ) originally meant the Paris system, but is now used for other French and Swiss networks as well.
There has been an official Decompression Party hosted by the Burning Man organization since 1999, but the various Regional networks typically prefer to host their own.
Regional networks on CBS also existed in various parts of the country.
In 1930 2LO evolved into two programming networks: the BBC National Programme and the BBC Regional Programme, 2LO being integrated into the latter.
Regional radio ceased entirely, and all television and radio production for national networks was transferred to the separate BBC Birmingham network production centre.
Regional activities were carried out in five regional networks:
Regional commercial television networks such as Doordarshan ( DD ) operate in and around the city.
Regional television in Australia consists of independently-owned networks ' affiliated ' to metropolitan stations.
Today, the state consists of four networks: the electrified metropolitan system operated by Metro Trains Melbourne, the country passenger network operated by V / Line and upgraded as part of the Regional Fast Rail project, the standard gauge interstate lines to Adelaide and Sydney, and the grain network in the north west of the state, connected to the ports at Geelong and Portland.
Individual teams ( both major and minor, though far more common in the major leagues ) have long contracted to air their games on local channels, primarily on Regional sports networks and in a few cases on broadcast channels as well.
Hidayatullah networks are supported by existence of 21 Regional Executive Boards and 194 Area Executive Boards.
Comcast SportsNet ( CSN ), also known as the NBC Sports Regional Networks or Comcast Sports Group, is a chain of regional sports networks operated by the Comcast cable television company.
Regional affiliates of the three metropolitan networks are provided with a different LCN prefix.
* Regional scale GBAS such as CORS networks.

Regional and have
Many other toques, like Samango, Santa Maria, Amazonas, Regional de Bimba, Benguela or Miudinho have their own story, meaning and game style.
The second, larger inventory is the Regional Inventory ( RI ), which is broken down by county and contains both those pubs listed in the NI and other pubs that are not eligible for the NI, due to reasons such as having been overly modified, but are still considered historically important, or have particular architectural value.
Though they have no authority to direct the life of any congregation, the Regional Churches are analogous to the middle judicatories of other denominations.
Typically, these ministries have a scope that is larger than Regional Ministries, and often have a global perspective.
Regional administrative agencies have mostly law enforcement, rescue and judicial duties: police, fire and rescue, emergency readiness, basic services, environmental permits and enforcement and occupational health and safety protection.
Regional bus lines have been regulated by the provincial administration to protect old transit companies, leading to cartel situations like TLO in the Turku region, but strong regional regulating bodies, like the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority ( HSL / HRT ), whose routes are put out to tender exist as well and will become the norm after the transitionary period during the 2010s.
Recently Chatham and Harwich have been thinking about making a Regional School District.
While organized to promote common economic, social, and cultural goals, ASEAN acquired a security dimension after Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia in 1979 ; this aspect of ASEAN expanded with the establishment of the ASEAN Regional Forum in 1994, which comprises 22 countries, including the U. S. Indonesia's continued domestic troubles have distracted it from ASEAN matters and consequently lessened its influence within the organization.
Regional substitute NNAs have been allocated the task of functioning as NNAs in those countries where NNAs have not yet been established.
At the 2008 ASEAN Regional forum summit in Singapore, Bangladesh and Burma have pledged to solve their maritime boundary disputes as quickly as possible especially that a UN deadline in claiming maritime territories will expire in three years time.
The Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca ( CRIC ) issued a statement concerning the release of two hostages taken by FARC in 2011: " Compared to past statements made by the national government, it is important to reiterate that the presence of armed groups in our territories is a fact that has been imposed by force of arms, against which our communities and their leaders have remained in peaceful resistance.
Regional stereotypes, like regional dialects, have been breaking down under the influence of centralized education, nationwide media, and the several decades of population movement since the Korean War.
In 2007, the US Navy renovated and restored to full use the only ramp at the coast guard base in São Tomé, which had been out of service. São Tomé and Príncipe has the Automatic Identification System ( AIS ) receivers and in January 2008 became the first African country to have Regional Maritime Awareness Capability ( RMAC ) installed and integrated into
Regional parties, mainly the Basque Nationalist Party ( EAJ-PNV ) from the Basque Country, and Convergence and Union ( CiU ) and the Socialists ' Party of Catalonia ( PSC ) from Catalonia, have also played key roles in Spanish politics.
The names for these schools vary by country ( discussed in the Regional section below ), but generally include primary school for young children and secondary school for teenagers who have completed primary education.
Regional experts assert that salt and dust storms from the Aral Sea have raised the level of particulate matter in the Earth's atmosphere by more than 5 %, seriously affecting global climate change.
The Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Santa Clara Valley Water District have engaged in a major outreach effort that has received extensive press and community response.
A former superintendent of the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology in the city of Madras ( the present day Chennai ), India, Kirk Patrick, was the first to have found the adenovirus that caused conjunctivitis, leading to the name Madras eye for the disease.
Regional metamorphism tends to make the rock more indurated and at the same time to give it a foliated, shistose or gneissic texture, consisting of a planar arrangement of the minerals, so that platy or prismatic minerals like mica and hornblende have their longest axes arranged parallel to one another.
Alan Peters and Peter Fisher ( Associate Professors, Graduate Program in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Iowa ) have estimated that state and local governments provide $ 40 – 50 billion annually in economic development incentives, which critics characterize as corporate welfare.
Regional Councils have these specific functions under the Resource Management Act 1991.

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