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Returning and Britain
Returning to Britain, he found that the climate made him sick, leading him to register with a doctor, Edward A. Gregg, who recommended that he try nudism.
Returning to England once again, he found that he was sympathetic to the American colonists in their quarrel with Britain.
Returning to Connecticut, from 1851 to 1855, he was “ superintendent of common schools ”, and principal of the Connecticut State Normal School at New Britain, Connecticut.
Returning to Britain in 1838, he became MP for Edinburgh.
Returning to Britain in 2003 to pick up the Overseas Player of the Decade Award at the Premier League 10 Seasons Awards, Cantona said of his premature retirement, " When you quit football it is not easy, your life becomes difficult.
Returning to Britain, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester acquired Barnwell Manor in Northamptonshire, while retaining an apartment in Kensington Palace.
Returning to Upper Canada, in December 1833 he renamed the Colonial Advocate simply The Advocate, a sign that he no longer valued the tie to Great Britain.
Returning to Britain, Neagle and Wilcox commenced with They Flew Alone ( 1942 ; shot after but released before Forever and a Day ).
Returning to Britain in June 1947, he undertook a six month course at the Staff College, before receiving a two year posting as senior personnel staff officer of No. 21 Group, Flying Training Command.
Returning to Britain, she began work on another sitcom with Cash but pulled out, leaving Cash to write with Phil Mealey.
Returning to Britain for his wife he found that his father-in-law and Feng had been pledged each to avenge the other's death.
The Commission produces guidance and gives advice on electoral administration to Returning Officers and electoral administrators in Great Britain.
The Commission has set performance standards for Returning Officers and Referendum Counting Officers in Great Britain.
Returning to Britain, he was from 1978 to 1983 he was Regional Director of Thomas Cook Bankers, with responsibilities for Latin America, Iberia and Africa, setting up new operations in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Caracas, and running large established businesses in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Nigeria and Libya.
Returning to Britain in 1886, after a quarrel with the missionary society which ran his hospital in Japan, Faulds offered the concept of fingerprint identification to Scotland Yard but he was dismissed, most likely because he did not present the extensive evidence required to show that prints are durable, unique and practically classifiable.
Returning to Britain in 1848, he became the Commanding Royal Engineer for the London District in 1855 and Deputy Inspector-General of Fortifications the following year.
Returning to Britain in March 1938, Straffen's father took a discharge from the Army and the family settled in Bath, Somerset.
Returning to Britain to receive his medal from King George V at Buckingham Palace on 22 June 1915, O ' Leary was given a grand reception attended by thousands of Londoners in Hyde Park on 10 July.
Returning to Britain after the war, Kydd applied for the film ' Captive Heart ' which was about life in a prison camp, and as this was an area where he had much experience, he got a part.
Returning to London from Spain, he worked with Spain and the World, a pro-libertarian propaganda group active in Britain in support of the Spanish anarchists.
Returning to Great Britain, Manning trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, then joined a Wolverhampton repertory company and made her debut in Man At The Top ( 1970 ).
Returning to Britain, he became the first Director of Fundraising at the Alzheimer ’ s Society, the care and research charity for people with dementia and their carers.
Returning to Britain in 1919, she created the rôle of Lady Mary Carlisle in André Messager's operetta, Monsieur Beaucaire, at the Prince's Theatre.
Returning to Britain, he felt called by the Holy Spirit to start a Bible College ; his inspiration being the 900 student capacity Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Returning and 1910
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Returning from Panama in April 1910, he served at Annapolis, Puget Sound, Washington, San Diego, California, and the Recruiting Station, Seattle, Washington, before sailing in September 1912, to rejoin the 1st Marine Brigade in the Philippines.
Returning to Argentina, he continued his work for La Protesta, as well as for a new journal, La Antorcha, and completed The Anarchist Movement in Argentina: From Its Beginnings to 1910 ( 1930 ).
Returning to Germany, he founded the Berliner Society of Psychoanalysis in 1910.
Returning to Lithuania to complete his studies, Unterman was ordained as a rabbi by Rabbi Refael Shapiro and opened his own yeshiva in the town of Vishova around 1910.
Returning to London in 1906 to take up permanent residence, she moved to 21 Great College Street in 1910.

Returning and wrote
Returning to Milan, he wrote a thesis on the Renaissance composer Gioseffo Zarlino.
Returning to England at the end of 1880, Petrie wrote a number of articles and then met Amelia Edwards, journalist and patron of the Egypt Exploration Fund ( now the Egypt Exploration Society ), who became his strong supporter and later appointed him as Professor at her Egyptology chair at University College London.
Returning to Saint Maron's, he wrote on such diverse topics as teaching, rhetoric, the sacraments, management of Church property, legislative techniques, and liturgy.
Returning to England in a state of euphoria, he wrote his long poem The Bothie of Tober-na-Vuolich, a farewell to the academic life, following it up with poems from his time as student and tutor, in the shared publication Ambarvalia.
Returning to Paris in January 1940, he wrote Über den Begriff der Geschichte ( Theses on the Philosophy of History ).
Returning to London, Matthews wrote two letters to Lord Liverpool, in which he accused the Home Secretary of treason and complained about conspiracies directed against his life.
Returning to Biafra as a freelance reporter, Forsyth wrote his first book, The Biafra Story, in 1969.
Returning to the U. S., he worked in the MIT Speech Computation Laboratory under Professor Ken Stevens, where he wrote the first Analysis by Synthesis program.
Returning to Nikkatsu, he continued making jidaigeki and participated in the Naritaki Group of young filmmakers such as Sadao Yamanaka and Fuji Yahiro who collaboratively wrote screenplays under the made up name " Kinpachi Kajiwara ".
A 1937 book titled " The History of the United States ", by Willam B Guitteau, offers the following claim, " Returning home at last, Marco Polo subsequently became a political prisoner in Genoa ; and to while away the time wrote the story of his travels.
Returning to his fondness for comics, he wrote a Maltese romance comic named Imħabba Vera (" True Love "), one of the first art-comics in the Maltese language.
Returning to London he wrote an article for Look magazine titled " Why I Hate my Uncle.
Returning to television, he adapted Susan Hill's novel The Woman in Black ( 1989 ) and wrote episodes of Sharpe and Kavanagh QC.
Returning to Budapest, he wrote to Franz Joseph saying he would not take any responsibility for the armed conflict, because there was no proof that Serbia had plotted the assassination, and he felt the threat of Romania and Bulgaria after the Balkan wars and was afraid of Romanian attack from the east.
Returning to Canada he was appointed chair of a Fair Price Commission on milk, wrote a book on bankruptcy law and sat on a royal commission investigating farm fraud in British Columbia and helped write Canada's Combines Investigations Act.
On its behalf he wrote in 1919 a propaganda pamphlet named London under the Bolsheviks: A Londoner's Dream on Returning from Petrograd.
Returning to Berlin in 1831 he wrote for the composer Franz Gläser ( 1798-1861 ) the text of the opera Des Adlers Horst ( 1832 ), and for Ludwig Devrient the drama, Der dumme Peter ( 1837 ).
Returning to the UK in 1983, Batt wrote and produced three more Top Ten hits, " Please Don't Fall In Love " ( for Cliff Richard ), " A Winter's Tale " ( for David Essex, with lyrics co-written by Tim Rice ) and " I Feel Like Buddy Holly " ( for Alvin Stardust ). In the same year, he helped write lyrics for Abbacadabra.
Returning to Red, in 2000 he script edited the first series of the British Academy Television Award-winning drama Clocking Off, and in 2001 he gained his first credit as a producer when he both wrote and produced the one-off drama Now You See Her, starring Amanda Holden, for the satellite channel Sky One.
Returning to Paris in 1833, he wrote a number of romances, and instrumental music including three symphonies ( in F major, E major and C minor, composed in 1837, 1838 and 1849 ); by 1838 / 39 he was sufficiently successful to be able to arrange public performances of his works.
Returning to Toronto, Abbott resumed his private practice and became more involved with writing for various publications including the Colored American Magazine of Boston and New York, the Anglo-American Magazine of London ( for which he wrote “ Some recollections of Lincoln ’ s assassination "), and New York Age.
Returning to England in 1986, Exton found that the television business had radically changed through the rise of the independent producer, such as Brian Eastman, for whom he wrote most of the episodes ( 20 ) of Agatha Christie ’ s Poirot, with David Suchet ( 1989 – 2000 ), all of the episodes ( 23 ) of Jeeves and Wooster, with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry ( 1990 – 1993 ), and ten episodes of Rosemary & Thyme ( 2003 – 2006 ).
Returning once more to Rio, he wrote his masterpiece O Ateneu in 1888.
Returning to Dundee, he wrote two plays — a tragedy on the beheading of John the Baptist, and a comedy called Dionysius the Tyrant — in which he satirised the abuses in the Roman church.

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