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Returning and became
Returning to Gaul, Irenaeus succeeded the martyr Saint Pothinus and became the second Bishop of Lyons.
Returning to Paris, the penniless Rousseau befriended and became the lover of Thérèse Levasseur, a seamstress who was the sole support of her mother and numerous ne ' er-do-well siblings.
Returning to Paris, she became a popular figure in the salons, and her own drawing room became a centre for the discussion and consumption of the literary arts.
Returning to his family in New York, Northup became active in abolitionism.
Returning to Tours, he became a canon of the cathedral and in about 1040 became head of its school, improving its efficiency and attracting students from far and near.
Returning to East Timor in July 1981 he became a teacher for 20 months, then director for two months, at the Salesian College at Fatumaca.
Returning to Poland, Krasicki became secretary to the Primate of Poland and developed a friendship with future King Stanisław August Poniatowski.
Returning to the backbenches, Heath became an active critic of Thatcher's policies as Prime Minister.
Returning to India, Patel settled in the city of Ahmedabad and became one of the city's most successful barristers.
Returning to London, Childe became a private secretary again in 1922, this time for three British Members of Parliament, including John Hope Simpson and Frank Gray, both of whom were members of the centre-left Liberal Party.
Returning to Lancaster in 1886, Hershey established the Lancaster Caramel Company, which quickly became an outstanding success.
Returning to Hamilton in 1961 – 62, he became a regular player on the team, scoring 24 goals and 43 points in 50 games.
Returning to England in 1861 he worked as a journalist on the staff of the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper with which he continued to be associated as editor for more than forty years, and later became its editor-in-chief.
Returning to the Washington headquarters in 1995, he became chief of the counterterrorism section.
Returning to Britain in 1838, he became MP for Edinburgh.
Returning to Colombia in early 2005 after several visits in late 2004, Gaviria once again became active in politics, and was proclaimed as the sole chief of the Colombian Liberal Party in June 2005.
Returning to France soon afterwards he proceeded to Toulouse to study law, where he soon became involved in the violent disputes between the different nations of the university.
Returning to film, Olmos became the first American-born Latino to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, in Stand and Deliver, for his portrayal of real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalante.
Returning to Satsuma, Kuroda became an active member of the Satsuma-Chōshū joint effort to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate.
Returning to India in 1933, he became a coffee and tea planter, but in 1936 returned to the UK to join the RAF.
Returning to England in 1899 ( the year her father died ), she became a theatrical designer for a miniature theatre and continued to work as an illustrator.
Returning in 1823 to Basel, where W. M. L. de Wette had recently been appointed to a theological chair, he distinguished himself greatly by his trial dissertation, Observationes historico-hermeneuticae circa Origenis methodum interpretendae sacrae Scripturae ; in 1824 he became professor extraordinarius, and in 1829 professor ordinarius of theology.

Returning and town
Returning to Ohio to enter into a business with his brother Seth, a printer and school teacher, Zebulon Leavenworth bought four hundred acres of public land in Indiana and laid out the town of Leavenworth in 1818-19 ( he was then 26 years old.
Returning to the town to cover the 2008 election, Wells was confronted by a group of fifteen men angry over the comments.
Returning to Scotland in 1680, Cargill drafted a declaration of principles, contained in the document known as The Queensferry Paper which fell into government hands on 4 June when he narrowly escaped arrest at an inn in the town of Queensferry.
Returning to Strasbourg, he was made syndic of the town, remaining there for the rest of his life.
Returning back to their home town, Ms. Frizzle gives the class special goggles to observe the greenhouse-gas molecules in the air.
Returning to his apartment, Lindsey finds Darla had left town, taking all her clothes with her.
Returning to his home town of Caerleon ( now a village in south Wales just outside Newport, where the ruins of the Roman fortress of Isca can still be seen, whose walls surrounding its Roman baths and elsewhere were still standing high during the medieval period ), Sir Launfal takes humble lodgings, spends all the money that King Arthur gave him before setting out, and soon descends into poverty and debt.
Returning to Philadelphia, he is chosen colonel of the regiment ; his officers honor him by personally escorting him out of town.
Returning to town, each of the four men encounters and defeats a personal enemy: Emmett kills McKendrick and Paden kills Cobb.
Returning to North Carolina after the war, Polk founded the town of Polkton, incorporated in 1875, where he started a weekly newspaper called The Ansonian.
Returning to Lithuania to complete his studies, Unterman was ordained as a rabbi by Rabbi Refael Shapiro and opened his own yeshiva in the town of Vishova around 1910.
Returning to journalism, he took a position in the summer of 1849 with the Placer Times, which was published at Sutter's Fort, the settlement that gave rise to the river port town of Sacramento, California.

Returning and music
Returning to Los Angeles, Murnau spent the winter editing the film and used the last of his money to hire Hugo Riesenfeld for the music scoring.
Returning to Los Angeles in 1969, Darin started Direction Records, putting out folk and protest music.
Returning to the United States, Summer co-wrote the song " Love to Love You Baby " with Pete Bellotte ; music producer Giorgio Moroder convinced her to sing it herself, and it was released to mass commercial success in 1975, particularly on the disco scene.
Returning the favor, Pink performed on the Indigo Girls ' " Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate ," which is about, among other things, sexism and heterosexism in the music industry.
" Returning to New York in the mid-30s, he became one of the preeminent composers of American theater music, producing works for William Saroyan, Tennessee Williams, and others, " show exceptional skill and imagination in capturing the mood, emotion, and ambience of each play to which he was assigned.
Returning to the U. S. from Europe in 1961, Getz became a central figure in introducing bossa nova music to the American audience.
Returning to Barcelona in 1928, he devoted his energies to new music through concerts and journalism, in conjunction with the flourishing literary and artistic avant-garde of Catalonia.
Returning to Paris, he established concerts for chamber music, which proved successful, and built up for him a reputation as an unrivalled quartet player.
Returning to Pastor's Casino Theatre in 1883, she played Phoebe in Billee Taylor, composed by Edward Solomon, who was serving as music director for Pastor.
Returning to Moscow and receiving the post of director of the Moscow bank for noblemen, Sheremetev started to reconstruct his father's theatre: he engaged in special education of serf children, " certain to theatre " ( Russian letters, foreign languages, music, singing, dance, diction, refined manners ).
Returning to the music industry, Curb established Curb Records.
Returning to the music scene in 1992, Pohjola released his ninth solo album Changing Waters.
Returning to Pest, he dedicated himself to music, composing in the Hungarian traditional styles, including the verbunkos.
Returning to symphonic music, Harty conducted the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in January 1914, and in April he made his début with the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester.
Returning to the United States, she toured and conducted a Philadelphia music studio.
Returning to hip-hop music in 2003, Madlib announced two collaborative projects.
Returning to Paris in 1833, he wrote a number of romances, and instrumental music including three symphonies ( in F major, E major and C minor, composed in 1837, 1838 and 1849 ); by 1838 / 39 he was sufficiently successful to be able to arrange public performances of his works.
Returning to music after the assault, Rihanna collaborated with Jay-Z and Kanye West on " Run This Town ", which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, number one in the UK, and reached the top ten in ten other countries after its July 2009 release.
Returning to the United States, Smallens was a conductor or music director at several American music organizations including the Boston Opera Company ( 1911 – 1914 ), the Anna Pavlova Ballet Company ( 1917 – 1919 ), the Chicago Opera Company ( 1919 – 1923 ), the Philadelphia Civic Opera Company ( 1924 – 1930 ), the Philadelphia Orchestra ( 1928 – 1934 ) and the Radio City Music Hall ( 1947 – 1950 ).
Returning to the U. S., he lectured in music at Cornell University from 1899 to 1901, and founded the Wa-Wan Press, dedicated to publishing the works of the American Indianist composers, among whom Farwell himself was a leading figure.
Returning to England, he supported himself as a music critic in London and then, after moving first to Tintagel, Cornwall and subsequently to Peel, Isle of Man, by translation and writing music criticism.

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