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Returning and became
Returning to Busseto, he became the town music master and, with the support of Antonio Barezzi, a local merchant and music lover who had long supported Verdi's musical ambitions in Milan, Verdi gave his first public performance at Barezzi ’ s home in 1830.
Returning to Gaul, Irenaeus succeeded the martyr Saint Pothinus and became the second Bishop of Lyons.
Returning to Paris, the penniless Rousseau befriended and became the lover of Thérèse Levasseur, a seamstress who was the sole support of her mother and numerous ne ' er-do-well siblings.
Returning to Paris, she became a popular figure in the salons, and her own drawing room became a centre for the discussion and consumption of the literary arts.
Returning to his family in New York, Northup became active in abolitionism.
Returning to Tours, he became a canon of the cathedral and in about 1040 became head of its school, improving its efficiency and attracting students from far and near.
Returning to East Timor in July 1981 he became a teacher for 20 months, then director for two months, at the Salesian College at Fatumaca.
Returning to Poland, Krasicki became secretary to the Primate of Poland and developed a friendship with future King Stanisław August Poniatowski.
Returning to the backbenches, Heath became an active critic of Thatcher's policies as Prime Minister.
Returning to India, Patel settled in the city of Ahmedabad and became one of the city's most successful barristers.
Returning to London, Childe became a private secretary again in 1922, this time for three British Members of Parliament, including John Hope Simpson and Frank Gray, both of whom were members of the centre-left Liberal Party.
Returning to Lancaster in 1886, Hershey established the Lancaster Caramel Company, which quickly became an outstanding success.
Returning to Hamilton in 1961 – 62, he became a regular player on the team, scoring 24 goals and 43 points in 50 games.
Returning to England in 1861 he worked as a journalist on the staff of the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper with which he continued to be associated as editor for more than forty years, and later became its editor-in-chief.
Returning to the Washington headquarters in 1995, he became chief of the counterterrorism section.
Returning to Britain in 1838, he became MP for Edinburgh.
Returning to Colombia in early 2005 after several visits in late 2004, Gaviria once again became active in politics, and was proclaimed as the sole chief of the Colombian Liberal Party in June 2005.
Returning to France soon afterwards he proceeded to Toulouse to study law, where he soon became involved in the violent disputes between the different nations of the university.
Returning to film, Olmos became the first American-born Latino to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, in Stand and Deliver, for his portrayal of real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalante.
Returning to India in 1933, he became a coffee and tea planter, but in 1936 returned to the UK to join the RAF.
Returning to England in 1899 ( the year her father died ), she became a theatrical designer for a miniature theatre and continued to work as an illustrator.
Returning in 1823 to Basel, where W. M. L. de Wette had recently been appointed to a theological chair, he distinguished himself greatly by his trial dissertation, Observationes historico-hermeneuticae circa Origenis methodum interpretendae sacrae Scripturae ; in 1824 he became professor extraordinarius, and in 1829 professor ordinarius of theology.

Returning and active
Returning to active service, he ended the war as a celebrated U-boat commander from late 1917 in the Mediterranean, credited with eighteen sinkings.
Returning to politics after the Franco-Prussian War, Wallon was re-elected by the department of the Nord in 1871, took an active part in the proceedings of the Assembly, and finally immortalized himself by carrying his proposition for the establishment of the Republic with a president elected for seven years, and then eligible for re-election, which, after violent debates, was adopted by the Assembly on 30 January 1875.
Returning to Scotland in 1819, Haldane lived partly on his estate of Auchengray and partly in Edinburgh, and like his brother took an active part, chiefly through the press, in many of the religious controversies of the time.
Returning to the Netherlands in 1560, he threw himself into the cause of the Reformation, taking an active part in the compromise of the nobles in 1565 and the assembly of Sint-Truiden.
Returning to Grenada, he became active in politics.
Returning to Hollywood, he became politically active, joining the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League, co-editing a left literary magazine, The Clipper.
Returning to Australia and the Australian National University in 1978, he cloned the human renin gene and cloned the endorphin gene, going on to demonstrate that human hormone genes cloned in bacteria could be expressed in a biologically active form.
Returning to Hamburg in 1807, he and his brother Daniel formed a new company in which he remained active until the end of his life.
Returning to active duty in 2004 as a slimmed-down trio with new drummer Brian Sayers, State Radio followed a second EP, Simmer Kane, with the release of 2005's Us Against the Crown.
Returning to England some four year later, and still on the staff of the BBC's External Services, he began to take an active part in left-wing " Gutter Politics ", frequently to the embarrassment of his employers.
Returning to London from Spain, he worked with Spain and the World, a pro-libertarian propaganda group active in Britain in support of the Spanish anarchists.
Returning to France under the government of Émile Ollivier he took an active share in the revolution of 4 September 1870 and became secretary of the commission of national defence.
Returning to New York, he established his own portrait studio ( which he shared with Daniel Chester French ), became active in the Society of American Painters, and began to take in apprentices.

Returning and member
Returning home he was created a peer of the United Kingdom as Viscount Gordon, of Aberdeen in the County of Aberdeen ( 1814 ), and made a member of the Privy Council.
Several Presidents of the Oxford University Newman Society, a President of the Oxford Law Society, several Officers in the Oxford University Conservative Association, an elected Standing Committee member, and several Returning Officers and Chairmen of the Consultative Committee of the Oxford Union, officers of the Light Entertainment Society, a Station Manager of Oxide Radio, and prominent University sportsmen have been Benetians.
Returning to Germany in 1837 he was appointed archaeologist at the Royal Museum of Berlin, and in 1844 was chosen a member of the Academy of Sciences, and a professor in Berlin University.
Returning from service in India, he became a director of the East India Company and a member of parliament representing Aberdeen.
Returning to the neo-Nazis ' hideaway ( now in full stormtrooper regalia ), Alan delivers a spellbinding speech and reveals the penis, which is identified as genuine by Colonel Wessell, a former member of Hitler's personal guard.
Returning to North Carolina, he was a member of the state senate from 1854 to 1866, and senator in the Confederate Senate from 1864 to 1865.
Returning to West Berlin in 1969, he became a member of the West German PEN Center and of the Akademie der Künste ( Academy of the Arts ).
Returning to Ireland he was a member of the United Irishmen.
Returning home, he was elected, in 1768, as member of parliament for the Inverness Burghs, which he continued to represent for over thirty years, though much of this period was spent in India, where he returned in 1778 to take command of the Madras army.
Returning to Saint Petersburg in 1842, he was attached to the Royal Academy of Sciences, and was elected an ordinary member of that society in 1855.
Returning to the United States in the autumn of 1925, he was assigned to the Bureau of Aeronautics and served as a member of the court of inquiry which investigated the loss of dirigible.
Returning in 1965, he has remained a member of the magazine's collaborative joke-writing team ever since ( with Ingrams, Barry Fantoni and current editor Ian Hislop ).
Returning to state Parliament in a 1925 by-election as the member for Fitzroy, Blackburn introduced legislation aimed at removing discrimination against women and opposed what he saw as repressive economic measures proposed during the depression.
Returning to Brazil, he founded the magazine Guanabara alongside Joaquim Manuel de Macedo and Manuel de Araújo Porto-alegre in 1849, and went on expeditions to Negro and Madeira Rivers, as a member of the Scientific Commission of Exploration.
Returning to command of the VIII Corps after the war, Herwarth von Bittenfeld became a member of the Reichstag of the North German Confederation from 1867 until 1870.
Returning to America in 1880, he became a member of the Society of American Artists and an Associate member of the National Academy of Design ( elected Academician in 1882 ).
Returning to Australia in 1985, she became a founding member of contemporary ensembles austraLYSIS and the Sydney Alpha Ensemble.
Returning to his home studio, Douglas directed Zenobia with Oliver Hardy and Harry Langdon, Saps at Sea with Laurel and Hardy, and All-American Co-Ed with former Our Gang member Johnny Downs.
Returning to England in June 1945, he was soon appointed to the War Office as a member of the joint Military Mission sent to Japan to evaluate the effects of the atomic bomb.
Returning to Beijing as a senior member of the imperial court, Yikuang persisted in his old ways, and was despised by not only reformers, but also by moderate court officials.
Returning to politics, Bonham was again a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1865 – 1866 and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1868.
Returning to New York — and unemployment — in the spring of 1937, Scourby was introduced to the American Foundation for the Blind's Talking Book program by Wesley Addy, a member of the Hamlet cast and Scourby's roommate on the tour, who was regularly recording plays for the foundation.
Returning to France in 1869 he was again a member of the Legislative Assembly, and in 1876 was elected to the senate.

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