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She and then
She rubbed her eyes and stretched, then sat up, her hands going to her hair.
She helped him with the dishes, then he brought more water in from the spring before it got dark.
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She saw it then, the distant derrick of the wildcat -- a test well in unexplored country.
She stood up, pulled the coat from her shoulders and started to slide it off, then let out a high-pitched scream and I let out a low-pitched, wobbling sound like a muffler blowing out.
`` She didn't really say '' -- She glanced away at the floor, then swooped gracefully and picked up one of Scotty's slippers.
She just about made me carry her upstairs and then she clung to me and wouldn't let me go.
She had surprised Hans like she had surprised me when she said she'd go, and then she surprised him again when she came back so quick like she must have, because when I came in with the snow she was there with a bottle with three white feathers on its label and Hans was holding it angrily by the throat.
She went into the living room and turned on three lamps, then back into the kitchen where she turned on the ceiling light and the switch that lit the floods on the barn, illuminating the driveway.
She then went over them thoroughly giving each a strenuous test in showmanship.
She was then trained on the trot until December 29, hitched to a breaking cart once around the half-mile track and hoppled again.
She patronized Greenwich Village artists for awhile, then put some money into a Broadway show which was successful ( terrible, but successful ).
She then described her experience as one in which she first had difficulty accepting for herself a state of being in which she relinquished control.
She retreated by leaving the room when we suggested that our meeting might well terminate right then and there.
She was the John Harvey, one of those Atlantic sea-horses that had sailed to Bari to bring beans, bombs, and bullets to the U.S. Fifteenth Air Force, to Field Marshal Montgomery's Eighth Army then racing up the calf of the boot of Italy in that early December of 1943.
She was Mary Lou Brew then, wide-eyed, but not naive.
She worked as a domestic, first in Newport for a year, and then in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for another year.
She had assumed before then that one day he would ask her to marry him.
She was thirty-one years old then.
She walked restlessly across the room, then back to the windows.
She smoothed the skirt, sat down, then stood up and went back to the windows.
She made a face at him and then she laughed.
She threw back a cushion over one of the seats, unlocked a padlock on the chest beneath it, then presently straightened, holding a long knife and a wicked looking spear gun in her hand.
She took postgraduate work at the University of Grenoble in France and then returned to London to work on market research with an advertising firm.

She and sounded
She sounded as though they already existed.
She sounded so exactly like Doaty that Henrietta obeyed her under the clear impression that she could either comply or stay home.
She sounded a little like a redhead.
I didn't relate to Sharon Tate as being anything but a store mannequin ... sounded just like an IBM machine ... She kept begging and pleading and pleading and begging, and I got sick of listening to her, so I stabbed her.
She hated the name Crawford, saying it sounded like " crawfish ".
She also asked him to change his first name to Cherif as it sounded more " American ".
She is most commonly referred to simply as " Trillian ", a modification of her birth name, which she adopted because it sounded more " space-like ".
She believed that the death knell of paramour rights was sounded by the trial of Ruby McCollum, a black woman who murdered her white lover, Dr. C. Leroy Adams, in Live Oak, Florida, in 1952.
She married and divorced Ted Bailey, keeping his last name because she thought it sounded more American than Rinker.
She had previously been sounded out about the job in 1997, after Michael Jackson's departure, but had turned down the opportunity as she felt she was then not yet experienced enough.
She has landed a number of high-profile auditions over there, including trying for a role in the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and she has reportedly been sounded out regarding several high-profile shows in Australia.
She sounded very sprightly on the jump blues Be-Baba-Leba ( Philo, 1945 ) and Million Dollar Secret ( Modern, 1950 ).
She complained that white women sounded like they were " sleepwalking " through their performances.
She later commented that some of the Chinese dialects sounded " as strange to me as Gaelic.
" She replied that the name sounded " too sissified " and suggested Mickey Mouse instead.
She wrote that being called Mrs. Elvis Presley sounded better than live-in Lolita, teen heartthrob or the other labels given her in the past by some of the press.
She also said that the song sounded more American than the other songs on the album.
She first heard no movement inside, then a noise that sounded like footsteps on the stairs.
She declared that the noisy, metallic guitar breakdown of the song symbolised what waiting sounded like in the brain of all those who had waited.

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