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Since and 1990s
Since the early 1990s, many American Chinese restaurants influenced by California cuisine have opened in San Francisco and the Bay Area.
Since its inception in the early 1990s, the group has carried out bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and extortion in what they describe as their fight for an independent Islamic province in the Philippines.
Since the 1990s, SO < sub > 2 </ sub > emissions have dropped 40 %, and according to the Pacific Research Institute, acid rain levels have dropped 65 % since 1976.
Since the 1990s Brazil has been relocating its forces in accordance to this national security requirement.
Since the 1990s, the changeup has made a resurgence, being thrown masterfully by pitchers such as Tim Lincecum, Pedro Martinez, Trevor Hoffman, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Johan Santana, Justin Verlander and Cole Hamels.
Since the 1990s, violent conflict has occurred between some transmigrant and indigenous populations ; in Kalimantan, thousands were killed in fighting between Madurese transmigrants and the indigenous Dayak people.
Since the early 1990s it was generalized in systemics for the investigation of functional human-like intelligence models, such as personoids, and, in parallel, developed as the SOAR environment.
Since the 1990s, internet communities have increasingly been the subject of research in the emerging field of cyber anthropology.
Since the 1990s, the largest application of the element has been as caesium formate for drilling fluids.
Since the late 1990s, Orange has also been working in conjunction with singer / songwriter Craig Deanto, and they have released an album titled Who Hears the Cries.
Since the 1980s, following the popularization of computer technology, it has become fashionable in marketing for names of products and companies, and for 1990s online video games where players use pseudonyms ( when spaces were not allowed ).
Since the 1990s, several novel classes of antiemetics have been developed and commercialized, becoming a nearly universal standard in chemotherapy regimens, and helping to successfully manage these symptoms in a large portion of patients.
Since the 1990s the region has experienced an exceptionally tumultuous period in its regional economy with the collapse of large portions of the ground fishery throughout Atlantic Canada, the closing of coal mines and a steel mill on Cape Breton Island, and the closure of military bases in all three provinces.
Since the late 1990s, custom dog tags have become fashionable amongst musicians ( particularly rappers ), and as a marketing giveaway item.
Since the 1990s, Day has not allowed recent photos to be displayed publicly, for personal reasons.
Since the late 1990s, Dublin has experienced a significant level of net immigration, with the greatest numbers coming from the European Union, especially the United Kingdom, Poland and Lithuania.
Since the 1990s, Ecuadoran foreign policy has been focused on the country's border dispute with Peru, an issue that has festered since independence.
Since the early 1990s, the Britannica has faced new challenges from digital information sources.
Since the late 1990s, almost all release prints have used polyester film stock.
Since the 1990s, scholars including Stanley Payne, Roger Eatwell, Roger Griffin and Robert O. Paxton have been gathering a rough consensus on the ideology's core tenets.
Since the 1990s a growing number of artists are switching to non-permanent paints for a variety of reasons — but primarily because is it difficult for the police to apprehend and for the courts to sentence or even convict a person for a protest that is as fleeting and less intrusive than marching in the streets.
Since the 1990s, the Sunday brunch has also become common, especially in city cafés.
Since GIF is designed to allow users to define new blocks, Netscape in the 1990s used the Application Extension block ( intended to allow vendors to add application-specific information to the GIF file ) to implement the Netscape Application Block ( NAB ).
Since the late 1990s, bzip2, a file compression utility based on a block-sorting algorithm, has gained some popularity as a gzip replacement.

Since and term
Since the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the term " Big Brother " has entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, particularly in respect to civil liberties, often specifically related to mass surveillance.
Since the late nineteenth century, the South used a colloquial term, the one-drop rule, to classify as black a person of any known African ancestry.
Since that time, the term Bolshevik has been regarded as obsolete, and relevant only to the pre-Revolutionary times, during the Russian Revolution itself and the Russian Civil War which followed.
Since the Anglo-Boer war the term " Boervolk " was rarely used in the 20th century by the various regimes because of this attempt to assimilate the Boervolk with the Afrikaners.
" Since the term " CPU " is generally defined as a device for software ( computer program ) execution, the earliest devices that could rightly be called CPUs came with the advent of the stored-program computer.
Since society considers so many rights as natural ( hence the term " right ") rather than man-made, what constitutes a crime also counts as natural, in contrast to laws ( seen as man-made ).
Since these are two very different referents, the validity of the term has been called into question.
:" Since a precise mathematical definition of the term effectively calculable ( effectively decidable ) has been wanting, we can take this thesis ... as a definition of it ..."
Since the 1980s the term " new religions " or " new religious movements " has slowly entered into Evangelical usage, alongside the word " cult ".
Since the American Civil War the term " discrimination " generally evolved in American English usage as an understanding of prejudicial treatment of an individual based solely on their race, later generalized as membership in a certain socially undesirable group or social category.
Since the introduction of the term, ethical egoism has been retroactively applied to philosophers before Sidgwick.
Since its introduction, the term has been picked up and used by various researchers engaging in Science and technology studies.
Since then, the term has become common in English-language ethical theory.
Since the overwhelming majority of scientists accept the modern evolutionary synthesis as the best explanation of current data, the term is seldom used in the scientific community ; to say someone is a scientist implies acceptance of evolutionary views, unless specifically noted otherwise.
Since family names are normally written last in European societies ( except in Hungary ), the term last name is commonly used for family name, while in East Asia ( with vertical writing ) the family name may be referred to as upper name ( as in Japanese ).
Since the 17th century, the term fugue has described what is commonly regarded as the most fully developed procedure of imitative counterpoint.
Since the 1970s, when Elizabeth A. R. Brown published The Tyranny of a Construct ( 1974 ), many have re-examined the evidence and concluded that feudalism is an unworkable term and should be removed entirely from scholarly and educational discussion, or at least used only with severe qualification and warning.
Since Carangi's death, she has been considered a lesbian supermodel and icon and is said to have epitomized " lesbian chic " more than a decade before the term was coined.
Since the brain effects of hypoglycemia, termed neuroglycopenia, determine whether a given low glucose is a " problem " for that person, most doctors use the term hypoglycemia only when a moderately low glucose level is accompanied by symptoms or brain effects
Since the early 20th century, the term is used almost exclusively in conjunction with the modern development of hydro-electric power, which allowed use of distant energy sources.
Since " information " in electronic media is often used synonymously with " data ", the term information explosion is closely related to the concept of data flood also dubbed data deluge.
Since 1997 it has been in the hands of a private developer, on a long term lease, which has transformed the property into a world class resort.
Since kickboxing is a broad term that can be used both in a wide and narrow sense.
Since the term value is understood in the LTV as denoting something created by labor, and its " magnitude " as something proportional to the quantity of labor performed, it is important to explain how the labor process both preserves value and adds new value in the commodities it creates.

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