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Smith and was
There is only one catch to this idyllic arrangement: Adam Smith was wrong.
Governor Alfred E. Smith was the official host at the children's party.
To the Weston house came once William Allen Neilson, the president of Smith College who had been one of my old professors and who still called me `` Boy '' when I was sixty.
This connection was clarified by Smith and Smith ( 1922 ), who showed that saline extracts of fresh bovine pituitary glands could re-activate the atrophied thyroids of hypophysectomised tadpoles.
This basic principle, the first in a richly knotted bundle, was conveyed to me by Dr. Henry Lee Smith, Jr., at the University of Buffalo, where he heads the world's first department of anthropology and linguistics.
Thus, when Dartmouth's Winter Carnival -- widely recognized as the greatest, wildest, roaringest college weekend anywhere, any time -- was broadcast over a national television hookup, Prexy John Sloan Dickey appeared on the screen in rugged winter garb, topped off by a tam-o'-shanter which he confessed had been acquired from a Smith girl.
A 12-year-old girl, Susan Elaine Smith, 9329 NE Schuyler St. was in serious condition Friday at Bess Kaiser Hospital, victim of a bicycle-auto collision in the Gateway Shopping Center, parking area, Deputy Sheriff W. H. Forsyth reported.
The power was off for about five minutes in houses along Smith Street as far away as Fruit Hill Avenue shortly before 5 p.m. when the accident occurred.
Sitting quietly on an equally big pork barrel was another Judge Smith ally, Georgia's Carl Vinson, chairman of the Armed Services Committee.
Thus `` America '', the most widely sung of the patriotic songs, was written by a New England Baptist clergyman, Samuel Francis Smith ( 1808-1895 ), while a student in Andover Theological Seminary.
Half of it was natural, half was Smith College.
The division of labour was initially discussed by Adam Smith, regarding the manufacture of pins, in his book The Wealth of Nations ( published in 1776 ).
Wilson's first success came during a business trip to Akron, Ohio, where he was introduced to Dr. Robert Smith, a surgeon and Oxford Group member who was unable to stay sober.
To store matte information, the concept of an alpha channel was introduced by Alvy Ray Smith in the late 1970s, and fully developed in a 1984 paper by Thomas Porter and Tom Duff.
On January 23, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coach and former linebackers coach for the 2000 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens Mike Smith was named the Falcons ' new head coach.
First-year head coach Mike Smith was named 2008 NFL Coach of the Year.
Smith led expeditions to explore the regions surrounding Jamestown, and it was during one of these that the chief of the Powhatan Native Americans captured Smith.
According to an account Smith published in 1624, he was going to be put to death until the chief's daughter, Pocahontas, saved him.
* The Star-Spangled Banner's tune was adapted from an old English drinking song by John Stafford Smith called " To Anacreon in Heaven ".
In 2008 she was awarded the Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award by the Ford Hall Forum.
Trapping was minimal and, after traveling about 1300 miles ( 650 on foot ), he finally arrived at Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Smith and one
At present it's available in one model, the fine and familiar Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver ( about $110 ), long a top-quality handgun among target arms.
In attempting to improve specificity of staining, the fluorescein-labeled antisera used in both direct and indirect methods were treated in one of several ways: ( 1 ) They were passed through Dowex-2-chloride twice and treated with acetone insoluble powders ( Coons, 1958 ) prepared from mouse liver or from healthy sweet clover stems or crown gall tissue produced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens ( E. F. Smith & Townsend ) on sweet clover stems.
With eyes focused on the third congressional district, the historic Delta district, and Congressman Frank E. Smith as the one most likely to go, the redistricting battle will put to a test the longstanding power which lawmakers from the Delta have held in the Legislature.
In a tense, closed-door session with Judge Smith, Rayburn attempted to work out a compromise: to add three new members to the Rules Committee ( two Democrats, including one Southerner, and one Republican ).
* Adrian Smith ( born 1957 ), English musician and one of three guitarists / songwriters in the English band Iron Maiden
* 1999 – In Alberta, Canada, 14-year-old Todd Cameron Smith fires upon three students, killing one and wounding another in the W. R. Myers High School shooting.
In 1937, Wilson and Smith could count 40 alcoholic men they had helped to get sober, and two years later they counted 100 members, including one woman.
Over the last four years the Falcons, under General Manager Thomas Dimitroff, Head Coach Mike Smith, and Quarterback Matt Ryan, have been one of the best franchises in the NFC.
The coldest temperature in British Columbia was recorded in Smith River, where it dropped to, one of the coldest readings recorded anywhere in North America.
At one point in 1984 Winston Smith, the protagonist of Orwell's novel, tries " to remember in what year he had first heard mention of Big Brother.
Some, like Grafton Elliot Smith, argued that different groups must somehow have learned from one another, however indirectly ; in other words, they argued that cultural traits spread from one place to another, or " diffused ".
* April 3, 1976-Two visions ( one received by Joseph Smith and the other by Joseph F. Smith ) were accepted as scripture and added to the Pearl of Great Price.
Smith received international acclaim for the collection The Star-Treader was received very favorably by American critics, one of whom named Smith " the Keats of the Pacific ".
For this reason, it has been suggested that Lovecraft might as well be referred to as a member of a " Smith " circle as Smith as a member of a Lovecraft one.
While Smith was always an artist who worked in several very different media, it is possible to identify three distinct periods in which one form of art had precedence over the others.

Smith and big
J. P. Smith, with Tippity Witchet and others of the L. T. Bauer string, is scheduled to start for " the big apple " to-morrow after a most prosperous Spring campaign at Bowie and Havre de Grace.
In this film a little girl is administering pretend medicine to a kitten, and Smith cuts in to a big Close Up of the kitten as she does so, and then cuts back to the main shot.
While Smith won extra support among Catholics in the big cities Smith was the target of intense anti-Catholicism from some Protestant communities, especially as Southern Baptists and German Lutherans.
If Smith really is a big spender but is " not " soft on crime, then both Smith's remark about Jones and Jones's last remark about Smith are paradoxical.
British animation also used big names, most notably Chicken Run ( Mel Gibson, Timothy Spall, Jane Horrocks and Miranda Richardson ) and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit ( Ralph Fiennes, Liz Smith, Peter Kay and Helena Bonham Carter ).
He started his career playing in clubs and speakeasies, but his big break came on the Kate Smith radio show in 1937.
The town was once a stop on the Fort Smith and Western Railway and was once a big oil boom town.
The most famous claimed results from these years were the description of " a big crane " at a Soviet nuclear research facility by Pat Price ( Kress 1977 / 1999, Targ 1996 ) and Joseph McMoneagle, a description of a new class of Soviet strategic submarine by a team of three viewers which included McMoneagle ,( Smith 2005, McMoneagle 2002 ) and Rosemary Smith's location of a downed Soviet bomber in Africa.
Duncan Smith said couples in Norway were able to “ work through what is going to happen with their children ”, which has “ a very big effect on their thinking ”.
Modern swing dance bands active in the U. S. during the 1990s and 2000s include many contemporary jazz big bands, swing revival bands with a national presence such as Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers ( based in San Francisco ), and local / regional jazz bands that specialize in 1930s-1940s swing / Lindy dance music, such as The Swingout Big Band, White Heat Swing Orchestra, and Beantown Swing Orchestra ( Boston ), The Boilermaker Jazz Band ( Pittsburgh ), the Southside Aces ( Minneapolis ), Gordon Webster Septet ( New York ), Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five ( Los Angeles ) and The Jonathan Stout Orchestra featuring Hilary Alexander ( Los Angeles ), The Flat Cats ( Chicago ), The Gina Knight Orchestra ( Chicago and Joliet, IL ), the Solomon Douglas Swingtet and the Tom Cunningham Orchestra ( Washington, D. C .), Sonoran Swing ( Arizona ), and The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra ( Los Angeles ).
I was walking around like Robert Smith with real big hair, big baggy black clothes, black fingernail polish and eye makeup.
In big city blues women dominated the musical landscape ; i. e. Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.
During the 1960s, he continued his television career, with guest appearances on such series as The Barbara Stanwyck Show, Route 66 ( a moving portrayal of a doomed pilot in the two-part episode " Fly Away Home "); Alfred Hitchcock Presents ; Perry Mason ( one of four actors in four consecutive episodes substituting for series star Raymond Burr, who was recovering from surgery ); Wagon Train ( a 90-minute colour episode as an English big game hunter who, in a display of amazing marksmanship, is able to kill an Indian chief from a great distance ); The Great Adventure ( in an installment of this anthology series about remarkable events in American history, he portrayed Confederate president Jefferson Davis ); Daniel Boone, ( in episodes " The Sound of Wings " and " First in War, First in Peace "); Lost in Space ( another two-part episode — as an all-powerful alien zookeeper, " The Keeper ", he worked one last time with his Third Man costar Jonathan Harris ); The Time Tunnel ( as Captain Smith of The Titanic, in the series ' 9 September 1966 premiere episode ); Batman ( as the villainous Sandman, in league with Julie Newmar's Catwoman ); three episodes of The Invaders ( as a malign variation of the Klaatu persona, culminating in a parallel plot also involving an assembly of world leaders ); an episode of I Spy (" Lana "); and two episodes of The F. B. I.
She was given the piano part in her husband's big band radio performance series called Hot Five and then his next series called the Hot Seven It was not until the 1930s and 1940s that many women jazz singers, such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday were recognized as successful artists in the music world.
He had steady work conducting big bands, backing singers in the studio during recording sessions, and appearing on the television shows of Arthur Godfrey, Kate Smith and others.
The music critic and sexologist Ernest Borneman stated that Bogan, along with Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, was in " the big three of the blues ".
His first album, Bashin, sold well and for the first time set Smith with a big band, led by Oliver Nelson.
Indeed, Smith was a big fan of everything English, and this inclination instructed his ideas for the neighbourhood.
Smith made it big in 1971, when she recorded Kris Kristofferson's song " Help Me Make It Through the Night.
For big game, such as ungulates and bears, which have a substantially sturdier build than humans, it is inferior to the. 500 Smith & Wesson,. 50 Action Express,. 44 Magnum,. 454 Casull,. 41 Magnum and other larger magnum rounds.

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