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Some and agencies
Some municipal agencies will pay for orthodontic treatment for children of needy parents.
Some agencies do this by intentionally introducing small statistical errors to prevent the identification of individuals in marginal populations ; others swap variables for similar respondents.
Some sponsoring agencies use Citizen Corps grant funds to purchase response tools and equipment for their members and team ( s ) ( subject to Stafford Act limitations ).
Some sponsoring agencies use Citizen Corps grant funds to purchase disaster response tool kits.
Some U. S. government agencies now use ISO 8601 with 4-digit years.
Some conciliators operate under the auspices of any one of several non-governmental entities, and for governmental agencies such as the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in the United States.
Some use the term dispute resolution to refer only to alternative dispute resolution ( ADR ), that is, extrajudicial processes such as arbitration, collaborative law, and mediation used to resolve conflict and potential conflict between and among individuals, business entities, governmental agencies, and ( in the public international law context ) states.
Some U. S. officials also hoped that the arms sales would secure the release of hostages and allow U. S. intelligence agencies to fund the Nicaraguan Contras.
Some countries hire individuals to do spying rather than make use of their own intelligence agencies.
Some major firms such as Dell Computer and Mercedes-Benz have sacked advertising agencies that have run their ads in spyware.
Some countries have meteorological agencies which distribute tornado forecasts and increase levels of alert of a possible tornado ( such as tornado watches and warnings in the United States and Canada ).
Some monies are allocated from congress via the Land and Water Conservation Fund, but Grand Teton National Park may not get all the money needed from the fund as it is divided up between four different federal agencies.
Some modelling and escort agencies will tell applicants that they have a number of clients lined up, but that they require a " registration fee " of sorts to account for processing and marketing expenses, or so it is claimed, which is paid in a number of untraceable methods, most often by cash ; once the fee is paid, the applicant is informed that the client has cancelled, and thereafter they never contact the applicant again.
Some American health and safety agencies ( such as OSHA-Occupational Safety and Health Administration and MSHA-Mine Safety and Health Administration ), use an exchange rate of 5 dB.
Some countries have agencies whose duties include the interdiction of letter bombs and the investigation of letter bombings.
Some of its functions were taken up by successor agencies:
Some Congress members expressed concern that the Office of the United States Trade Representative would lose focus if it were included in a larger bureaucracy, especially given its status as an " honest broker " between other agencies, which tend to advocate for specific points of view.
Some agencies have been involved in assassination, arms trafficking, coups d ' état, and the placement of misinformation ( propaganda ) as well as other covert operations, in order to support their own or their governments ' interests.
Some government agencies and ministries headquartered in Gatineau are the Canadian International Development Agency, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.
Some Chinese landlords, especially the many real estate agencies in Manhattan's Chinatown of mainly of Cantonese descent, have been accused of prejudice against the Fuzhou immigrants, supposedly making Fuzhou immigrants feel unwelcome with concerns that they will not be able to pay rent secondary to debt to gangs that may have helped smuggled them in illegally into the United States and out of fear that gangs will come up to the apartments to cause trouble.
Some of these agencies are The City Of Gray Volunteer Fire Department ( Ronnie Malcolm, Chief ), The City Of Gray Police Department ( Adam Lowe, Chief ), Jones County Volunteer Fire Department Alan Green, Director ), Jones County Sheriff's Office ( Butch Reese, Sheriff ), Jones County Volunteer Emergency Management Agency / Rescue ( Don Graham, Director ) The Georgia State Patrol Post 33 in Milledgeville ( SFC Greg L. Wiley, Post Commander )
Some of the businesses in the town include an implement dealership, a gas station, a service station, a handful of crop and property insurance agencies, Dacotah Bank, SunPrairie Grain ( a division of CHS Incorporated ), Savage Industries, and government-related buildings and businesses.
Some states and counties have representative payee agencies ( also called substitute payee programs ) which receive the benefits on behalf of the disabled person's social worker, and disburse the benefits per the social worker's instructions.
Some of these agencies exist solely for addressing certain types of emergencies whilst others deal with ad hoc emergencies as part of their normal responsibilities.

Some and require
Some churches require more.
Some established jurisdictions require adherence to design and historic preservation guidelines.
Some opcodes require one or more operands as part of the instruction, and most assemblers can take labels and symbols as operands to represent addresses and constants, instead of hard coding them into the program.
Some instances of exploring these " nearby " nodes require traversing up to 2 × log ( n ) links ( particularly when moving from the rightmost leaf of the root's left subtree to the leftmost leaf of the root's right subtree ).
Some contact adhesives require as long as 24 hours to dry before the surfaces are to be held together.
Some authors require in addition that μ ( C ) < ∞ for every compact set C. If a Borel measure μ is both inner regular and outer regular, it is called a regular Borel measure.
Some forms of Islamic law, as in Saudi Arabia, may require capital punishment, but there is great variation within Islamic nations as to actual capital punishment.
Some cities such as Seattle and San Francisco require food and yard waste to be sorted for composting.
Some casinos require all players to make a minimum Pass or Don't Pass bet whether they are currently shooting or not.
* Some such countries do not require tourist visas of citizens of other Commonwealth countries.
Some other cash registers require a numeric password or physical key to be used when attempting to open the till.
Some undergraduate courses require a team of 2 to 5 students to design, implement, and test a simple CPU in a FPGA in a single 15 week semester.
Some shotgun sports, such as skeet, use crossing targets presented in a narrow range of distance, and only require one level of choke.
Some of the roads in more rural area are rough and unpaved, and require a four-wheel drive vehicles.
Some holes may require a throw from a Drop Zone.
Some players will use mid-ranges as drivers, and there are tournaments that require players to use only mid-range discs.
Some digital synthesizers now exist in the form of " softsynth " software that synthesizes sound using conventional PC hardware, though they require careful programming and a fast CPU to get the same latency response as their dedicated equivalents.
Some programs offer programs with two pre-professional years followed by four professional years, while others require a four year undergraduate / bachelor's degree.
Some Protestant communities including most Lutheran churches practice closed communion and require catechetical instruction for all people before receiving the Eucharist.
Some authors also require the domain of the Euclidean function be the entire ring R ; this can always be accommodated by adding 1 to the values at all nonzero elements, and defining the function to be 0 at the zero element of R, but the result is somewhat awkward in the case of K. The definition is sometimes generalized by allowing the Euclidean function to take its values in any well-ordered set ; this weakening does not affect the most important implications of the Euclidean property.
Some definitions of epilepsy require that seizures be recurrent and unprovoked, but others require only a single seizure combined with brain alterations which increase the chance of future seizures.
Some patients, however, require polypharmacy, the use of two or more anticonvulsants.
Some of these risks may be self-insurable, while most will require the purchase of an insurance contract.
Some other weapons, such as crossbows, require the same license as is required for firearms.

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