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Some and countries
Some, like Hernando De Soto, argue that much of the poverty in the Third World countries is caused by the lack of Western systems of laws and well-defined and universally recognized property rights.
Some of the problems which individual countries face are the way they are grouped together by their economic strengths according to LAFTA.
Some doubts have been raised about the long-term effectiveness of antipsychotics for schizophrenia, in part because two large international World Health Organization studies found individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia tend to have better long-term outcomes in developing countries ( where there is lower availability and use of antipsychotics and mental health problems are treated with more informal, community-led methods only ) than in developed countries.
Some Burundian rebel groups have used neighboring countries as bases for insurgent activities.
Some believe that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, cultures of smallpox have become available in other countries.
Some genetic tests are already available, although most of them are used in developed countries.
Some objects in the collection, most notably the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, are the objects of intense controversy and of calls for restitution to their countries of origin.
Some sources also add neighbouring countries ( for historical, geographical and / or cultural reasons ):
Some countries where cross ownership of shares is a major part of the business culture are:
Some of the new countries became British Dominions, the genesis of the modern Commonwealth of Nations.
Some countries like the United Kingdom have no entrenched document setting out fundamental rights ; in those jurisdictions the constitution is composed of statute, case law and convention.
Some countries seek to trade emission rights in carbon emission markets, purchasing the unused carbon emission allowances of other countries.
Some countries, including Finland, India, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and Sri Lanka, as well as San Francisco in USA and Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia, use broad gauge.
* Some such countries do not require tourist visas of citizens of other Commonwealth countries.
Some countries have multiple official languages, resulting in multiple official placenames.
Some countries have placed restrictions on circumcision.
Some parts of the DRC are more accessible from neighbouring countries than from Kinshasa.
Some countries have made reservations to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, but they are minor.
Some countries have more particular naming for their missions and staff: a Vatican mission is headed by a nuncio ( Latin " envoy ") and consequently known as an apostolic nunciature.
Some countries ' top divisions feature highly paid star players ; in smaller countries and lower divisions, players may be part-timers with a second job, or amateurs.
Some countries are now economically dependent on food exports, which in some cases account for over 80 % of all exports.

Some and hire
Some couples hire preserved buses for their wedding transport instead of the traditional car.
Some celebrity Actors have favorite Cutters, and larger productions may hire several and have them on set at the same time, particularly in period film projects that might have complicated or expensive extras wardrobe.
Some replica nihontō have been used in modern-day armed robberies, which helped contribute to the enactment of a ban on sale, import and hire of samurai swords in the UK.
Some Orthodox also hire a " shabbas goy ", a gentile to turn light switches on and off on Shabbat.
Some French aristocrats would hire themselves out as the fourteenth diner at an event, because it was believed that when thirteen diners sat together, one of them would later die.
Some people choose to bring or hire a motorhome.
Some of the letters referred to the size of the state's ownership interest in the corporation targeted, which critics claimed amounted to a veiled threat to punish companies that didn't hire his relatives.
Some of the buildings at Inneston have been restored and are available as basic hire accommodation.
Some singers hire an agent or manager to help them to seek out engagements and other performance opportunities ; the agent or manager is often paid by receiving a percentage of the fees that the singer gets from performing onstage.
Some have argued that education levels ought to be comparable, for example, " the value of time that a college-educated parent spends reading aloud to a child should be ascertained by asking how much it would cost to hire a college-educated worker to do the same, not by an average housekeeper's wage.
Some parents anticipating that they will receive child support may hire lawyers to oversee their child support cases for them ; others may file their own applications in their local courthouses.
Some components became unavailable and the Patriot name was later used on a 24 " wheel hire bike.
Some university and college students hire ghostwriters from essay mills to write entrance essays, term papers, theses, and dissertations.
Some university and college students hire ghostwriters from essay mills to write entrance essays, term papers, and theses and dissertations.
Some free party sound systems hire private security at events but security is only an issue in squat parties or very urban outdoor events.
Some homeowner associations hire and retain property management companies.
Some scholars have called for a publication subvention of a few thousand dollars to be associated with each graduate student fellowship or new tenure-track hire, in order to alleviate the financial pressure on journals.
Some apartments are privately owned, but the resort's management requires that they must be available for hire when not occupied.
Some branches hire English-speaking employees.
Some of the rooms are available to hire for corporate and private events.
Some hire car companies have contracts that specifically exclude driving on these roads.
Some of the areas in the stable court are available for hire for charitable fund raising.
Some of the former A1 members continue to operate their own businesses, including Parkhouse Garage of Ardrossan ( service station and car repairs ), McKinnon of Kilmarnock ( haulage ) and Steele's Of Stevenston ( coach and limousine hire ).
Some of these have facilities such as cafes, restaurants and boat hire.

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