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Some and church
Some church leaders, both clerical and lay, have criticized the university for not taking the lead in desegregation.
Some bishops were initially reluctant to attend, fearing that the meeting would declare itself a council with power to legislate for the church ; but it agreed to pass only advisory resolutions.
Some Protestant charismatic and British New Church Movement churches include " apostles " among the offices that should be evident into modern times in a true church, though they never trace an historical line of succession.
Some Christian readers consider this story to contain an allegory, representing the interaction between the church as ' bride ' and God.
Some modern scholars use the belief of Jesus ' followers in the resurrection as a point of departure for establishing the continuity of the historical Jesus and the proclamation of the early church.
Some Anglicans consider their church a branch of the " One Holy Catholic Church " alongside of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, a concept rejected by the Roman Catholic Church and some Eastern Orthodox.
This may be the case for words such as church in rhotic dialects of English, although phoneticians differ in whether they consider this to be a syllabic consonant,, or a rhotic vowel,: Some distinguish an approximant that corresponds to a vowel, for rural as or ; others see these as a single phoneme,.
Some examples of community service are to help in church, tutoring, hospitals, etc.
Some dissenting groups continue to solicit support among current members of the church.
Some within the ELCA argued that requiring the historic episcopate would contradict the traditional Lutheran doctrine that the church exists wherever the Word is preached and Sacraments are practiced.
Some minorities within congregations that joined the PKN decided to leave the church and associated themselves individually with one of the other Reformed churches.
Some theologians, within the Roman Catholic Church and elsewhere, question whether all such consecrations have effect, on the grounds that an ordination is for service within a specific Christian church.
Some libertarians in the U. S. object to vouchers on the grounds that granting government money, even indirectly, to private and religious schools will inevitably lead to increased governmental control over non-government education, and possibly over the teachings of the sponsoring religious group ( most often a church ).
Some Baptist churches are closed-Communionists ( even requiring full membership in the church before partaking ), with others being partially or fully open-Communionists.
Some churches founded independently of these lineages also employ this form of church governance.
" Some scholars have even characterized the Liber Pontificalis, like the works of Pseudo-Isidore and the Donation of Constantine, as a tool used by the medieval papacy to represent itself " as a primitive institution of the church, clothed with absolute and perpetual authority.
Some LDS Church members have worked towards a liberal reform of the church.
Some refuse to serve on juries or file lawsuits against fellow church members.
Some Protestants generally agree that Jesus singled out Peter as the focal point of the 1st century church.
Some assistant priests have a " sector ministry ", that is to say that they specialize in a certain area of ministry within the local church, for example youth work, hospital work, or ministry to local light industry.
Some approved of the existing church hierarchy with bishops, but others sought to reform the Episcopal churches on the Presbyterian model.
* Some claim that there is no evidence that the early church performed ( or excluded ) paedobaptism, and only that it performed credo baptism by immersion.
Some oppose baptism of children as ostensibly incorporating them into the church without their own consent.
Some of the splits have been due to doctrinal controversy, while some have been caused by disagreement concerning the degree to which those ordained to church office should be required to agree with the Westminster Confession of Faith, which historically serves as an important confessional document-second only to the Bible, yet directing particularities in the standardization and translation of the Bible-in Presbyterian churches.

Some and officials
Supporters of this view believe that “ to a hypothetical outside reader, presents Christianity as enlightened, harmless, even beneficent .” Some believe that through this work, Luke intended to show the Roman Empire that the root of Christianity is within Judaism so that the Christians “ may receive the same freedom to practice their faith that the Roman Empire afforded the Jews .” Those who support the view of Luke ’ s work as political apology generally draw evidence from the facts that Christians are found innocent of committing any political crime ( Acts 25: 25 ; 19: 37 ; 19: 40 ) and that Roman officials ’ views towards Christians are generally positive.
Some ecclesiastical officials are required to have the doctorate ( JCD ) or at least the licentiate ( JCL ) in canon law in order to fulfill their functions: judicial vicars ( c. 1419. 1 ), judges ( c. 1421. 3 ), promoters of justice ( c. 1435 ), defenders of the bond ( c. 1435 ).
Some coaches and officials questioned this rule change as it could lead to more injuries to the players as there will likely be more kickoff returns.
Some KMT officials have called efforts from DPP " fascist " ( a charge for which they later apologised ) and " racist ".
Some English government officials felt that Louis Bonaparte was seeking foreign adventure in the spirit of his uncle — Napoleon I. Consequently, these officials felt that any close association with Louis Bonaparte would eventually lead Britain into another series of wars, like the wars with France and Napoleon dating from 1793 until 1815.
Some US officials became especially concerned when Chinese interest in Galileo was reported.
Some countries designates other officials other than the head of state with command-in-chief.
Some U. S. officials also hoped that the arms sales would secure the release of hostages and allow U. S. intelligence agencies to fund the Nicaraguan Contras.
Some influential advocates of feng shui in Hong Kong and China criticized the design, and Pei and government officials responded with token adjustments.
Some of the targets were the Kabul International Airport, Serena Hotel, Kabul City Center, Inter-Continental Hotel, UN guest house, the Presidential palace, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice, Indian Embassy, Afghan National Police stations, supermarkets, residence of Burhanuddin Rabbani and other top Afghan officials.
Some Malaysian officials talked of launching a " Buy Australian Last " campaign.
Some argue that images of the presidency have a tendency to be manipulated by administration public relations officials as well as by presidents themselves.
Some Cabinet-level officials, including the Vice President and the White House Chief of Staff, have their salaries determined differently.
Allegations of vaccine injuries in recent decades have appeared in litigation in the U. S. Some families have won substantial awards from sympathetic juries, even though most public health officials have said that the claims of injuries were unfounded.
Some Israeli government officials opined in 2002 that the armed Fatah sub-group al-Aqsa Martyrs ' Brigades commenced attacks towards Israel in order to compete with Hamas.
Some National Socialist education officials viewed him as a rival, while others saw his efforts as comical.
Some of the government officials who lost their homes take up residence in rented boathouses on the nearby West Lake.
Some states give the judiciary supervisory authority over the law enforcement officers who provide court house security, enforce civil judgments and run the local jail, while reserve these functions for in executive branch governmental officials.
Some Greek officials considered Revolutionary Struggle ( EA ), the group that fired a Chinese-made RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade at the U. S. Embassy in Athens in January 2007, to be a spin-off of 17N.
Some officials did not want to join information officers with public affairs officers for the fear of undermining the military's credibility.
Some officials have been indicted by a US court.
Some party officials have historically been subject to controversy for occasionally promoting historical revisionism, specifically related to the Second World War.
Some Indian provincial officials have used the assistance of hijras to collect taxes in the same fashion ; they knock on the doors of shopkeepers, while dancing and singing, and embarrass them into paying.

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