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Such and commuter
Such trains ( in contrast to regional, local, or commuter trains ) generally call at major stations only.
Such usage sometimes tacitly assumes relatively low academic standards as implicit in the student body's low income and part-time, commuter status.

Such and trains
Such mating trains seem to be triggered by a full moon.
Such traffic light preemption is usually reserved for emergency vehicles such as fire apparatus, ambulances, and police squad cars, though sometimes mass transit vehicles including buses and light rail trains can interrupt lights.
Such was the importance of such excursion traffic that a special department was established in 1929 and oversaw the expansion from 7, 500 special trains in that year to nearly 22, 000 in 1938.
Such trains ( which might also be monorail trains ) are wheeled vehicles and not maglev trains.
Such trains were formed of a number of such railcars coupled together and each power car had two engine / automated gearbox units mounted under the floor.
Such cars were used in the trains Śmiały ( armoured train ) | Śmiały and Piłsudczyk ( armoured train ) | Piłsudczyk
Such trains then became mainly the preserve of two or three larger organisations with their own passenger carriage and / or locomotive fleets.
Such trains travelled at low speeds and were phased out in the 1970s.
Such was the case early on the morning of December 20 when General Stuart, with a mixed brigade of infantry comprising the regiments of the 6th South Carolina, 1st Kentucky, 10th Alabama, and 11th Virginia, 150 of his cavalry troopers and Allen S. Cutts's 4 gun Georgia battery, set out north from their position near Centreville to escort the army's wagons trains on a foraging expedition into Loudoun County.
Such challenges included the removal of original lead paint, the complete replacement of all 16 tracks ( serving 200 trains a day ), extensive structural steel repairs ( under load ), erection of a new steel canopy, complete exterior masonry restoration, new electrical and plumbing, and construction of a new pedestrian concourse.
Such trains still required the use of two conductors ;
Such trains are extremely unlikely in the current or near future.
Such trains would significantly lower the travel time between major cities in Switzerland.
Such trains are known as bar trains.
Such trains are not common, they are usually early-morning trains or trains which are retiring for the evening.

Such and existed
Such a polity has not existed since the early Islamic city-states and universal imperial period beginnings.
Such an algorithm contradicts fundamental laws of mathematics because, if it existed, it could be applied repeatedly to losslessly reduce any file to length 0.
Such changes ended the Tutsi monarchy, which had existed for centuries.
Joseph Fitzmyer noted the following regarding the findings at Qumran Cave Four in particular ; " Such ancient recensional forms of Old Testament books bear witness to an unsuspected textual diversity that once existed ; these texts merit far greater study and attention than they have been accorded till now.
Such music existed prior to the 13th century and the First Crusade into Palestine and the city of Jerusalem, possibly even before the year 900.
Such ships possibly existed in ancient times.
Such theatres had previously existed in colleges but not in professional spaces for almost two millennia.
Such a law has existed for more than fifteen years in California.
Such tariffs had previously existed in Britain, but had been abolished in the 1870s because of the free trade movement.
Such bellows existed in China at least since the 5th century BCE, when it was invented, and had reached Europe by the 16th century.
Such structures existed in the AEEU.
Such experience would never have existed at all, if at the proper time, those institutions had been established in accordance with ideas.
Such boroughs existed for centuries.
Such rent was recoverable under the Rules as they existed at the time unless there was some evidence of impropriety.
Such schools are eligible for federal funding under Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Until 2007, no federal legislation existed concerning Asian American and Pacific Islander ( AAPI ) Serving Institutions.
Such multiple-element converters are more common in industrial environments than in automotive transmissions, but automotive applications such as Buick's Triple Turbine Dynaflow and Chevrolet's Turboglide also existed.
Such a system existed as early as 1164, when Henry II withheld a personal summons to Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, after engaging with him in a conflict with over the rights of the Church, instead subjecting him to a summons through a sheriff.
Such a language would have existed on the other side of the Adriatic ( Illyria ) in the Neolithic.
Such problems existed as well in World War II, during which two independent lines of command flowed from the President, one through the Secretary of the Navy to naval forces, and the other through the Secretary of War to land and air forces.
Such systems existed before Miller's paper, but there was no convenient term to describe the general strategy, nor was there substantive and reliable research.
Such hotlines have existed in most major cities of the United States at least since the mid-1970s.
Such paths existed from the earliest prehistoric times and in every inhabited part of the world.
Such areas existed along the divided city of Jerusalem, and the fort of Latrun until 1967 Six Day War.
Such was the goodwill that existed in London during the late ' 60's that a painter from Australia could meet a great musician from England and informally give him some lyrics which would become a song, a friendship, a career with Tiny Tim, and a record cover.

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