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15th and century
I don't even remember who wrote it but it was one of those 15th or 16th century poets.
The Apollo Belvedere is a marble sculpture that was rediscovered in the late 15th century ; for centuries it epitomized the ideals of Classical Antiquity for Europeans, from the Renaissance through the 19th century.
Others suggest the alphabet was developed in central Egypt during the 15th century BC for or by Semitic workers, but only one of these early writings has been deciphered and their exact nature remains open to interpretation.
An alphabetic cuneiform script with 30 signs including three which indicate the following vowel was invented in Ugarit before the 15th century BC.
The Hittites smelted rather brittle iron from the 15th century BC and the new metal was introduced in Greece.
Kingdom of Portugal's explorers and settlers, founded trading posts and forts along the coast of Africa since the 15th century, and reached the Angolan coast in the 16th century.
The Anatolian beyliks were in turn absorbed into the rising Ottoman Empire during the 15th century.
Grace O ' Malley's Castle Kildamhnait Castle is a 15th century tower house associated with the O ' Malley Clan, who were once a ruling family of Achill.
Late 14th and 15th century pottery from central Arizona, widely traded in the region, has colors and designs which may derive from earlier ware by both Ancestral Pueblo and Mogollon peoples.
St. Dominic of Silos enthroned as abbot ( Hispano-Flemish Gothic 15th century )
In the 15th century, the Timurid astronomer Ulugh Beg compiled the Zij-i-Sultani, in which he catalogued 1, 019 stars.
A long series of cultural development culminated in the expansion of the Inca civilization and Inca Empire in the central Andes during the 15th century.
Cam., also referred to as Ambrose of Camaldoli, ( 1386 – October 20, 1439 ) was an Italian monk and theologian, who was a prime supporter of the papal cause in the 15th century.
This was an order that had been founded by Giovanni Scarpa at the end of the 15th century.
The European acceptance of the numerals was accelerated by the invention of the printing press, and they became widely known during the 15th century.
Another very concrete example describes an aesthetically pleasing human face whose proportions can be described by very few bits of information, drawing inspiration from less detailed 15th century proportion studies by Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer.
The Ark carried into the Temple from the early 15th century Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
Early plate in Italy, and elsewhere in the 13th – 15th century were made of iron.
Plate armour became cheaper than mail by the 15th century as it required much less labour and labour had become much more expensive after the Black Death, though it did require larger furnaces to produce larger blooms.
In the early 15th century, advances in weaponry allowed infantry to defeat armoured knights on the battlefield.
If during the 14 – 15th centuries armour seldom weighed more than 15 kg, then by the late 16th century it weighed 25 kg.
The first ships protected by iron armour were Kobuksons built in the early 15th century.
The first ships protected by iron armour were Kobuksons built in the early 15th century.

15th and exploration
The large-scale building of wooden sailing ships by European ( coastal ) naval owners since the 15th century for exploration, colonisation, slave trade – and other trade on the high seas consumed many forest resources.
From his Vila do Infante in 15th Century Portuguese, Estate or Town of the Prince on the Sagres peninsula located at the south-westernmost point of Iberia and with sea access to both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Henry sponsored voyages down the coast of Africa, sailing as far as Guinea, that were primarily exploration expeditions, later on bringing back to the nearby town of Lagos, from whence they set out, numerous African slaves and goods.
Portugal was the leading country in the European exploration of the world in the 15th century.
They were the driving force behind much 15th and 16th century exploration.
The largest junks, the treasure ships commanded by Zheng He, were built for world exploration in the 15th century, and according to some interpretations may have been over in length, or larger, based on the size of the rudder post that was found.
Caravels were much used by the Portuguese for the oceanic exploration voyages during the 15th and 16th centuries in the age of discovery.
In the beginning of the 15th century, adventurer and traders such as Niccolò Da Conti ( 1395 – 1469 ) traveled as far as Southeast Asia and back, bringing fresh knowledge on the state of the world, presaging further European voyages of exploration in the years to come.
By the 15th century, Lagos became the centre of Portuguese maritime exploration, with ships ordered south to trace the shoreline of Africa in order to find routes to India.
Portuguese overseas exploration in the 15th and 16th century's led to the establishment of a Portuguese Empire with trading posts, forts and colonies in the Americas, Asia and Africa.
There was also speculation due to reports of Chinese relics appearing in northern Australia dating to the 15th century, although it may have been brought much later through trade rather than earlier exploration.
Antillia ( or Antilia ) is a legendary island that was reputed, during the 15th century age of exploration, to lie in the Atlantic Ocean, far to the west of Portugal and Spain.
The trips of Venetian explorer Marco Polo throughout Mongol Empire in the 13th century, the Christian Crusades of the 12th and 13th centuries, and the Portuguese and Spanish voyages of exploration during the 15th and 16th centuries opened up new horizons and stimulated geographic writings.
The taxa in this list became extinct during the Late Quaternary – the Holocene or Late Pleistocene – but before the period of global scientific exploration that started in the late 15th century.

15th and America
There are huge differences of opinion as to when dachshunds were specifically bred for their purpose of badger hunting, as the American Kennel Club states the dachshund was bred in the 15th century, while the Dachshund Club of America states that foresters bred the dogs in the 18th or 19th century.
" Consistent with this tradition, the 2007 version of the current 15th edition was " dedicated by permission to the current President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II ," while the 2010 version of the current 15th edition is " dedicated by permission to Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Between the end of the 15th century and the 20th century, colonial powers from Europe dispatched explorers in an attempt to discover a commercial sea route north and west around North America.
Summary of Pocock's influential ideas that traces the Machiavellian belief in and emphasis upon Greco-Roman ideals of unspecialized civic virtue and liberty from 15th century Florence through 17th century England and Scotland to 18th century America.
Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy ( 15th Edition, 2010 )
* June 1 – Kentucky becomes the 15th state of The United States of America.
A reconstruction based on ice cores found the Medieval Warm Period could be distinguished in tropical South America from about 1050 to 1300, followed in the 15th century by the Little Ice Age.
In the 15th and 16th centuries, it ascended to the status of a world power during Europe's " Age of Discovery " as it built up a vast empire including possessions in South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.
As the world economy developed and silver supplies increased, in particular after the colonization of South America, coins became larger and a standard coin for international payment developed from the 15th century: the Spanish and Spanish colonial coin of 8 reales.
The origin of this dish is disputed, as tomato is relatively new to Catalan cuisine ( it came from America only after the 15th century ).
The Yakama Indian Reservation, the 15th largest reservation in America, covers 1, 573 mi² ( 4, 074 km² ), comprising 36 % of the county's total area.
* In the book Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card, after traveling back through time to 15th century Central America, the character Hunahpu plays the part of a messenger of " The Lords of Xibalba " to his Indian ancestors, as part of a plan to change their beliefs and create a less-aggressive alternative future.
Safarditas are found particularly in the northern state of Nuevo León, Mexico, the American Southwest i. e., New Mexico, Arizona, and South Texas ( formerly part of Nuevo Santander, Spain / Mexico ), the Caribbean, and South America and this also includes Crypto-Jews that were brought into exile during the 15th century inquisition that took refuge from Southeast Asia e. g., in Northern Samar, the Philippines, as well as, Crypto-Jews found in Belmonte, Portugal and in the former Portuguese colony of Goa, India, where they were subjected to the Goa Inquisition.
Ricky Melendez, Rene Farrait, Miguel Cancel, Johnny Lozada, Ray Reyes and Charlie Masso re-joined to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of their success in Latin America, North America, Spain and several other countries in the world.
Thousands of languages were spoken in North and South America prior to first contact with Europeans between the beginning of the 11th century ( Norwegian settlement of Greenland and attempted settlement of Labrador and Newfoundland ) and the end of the 15th century ( the voyages of Christopher Columbus ).
* PGA Museum of Golf ( Port St. Lucie, Florida ) — Museum traces the story of The PGA of America, holds golf's four major Championship trophies, the oldest-known written mention of golf for the Articles of Parliament in the 15th Century ; Walter Hagen's birth certificate ; Donald Ross ' 1900s-era workbench, the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame, and is home to the Probst Library, one of the foremost collections of golf periodicals in the world.
* The Tippie School of Management's full-time MBA program is in the top 3 % of MBA programs in the U. S. The program is ranked in many categories by several different organizations including: 20th overall and the 4th fastest payback ( U. S .) by Forbes ; 20th for public universities and 40th overall ( U. S .) by U. S. News ; 64th overall ( world ), 32nd overall ( U. S .), 9th in finance, 1st for employment percentage ( 11th in the world ), 3rd for value, 15th for placement success ( 19th in the world ) and 17th for aims achieved by Financial Times ; 37th ( North America ) and 15th ( U. S .) by The Economist ;.
The United Church continued to espouse causes that were not politically popular, issuing statements supporting universal health care and the People's Republic of China at their 15th General Council at a time when these were considered radical concepts in North America.
Italian explorers in the 15th and 16th centuries left a perennial mark on human history with the modern " discovery of America ", due to Christopher Columbus ; furthermore, the name of the American continents derives from Amerigo Vespucci's first name.

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