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Count and commander
Marshal Villeroi, exerting considerable pressure on the Dutch commander, Count Overkirk, along the Meuse, took Huy on 10 June before pressing on towards Liège.
" So contemptuous was he of the Imperial commander, Count Caraffa, he threatened to leave Imperial service.
At the age of 16, she asked a kinsman, Durand Lassois, to bring her to nearby Vaucouleurs, where she petitioned the garrison commander, Count Robert de Baudricourt, for permission to visit the royal French court at Chinon.
The Greek commander Michael Palaeologus alienated some of his allies by his arrogance, and this stalled the campaign as rebel Count Robert of Loritello refused to speak to him.
* Count Tilly, Catholic League commander in the Thirty Years ' War
* Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly ( 1559 1632 ), German nobleman and co-Supreme commander of the forces of the Holy Roman Empire
* April 30 Thirty Years ' War Johan Tzerclaes, Count of Tilly and commander of the Catholic League armies, dies from wounds sustained at the battle of Rain.
Louis VI chose Fulk V, Count of Anjou and Main, a renownedly rich crusader and military commander, and to some extent a growing threat to Louis VI himself.
* Count Theodosius is appointed commander of a expedition to suppress the rebellion of Firmus in Mauretania.
D. Vasco da Gama () ( c. 1460 or 1469 24 December 1524 ), 1st Count of Vidigueira, was a Portuguese explorer, one of the most successful in the Age of Discovery and the commander of the first ships to sail directly from Europe to India.
In 1741, the allied Spaniards and Neapolitans had advanced towards Modena, the Duke of which state had allied himself with them, but the vigilant Austrian commander, Count Otto Ferdinand von Traun had out-marched them, captured Modena and forced the Duke to make a separate peace.
However the cousins were supported by the Count of Leganés, the Spanish deputy commander.
Fifteen Swedish assaults by Horn's right wing, consisting of the brigades Vitzthum, Pfuel and the Scots Brigade ( Colonel Gunn ), supported by the brigade of Count Thurn ( Black and Yellow Regiment ) on the hill of Albuch, were repulsed by the Spaniards with the decisive support of Ottavio Piccolomini's Italian cavalry squadrons, under direct orders of another Italian commander, the loyal servant to the Spanish Crown, Gerardo di Gambacorta di Linata.
In January 1807, the new Russian army commander Levin August, Count von Bennigsen attempted to surprise the French left wing by shifting the bulk of his army north from Nowogród to East Prussia.
King Frederick and his military commander, Prince Christian of Anhalt, had organized a Protestant army of 30, 000 men ; Ferdinand countered with a force of 25, 000, many of them seasoned soldiers, under the expert leadership of Field Marshal Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly, a Catholic Spanish-Flemish nobleman.
According to Ibn ʻAbd al-Ḥakam writing around 860, Ṭāriq, commander of the Arab-Berber garrison of Tangiers, crossed the straits of Gibraltar with ships from a certain Count Julian ( Arabic Ilyan ), lord of Ceuta and " Alchadra " ( Algeciras ), and landed near Cartagena, which he took and made his headquarters.
In the Western Roman Empire, Count came to indicate generically a military commander, but was not a specific rank.
In 373 Count Theodosius was made commander of the expedition to suppress the rebellion of Firmus in Mauretania, which proved to be yet another victory for the skilled commander.
This time the commander Count Theodosius was sent to deal with the problem and restore order, using Londinium as his base.
Richard de Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick, Count of Aumale, KG ( 23 January 1382 30 April 1439 ) was an English medieval nobleman and military commander.
In 1813 he took part in the war against Napoleon as the commander of an army in Courland and Livonia, and was succeeded as Governor-General by the influential Count Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt.
The Emperor, on his return from Elba, created him Count of the Empire, and as commander of northern division of the Old Guard.
The large French infantry force led the initial attack, which went well but French commander Count Robert II of Artois recalled them so that the noble cavalry could claim the victory.

Count and Flemish
On the other wing the French at last routed the Flemish cavalry and captured Ferrand, Count of Flanders, one of the leaders of the coalition.
* 1568 Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Flemish general and statesman ( b. 1522 )
* 1522 Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Flemish general and statesman ( d. 1568 )
When Otto was carried off the field by his wounded and terrified horse, and Ferdinand, Count of Flanders, severely wounded, was captured by the French, the Flemish and Imperial troops saw that the battle was lost, turned and fled from the battlefield.
** Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Flemish statesman ( b. 1522 )
* November 18 Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Flemish general and statesman ( d. 1568 )
* July William II, Count of Holland defeats the Flemish army at Westkapelle.
* Treaty of Paris ( 1323 ), Count Louis of Flanders relinquished Flemish claims over Zeeland
As jure uxoris Count of Flanders, he would keep in mind the economic interests of the Flemish cities, which made their money from weaving and spinning.
In 1302, however, after the Bruges Matins ( the nocturnal massacre of the French garrison in Bruges by the members of the local Flemish militia on 18 May 1302 ), the population joined forces with the Count of Flanders against the French, culminating in the victory at the Battle of the Golden Spurs, fought near Kortrijk on July 11.
Philip gave Matilda of Portugal a dowry of a number of major Flemish towns, in an apparent slight to Baldwin V. Fearing that he would be surrounded by the royal domain of France and the County of Hainaut, Count Philip signed a peace treaty with Philip Augustus and Count Baldwin V on 10 March 1186, recognizing the cession of Vermandois to the king, although he was allowed to retain the title Count of Vermandois for the remainder of his life.
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Later in 1218, a German army led by Oliver of Cologne, and a mixed army of Dutch, Flemish and Frisian soldiers led by William I, Count of Holland joined the crusade.
He invaded France in company with Floris d ' Egmont, Count of Buren, who was at the head of the Flemish troops, and laid waste the north of France, but disbanded his troops at the approach of winter.
The Flemish response consisted of two groups, one of 3, 000 men from the city militia of Bruges, was led by William of Jülich, grandson of Count Guy and Pieter de Coninck, one of the leaders of the uprising in Bruges.
Philip gave Matilda of Portugal a dower that included a number of major Flemish towns, in an apparent slight to Baldwin V. Fearing that he would be surrounded by the royal domain of France and the County of Hainaut, Count Philip signed a peace treaty with King Philip II and Count Baldwin V on 10 March 1186, recognizing the cession of Vermandois to the king, although he was allowed to retain the title Count of Vermandois for the remainder of his life.
* De Leeuw van Vlaanderen ( The Lion of Flanders, synonymous title, but also the nickname of its hero, the medieval Count Robert III of Flanders and the title of the Flemish national epic by Hendrik Conscience ).
In spite of the Joyous Entries he was accorded in Bruges and Ghent and his ceremonious installation as Duke of Brabant and Count of Flanders, Anjou was not popular with the Dutch and Flemish, who continued to see the Catholic French as enemies ; the provinces of Zeeland and Holland refused to recognise him as their sovereign, and William, the central figure of the " Politiques " who worked to defuse religious hostilities, was widely criticized for his " French politics ".
When the county passed out of the family of the Flemish counts, it remained subject to the Count of Flanders as his vassals until 1180.

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