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Spectator and which
She wrote several popular comedies, of which Das Testament is the best, and translated The Spectator ( 9 volumes, 1739 – 1743 ), Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock ( 1744 ) and other English and French works.
Yet, his work has been called a " hoax " and " discredited " by conservatives like Ann Coulter, it was also disputed by the American Spectator, which caused Scaife to end his funding of the Arkansas Project with the publisher.
Gilmour famously lent The Spectator ’ s voice to the campaign to end capital punishment in Britain, writing an incensed leader attacking the hanging of Ruth Ellis in 1955, in which he claimed " Hanging has become the national sport ", and that the home secretary Gwilym Lloyd George, for not reprieving the sentence, " has now been responsible for the hanging of two women over the past eight months ".
In March the same year, Jenny Nicholson, a frequent contributor, wrote a piece on the Italian Socialist Party congress in Venice, which mentioned three Labour MPs " who puzzled the Italians by filling themselves like tanks with whisky and coffee …" All three sued for libel, the case went to trial and The Spectator was forced to make a large payment in damages and costs, a sum well over the equivalent of £ 150, 000 today.
The Spectator changed hands again in 1985, by which time it had accumulated an overdraft of over £ 300, 000 and it was facing financial meltdown.
" In the end The Spectator was bought by the Telegraph Group, of which Conrad Black then had a controlling interest.
During his four years as editor of The Spectator, he made several editorial and structural changes to the magazine, " not all of which were universally popular with readers ".
In 2007 The Spectator moved its offices from Doughty Street, which had been its home for 31 years, to 22 Old Queen Street in Westminster, leaving Bloomsbury for the first time since the paper ’ s founding in 1828.
In 1957, Bevan joined Richard Crossman and Morgan Phillips in a controversial lawsuit for libel against The Spectator magazine, which had described the men as drinking heavily during a socialist conference in Italy.
He also gained an acquaintance with a country that would feature prominently in his writing, which he resumed upon his return to London, at the same time entering into a partnership in the Thomas Nelson & Son publishing company and becoming editor of The Spectator.
Chronologically between the two are " The Wimsey Papers ", a series of epistolary articles written at the beginning of World War II, which Sayers wrote for The Spectator.
In 1709 Steele began to bring out Tatler, to which Addison became almost immediately a contributor: thereafter he ( with Steele ) started The Spectator, the first number of which appeared on 1 March 1711.
The Spectator which was issued daily and achieved great popularity.
George Neumayr, the executive editor of The American Spectator, a conservative magazine, told the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer that " PBS looks like a liberal monopoly to me, and Bill Moyers is Exhibit A of that very strident left-wing bias ... uses his show as a platform from which to attack conservatives and Republicans.
The Verri brothers and Beccaria started an important cultural reformist movement centered around their journal Il Caffè (" The Coffeehouse "), which ran from the summer of 1764 for about two years, and was inspired by Addison and Steele's literary magazine, The Spectator and other such journals.
At Edinburgh Mackenzie belonged to a literary club, at the meetings of which papers in the manner of The Spectator were read.
Then followed Daphnis ( 1754 ), Idyllen ( 1756 and 1772 ), Inkel and Yariko ( 1756 ), a version of a story borrowed from The Spectator and already worked out by Gellert and Bodmer, and Der Tod Abels ( 1758 ), which Gessner called “ a sort of idyllic prose pastoral .”
In the early 1990s the foundation helped support The American Spectator, which at the time was researching damaging material on President Bill Clinton.
He was born at Geneva, of a family which had already made its mark in the literary and scientific world: his great-aunt, Marie Huber, was known as a voluminous writer on religious and theological subjects, and as the translator and epitomizer of The Spectator ( Amsterdam, 3 vols., 1753 ); and his father Jean Huber ( 1721 – 1786 ), who had served for many years as a soldier, was a prominent member of the coterie at Ferney, distinguishing himself by his Observations sur le vol des oiseaux ( Geneva, 1784 ).
An account of the first floating of the tubes of the bridge is recorded in The Spectator of 23 June 1849, which was Grove's first appearance in print.
Spectator sports require venues or sometimes stadiums in which the fans may observe a game or event.
In July 2004, they bought The Telegraph Group ( now Telegraph Media Group ), which includes The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Spectator after months of intense bidding and lawsuits.
In 2011, following the term's offhand use in a March 26 article appearing in The Spectator (" white-coated Jap bloke "), the Minister of the Japanese Embassy in London protested that " most Japanese people find the word ‘ Jap ’ offensive, irrespective of the circumstances in which it is used.

Spectator and became
The word “ club ,” in the sense of an association to promote good-fellowship and social intercourse, became common in England at the time of Tatler and The Spectator ( 1709 – 1712 ).
Editorship of The Spectator has often been part of a route to high office in the Conservative Party in the UK ; past editors include Iain Macleod, Ian Gilmour and Nigel Lawson, all of whom became cabinet minister or a springboard for a greater role in public affairs, as with Boris Johnson ( 1999 to 2005 ), the Conservative Mayor of London.
As well as being The Spectator ’ s sole proprietor and editor, he also became its chief leader-writer, general manager and literature critic.
Under Harris The Spectator became increasingly outspoken on developing international politics in the 1930s, in particular on the rise of fascism.
In The Spectator, Addison soon became the leading partner.
In junior high school, he became a staff writer on The Spectator, the school newspaper, and at age 16, he wrote for the high school yearbook as well as editing a Boy Scout weekly, The Eagle Trail.
He became a journalist for The Times Literary Supplement, History Today and The Spectator.
Brown was educated at Eton and Bristol University and then became a freelance journalist in London, contributing to The Tatler, The Spectator, The Times Literary Supplement, Literary Review, the Evening Standard ( as a regular columnist ), The Times ( notably as parliamentary sketchwriter ; these columns were compiled into a book called A Life Inside ) and The Sunday Times ( as TV and restaurant critic ).
He became an associate editor with The Spectator.
Levin left Truth and became the political correspondent of The Spectator.
From 1964 he became a Spectator columnist, writing on the press and TV, and in 1969 published The Neophiliacs: A Study of the Revolution in English Life In The Fifties and Sixties, a highly critical analysis of the role played by fantasy in the political and social life of those decades.
In the mid-70s he contributed a regular quiz to Melvyn Bragg's BBC literary programme Read All About It, and he returned to The Spectator as a weekly contributor ( 1976 – 1981 ), when he also became a lead book-reviewer for The Sunday Telegraph.
Established in 1859 as the Hamilton Courier, it became the Hamilton Spectator and Grange District Advertiser in 1860, and later The Hamilton Spectator.
In March 1992, Brock had authored a sharply critical story about Hill in The American Spectator magazine which became the nucleus of the book, The Real Anita Hill.
The " Arkansas Project " name that later became famous was conceived as a joke ; the actual name used within the Spectator and the Scaife foundation was the " Editorial Improvement Project.
He became a publisher and printer, his name appearing on The New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian as a printer He was a prominent speaker, and was instrumental in carrying a Bill to establish a municipal corporation for Wellington and a railway link to the Wairarapa.
In 2006 Ontario Universities became subject to Freedom of Information legislation, and the Hamilton Spectator newspaper applied to request release of the contract ; the university fought for two years to prevent this release until it finally provided the newspaper with the contract in 2008.
Vosmaer became a contributor to, and then the leading spirit and editor of, a journal which played an immense part in the awakening of Dutch literature ; this was the Nederlandsche Spectator, in which a great many of his own works, in prose and verse, originally appeared.
He became a writer and Production Manager for a film company named Spectator which failed, losing him a considerable amount of money.
" She moved back to Oregon and became involved with the Suffrage Movement in Portland, worked for the Spectator, and married Paul Trullinger.
Buckley later became the printer of The Spectator.
She worked on the ITV show Candid Camera and later became a food writer for The Spectator and for 15 years provided weekly lunches for personalities, including the Prince of Wales.

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