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Watchband's and single
The latter film inspired The Watchband's next single ; " Are You Gonna Be There ( At The Love-In )", which was written and recorded in one day, the single was released with the B-side " No Way Out ", an instrumental that spawned from a studio warm-up with spontaneous vocals that Ed Cobb later took credit for.

Watchband's and was
The Chocolate Watchband's success and popularity was beginning to pick up at the same time as an interest in signing the band began.
In addition, Cobb recorded parts of the Watchband's albums without them-in fact, less than half of The Inner Mystique was originally recorded by the band, with many of the instrumental songs performed by session musicians.

second and single
The active sponsor of Jefferson's measure for religious liberty in Virginia, Madison played the most influential single role in the drafting of the Constitution and in securing its ratification in Virginia, founded the first political party in American history, and, as Jefferson's Secretary of State and his successor in the Presidency, guided the nation through the troubled years of our second war with Britain.
Rookie southpaw George Stepanovich relieved Hyde at the start of the ninth and gave up the A's fifth tally on a walk to second baseman Dick Howser, a wild pitch, and Frank Cipriani's single under Shortstop Jerry Adair's glove into center.
Jim Gentile bounced a hard shot off Kunkel's glove and beat it out for a single, and when Lumpe grabbed the ball and threw it over first baseman Throneberry's head Brandt took third and Gentile second on the error.
Turk Lown was tagged with the loss, his second against no victories, while Ray Moore won his second game against a single loss.
He finished second to Tsongas in the New Hampshire primary, but after trailing badly in the polls and coming within single digits of winning, the media viewed it as a victory.
In the first episode of Daria, she and her family move from Beavis and Butt-Head's hometown of Highland to Lawndale — the only references to the original show is a single mention of Highland in the first episode, with Daria saying Lawndale can't be a second Highland " unless there's uranium in the drinking water here too ".
A second single, " C ' mon C ' mon ", also charted in the UK Top 20 and an album, Truthdare Doubledare, released in May 1986, peaked at Nº18.
In the 20th century the first part of the prologue ( chapters 1: 1-2: 5 ) and the two parts of the epilogue ( 17-21 ) were commonly seen as miscellaneous collections of fragments tacked on to the main text, and the second part of the prologue ( 2: 6-3: 6 ) as an introduction composed expressly for the book ; this view has been challenged in the latter decades of the century, and there is an increasing willingness to see Judges as the work of a single individual, working by carefully selecting, reworking and positioning his source material to introduce and conclude his themes.
Since the second half of the 20th century most scholars have agreed with Martin Noth's thesis that the books of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings form parts of a single work.
Noth argued that the History was the work of a single individual living in the 6th century, but scholars today tend to treat it as made up of at least two layers, a first edition from the time of Josiah ( late 7th century ), promoting Josiah's religious reforms and the need for repentance, and ( 2 ) a second and final edition from the mid 6th century.
The second floor has three double rooms and seven single rooms.
The third floor is identical to the second except that in place of the don's room there are two single rooms.
Eastern Orthodoxy is the second largest single denomination in Christianity, with over 200 million adherents.
Estimates of the total number of Protestants are very uncertain, partly because of the difficulty in determining which denominations should be placed in these categories, but it seems clear that Protestantism is the second largest major group of Christians after Catholicism in number of followers ( although the Orthodox Church is larger than any single Protestant denomination ).
One year later, the band debuted their second single, " Dicknail " through Sub Pop Records.
The standard works are printed and distributed by the LDS Church in a single binding called a quadruple combination and as a set of two books, with the Bible in one binding, and the other three books in a second binding called a triple combination.
A single compact set is sometimes referred to as a compactum ; following the Latin second declension ( neuter ), the corresponding plural form is compacta.
However, Cleveland only won a single pennant in the decade, in 1954, finishing second to the New York Yankees five times.
Coldcut's second album, Some Like It Cold released in 1990, featured another collaboration with Queen Latifah on the single " Find a Way ".
The second single, " Fall at Your Feet ", was less successful in Australia and New Zealand but did at least reach the US Hot 100.
Most systems may be assumed to have a second order and single variable system response in the time domain ignoring multi-variable.
This is illustrated in the figure above, where the first pattern is the diffraction pattern of a single slit, given by the function in this equation, and the second figure shows the combined intensity of the light diffracted from the two slits, where the function represent the fine structure, and the coarser structure represents diffraction by the individual slits as described by the function.
A second single, the double A-sided single " Two Doors Down "/" It's All Wrong, But It's All Right " also topped the country singles chart and crossed over to the pop top twenty.

second and was
The first part of the road was steep, but it leveled off after the second bend and curled gradually into the valley.
When it was followed by a second, whining even closer, Cobb swerved sharply aside into a depression.
There had been a good second or two during which my muffler had been blowing out, and now I was certain I'd seen her somewhere before.
He was aware of her as a frightfully good-looking American WAC, a second lieutenant assigned to do the paper work, ( regardless of how important she might have thought she was ) in the Command offices, but that was all.
A phony blonde hanging onto a bygone youth and beauty, but irreparably stringy in the neck, she was already working on her second gin and tonic, though it was not yet ten A.M.
Their skin was covered with a thin coating of sweat and dirt which had almost the consistency of a second skin.
The second specific comment was the report of Eisenhower's Commission on National Goals, titled Goals For Americans.
He gave us a simile to explain his admission that even at the worst period of his second illness it never occurred to him there was any renewed question about his running: as in the Battle of the Bulge, he had no fears about the outcome until he read the American newspapers.
Its second press release was on January 15, 1958, and it recommended that the secret papers be destroyed.
His second wife, Lillian, was the mother of John H. Mercer.
One shawl was so tremendous that she could not wear it, so she draped it over the banister on the second floor, and it hung over the stairway.
The second half of the sixteenth century in England was the setting for a violent and long controversy over the moral quality of renaissance literature, especially the drama.
Bridges, a son by his second wife, was christened at Pebworth in 1607, but Thomas the younger was living at Packwood two years later and sold Broad Marston manor in 1622.
The second name was ( Edward ) Kempe, matriculated from Queens' College at Easter, 1625.
Andre Malraux's The Walnut Trees Of Altenburg was written in the early years of the second World War, during a period of enforced leisure when he was taken prisoner by the Germans after the fall of France.
The House was his habitat and there he flourished, first as a young representative, then as a forceful committee chairman, and finally in the post for which he seemed intended from birth, Speaker of the House, and second most powerful man in Washington.
When he came to Baltimore, he was leaving a team which was supposed to win the National League pennant, and he was joining what seemed to be a second division American League club.
But during the second half of the century its fortunes reached a low point and when in 1897 Cyrus H. K. Curtis purchased it -- `` paper, type, and all '' -- for $1,000 it was a 16-page weekly filled with unsigned fiction and initialed miscellany, and with only some 2,000 subscribers.

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