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from Brown Corpus
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first and part
School began in August, the hottest part of the year, and for the first few days Miss Langford was very lenient with the children, letting them play a lot and the new ones sort of get acquainted with one another.
But as he remarks in his preface to The Walnut Trees, `` a novel can hardly ever be rewritten '', and `` when this one appears in its final form, the form of the first part will no doubt be radically changed ''.
Even in its present form, however, the first part of Malraux's unrecoverable novel is among the greatest works of mid-twentieth century literature ; ;
The 350th anniversary of the King James Bible is being celebrated simultaneously with the publishing today of the New Testament, the first part of the New English Bible, undertaken as a new translation of the Scriptures into contemporary English.
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
In the first place, a large part of the discrepancy between President Eisenhower's estimate of a 1.5 billion dollar surplus for the same period and the new estimate of an almost seven billion dollar deficit is the result of the outgoing President's farewell gift of a political booby-trap to his successor.
Since she could not act, one part suited her as well as any other, and so she was the first person to offer Mr. Lincoln a glass of water, holding it up to the box, high above her head, to Miss Harris, who had asked for it.
The first part of the new structure -- that for supporting the basic program of vocational rehabilitation services -- is described in this Section.
the college was one of the first to recognize the importance of music not only as a definite part of the curriculum but as a vital adjunct to campus life.
So right away Claude introduced Henri to his famous `` moon '' bench and proceeded to teach him his first Push-Pull Super-Set consisting of the wide-grip Straight-Arm Pullover ( the `` pull '' part of the Push-Pull Super-Set ) which dramatically widens the ribcage and strongly affects the muscles of the upper back and chest and the collar-to-collar Bench Press which specifically works on the chest to build those wide, Reeves-type `` gladiator '' pecs, while stimulating the upper lats and frontal deltoids.
The exercise I shall discuss in this -- the first of a new series of articles on muscle definition-specialization of a particular body part -- is the One Leg Lunge.
The first bridge known to have been covered wholly or in part, -- and perhaps the most interesting one, connected Newbury ( now Newburyport ) with Salisbury Point.
Sturdy and strong after more than a century of continuous use, the old covered, wooden bridge that spans the Tygartis Valley River at Philippi will have a distinctive part in the week-long observance of the first land battle of the Civil War at its home site, May 28th to June 3rd.
This covered, wooden bridge is so closely identified with the first action in the early morning of June 3, 1861, and with subsequent troop movements of both armies in the Philippi area that it has become a part and parcel of the war story.
The half-intensity diameter of the antenna beam was about 9', and the angle subtended by the moon included the entire main beam and part of the first side lobes.
However, they do demonstrate the presence of large normal pressures in the presence of flat shear fields which were forecast by the theory in the first part of the paper.
We should first recognize our tendency to develop a hierarchy of values, locating brief treatment at the bottom and long-term intensive service at the top, instead of seeing the services as part of a continuum, each important in its own right.
It is the first part of the Regulation that is currently at issue.
The first superhighways -- New York's Henry Hudson and Chicago's Lake Shore, San Francisco's Bay Bridge and its approaches, a good slice of the Pennsylvania Turnpike -- were built as part of the federal works program which was going to cure the depression.
Later the cleaning and restoration were ordered, first of the older part of the frieze, finally of the canopy.
With these aids, and a pair of skiis substituting for wheels on the Waco, Bob Fogg made the first landing on what is now part of the Barre-Montpelier Airport on November 21, 1927.
If one wishes to discuss a literary figure who uses folklore in his work, the first thing he must realize is that the literary figure is probably part of this ignorant American public.
Until that first dedication service, he and Lois felt their children were too young to take part in any religious life at home.
Yet adequate compensation -- and particularly merely adequate compensation is no substitute for those intangibles which cause a man to sacrifice part of his earning potential by taking up college teaching in the first place.

first and road
In my recollection, there was a long interval between the death of the officer and the appearance of the first of the retreating redcoats, and in that interval the dust cloud over the road seems to hover indefinitely.
A dozen cows mooed sadly and regarded us as if we were insane, as perhaps we were at that moment, with the crazy excitement of our first encounter, the yelling and shooting still continuing up at the road, and the thirst of some of the men, which was so great that they waded into the muddy water and scooped up handfuls of it.
At two thirty he sent Fujimoto to the top of the wall at the northeast corner of the mission to keep an eye on the ridge road and give a signal when he first glimpsed the approach of Kayabashi's party.
A road had to be hacked through trackless forests between Hanover and Portsmouth to permit Governor Wentworth and a company of gentlemen to attend the first Dartmouth commencement in 1771.
While Parsons pursued his own solo career and took many members of the Project on the road for the first time in a successful worldwide tour, Woolfson went on to produce musical plays influenced by the Project's music.
No larger settlements, however, have been found to have existed in this remote rural area, located at least 15 km from the nearest road even in Roman times, up to the early medieval period when the place is mentioned as a king's mansion for the first time, not long before Charlemagne became ruler of the Germanic Franks.
Under Head Coach Norb Hecker they lost their first nine regular-season games in 1966 and secured their first victory on the road against the New York Giants.
* Affinity, Cambridge University Eco Racing's first vehicle and the UK's first road legal solar car
In 1927 welding pioneer Stefan Bryła designed the first welded road bridge in the world, which was later built across the river Słudwia Maurzyce near Łowicz, Poland in 1929.
After the season ended, the Orioles showcased altered uniforms, with a circular ' Maryland ' patch added to the left-hand sleeve of all jerseys and the grey road jerseys displaying Baltimore across the chest for the first time since 1972.
* The land between Egypt and Canaan of the first Exodus was a " great and terrible wilderness, an arid wasteland " ( Deut 8: 15 ), but in this new Exodus, the land between Babylon ( Mesopotamia ) and the Promised Land will be transformed into a paradise, where the mountains will be lowered and the valleys raised to create level road ( Isa 40: 4 ).
The first message to reach Bonaparte regarding the disaster that had overtaken his fleet arrived on 14 August at his camp on the road between Salahieh and Cairo.
Jasmuheen stated that she failed on the first day of the test because the hotel room in which she was confined was located near a busy road, causing stress and pollution that prevented absorption of required nutrients from the air.
Enclosure was aided by the greatly enhanced access provided by the construction of the first turnpike roads over the moor: the road between Ashburton and Two Bridges opened in around 1800, for instance.
When the road reached Columbus, Tipton constructed the first bypass road ever built ; it detoured south around the west side of Columbus enroute to Seymour.
** Cumberland Road, a historical road, also called the Great National Pike and the National Road, the first United States federal highway
He won 5 races in 1995, including his first road course victory at Sears Point.
On October 16, 2011, the Cowboys wore their road blue jerseys against the New England Patriots for the first time since December 27, 2009, against the Redskins ; the Patriots defeated the Cowboys 20 – 16.
The first Ferrari road car was the 1947 125 S, powered by a 1. 5 L V12 engine ; Enzo Ferrari reluctantly built and sold his automobiles to fund Scuderia Ferrari.
Under the program's first phase ( 1983 – 86 ), the government allocated US $ 1. 5 billion, or 36 percent of total investment, for that purpose and an additional US $ 222 million in 1987 for road and rail rehabilitation.
The Takutu Bridge is seen as the first of several joint projects between Guyana and Brazil intended to facilitate cargo traffic: Brazil is expected to subsidize the paving of the Lethem-to-Georgetown road, a development that would have profound impacts on the area's economy and environment.

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