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abbess and also
Godwine ( Bishop of Rochester ), Leofrun ( abbess of St Mildrith's ), and the king's reeve, Ælfweard were captured also, but the abbot of St Augustine's Abbey, Ælfmaer, managed to escape.
The Caeremoniale Episcoporum recommends, but does not impose, that in solemn celebrations a bishop should also wear a dalmatic, which can always be white, beneath the chasuble, especially when administering the sacrament of holy orders, blessing an abbot or abbess, and dedicating a church or an altar.
(; ) ( 1098 – 17 September 1179 ), also known as Saint Hildegard, and Sibyl of the Rhine, was a German writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary, and polymath.
Her elder sister Agnes married King Philip II of France ( annulled in 1200 ) and her sister Gertrude ( killed in 1213 ) King Andrew II of Hungary, while the youngest Matilda ( Mechtild ) became abbess at the Benedictine Abbey of Kitzingen in Franconia, where Hedwig also received her education.
As a young girl, she was sent to the convent of Herford, where her grandmother Matilda was abbess and where her reputation for beauty and virtue ( probably also her Westphalian dowry ) is said to have attracted the attention of Duke Otto I of Saxony, who betrothed her to his recently divorced son and heir, Henry the Fowler.
The political power of the convent slowly waned in the 14th century, beginning with the establishment of the Zunftordnung ( guild laws ) in 1336 by Rudolf Brun, who also became the first independent mayor, i. e. not nominated by the abbess.
Edgar also had a daughter, possibly illegitimate, by Wulfryth, who later became abbess of Wilton.
He also corresponded with the abbess and philosopher Claude de Bectoz, of whose letters he was so fond that he would carry them around and show them to the ladies of his court.
* Regintrud, abbess of Nonnberg Abbey, was also a child of Dagobert.
A claim made in a ninth-century list of donations from the abbey of Gloucester that Æthelbald had " stabbed — or smitten " to death the kinsman of a Mercian abbess has also contributed negatively to his reputation.
An Eastern archimandrite ( high-ranking abbot ), hegumen ( abbot ) or hegumenia ( abbess ) who leads a monastic community also bears a crosier.
She also became the abbess of the monastery at Santa Clara la Real de Toledo, and she is buried there.
Eanflæd ( 19 April 626 – after 685, also known as Enfleda ) was a Kentish princess, queen of Northumbria and later, the abbess of an influential Christian monastery in Whitby, England.
Saint Frithuswith ( c. 65019 October 727 ; ; also known as Frideswide, Frideswith, Fritheswithe, Frevisse, or simply Fris ) was an English princess and abbess who is credited with establishing Christ Church in Oxford.
The museum houses also the funeral monuments in late-Gothic style of the first abbess D. Uganda and of the Infante Fernando, Duke of Viseu and his wife Beatriz of Portugal.
Odile ( also known as Hohenburg Abbey ) in the Hochwald ( Hohwald ), Bas-Rhin, where Odile became abbess and where Etichon was later buried.
Brahm has also been influential in establishing Dhammasara Nuns ' Monastery at Gidgegannup in the hills north-east of Perth to be a wholly independent monastery, where the Sri Lankan trained, Australian nun Ajahn Sr. Vayama is currently abbess.
Saint Cyra ( also Chera, Crea, and Cere filia Duibhrea ) was an early Irish abbess.
Historical records also indicate that Kenelm's sister, Cwenthryth ( Quendryda ), had entered the cloister at the time of her father's death and was the abbess of Minster-in-Thanet.
In Russian practice, a nun who is not an abbess may also be granted the privilege of wearing a pectoral cross, as an honorary award ( however, this award is not granted to monks who are not priests ).

abbess and her
Like an abbot, after being confirmed in her office by the Holy See, an abbess is solemnly admitted to her office by a formal blessing, conferred by the bishop in whose territory the monastery is located, or by an abbot or another bishop with appropriate permission.
The abbess tries to discourage her from working with the irreverent Beethoven.
Baldwin was married to the Armenian noblewoman Morphia of Melitene, and had four daughters: Hodierna and Alice, who married into the families of the Count of Tripoli and Prince of Antioch ; Ioveta, who became an influential abbess ; and the eldest, Melisende, who was his heir and succeeded him upon his death in 1131, with her husband Fulk V of Anjou as king-consort.
The characteristics they shared with many Merovingian female saints may be mentioned: Regenulfa of Incourt, a 7th-century virgin in French-speaking Brabant of the ancestral line of the dukes of Brabant fled from a proposal of marriage to live isolated in the forest, where a curative spring sprang forth at her touch ; Ermelindis of Meldert, a 6th-century virgin related to Pepin I, inhabited several isolated villas ; Begga of Andenne, the mother of Pepin II, founded seven churches in Andenne during her widowhood ; the purely legendary " Oda of Amay " was drawn into the Carolingian line by spurious genealogy in her 13th-century vita, which made her the mother of Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, but she has been identified with the historical Saint Chrodoara ; finally, the widely-venerated Gertrude of Nivelles, sister of Begga in the Carolingian ancestry, was abbess of a nunnery established by her mother.
After her husband had died in 936, Matilda and her son Otto established Quedlinburg Abbey in his memory, a convent of noble canonesses, where in 966 her granddaughter Matilda became the first abbess.
An abbess rises in haste and in the dark, with intent to surprise an accused nun in bed with her lover: thinking to put on her veil, she puts on instead the breeches of a priest that she has with her.
In 1138 she founded the large convent of St. Lazarus in Bethany where her younger sister Ioveta would rule as abbess.
Her sisters, the countess of Tripoli and abbess of Bethany, came to nurse her before she died on 11 September 1161.

abbess and office
The office of abbess is of considerable social dignity, and in the past, was sometimes filled by princesses of the reigning houses.
In 1218 Hedwig's daughter Gertrude became abbess of Trzebnica, the first of many Piast princesses to hold this office.

abbess and she
The abbess nominated the mayor, and she frequently delegated the minting of coins to citizens of the city.
In addition, the abbess increases the nun ’ s prayer rule, she is allowed a stricter personal ascetic practice.
She was a nun at, and possibly abbess of, the Nunnaminster in Winchester where she was buried.
* Saint Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen and mother of Pepin of Heristal, founded a convent in Andenne of which she was the first abbess.
In 1980, she played the abbess in Hawk the Slayer.
During her widowhood she often stayed at the Augustinian convent of San Clemente on San Gallo, where her sister Porzia was abbess.
By 1216 Francis was able to offer Clare and her companions a monastery adjoining the chapel of San Damiano where she became abbess.
It is dedicated to St Ethelburga, a 7th century abbess of Barking ; she was the sister of Saint Erkenwald, a Bishop of London.
Hideyori's son Kunimatsu ( age 8 ) was captured and beheaded ; his daughter was sent to Tōkei-ji, a convent in Kamakura, where she later became the abbess Tenshū-ni.
Elizabeth's third child, Gertrude of Altenberg ( 1227 – 1297 ), was born several weeks after the death of her father ; she became abbess of the monastery of Altenberg near Wetzlar.
Frithuswith remained abbess of the Oxford monastery until her death in about 727, where she was later buried.
In art, she is depicted holding the pastoral staff of an abbess, a fountain springing up near her and an ox at her feet.
She took a close interest in the well-being of several abbeys, and as overseer of Barking Abbey she deposed and later reinstated the abbess.
Raised in a convent in Warwickshire under the direction of Saint Modwen her ambition was to become an abbess, but she was too important as a dynastic pawn to be set aside.
Then, eventually, perhaps after Sighere's death, she established a convent at Chich, in Essex, where she ruled as first abbess.

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