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construction and dams
The Arthashastra of Kautilya mentions the construction of dams and bridges.
The construction of dams on the Nile, particularly the Aswan High Dam, transformed the mighty river into a large and predictable irrigation ditch.
He encouraged the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902 to promote federal construction of dams to irrigate small farms and placed 230 million acres ( 360, 000 mi² or 930, 000 km² ) under federal protection.
The discharge regime of the Euphrates has changed dramatically since the construction of the first dams in the 1970s.
Data on Euphrates discharge collected after 1990 show the impact of the construction of the numerous dams in the Euphrates and of the increased withdrawal of water for irrigation.
The construction of roads and dams, financed mostly by multilateral loans and grants, was intended to generate employment to compensate for the impact of the regionwide recession.
While encouraging the construction of large dams ( which Nehru called the " new temples of India "), irrigation works and the generation of hydroelectricity, Nehru also launched India's programme to harness nuclear energy.
Much money has been spent for land amelioration projects involving the installation of drainage pipes, the straightening and deepening of natural streams, the digging of drainage ditches, and the construction of polder dams.
Two large dams ( see below ) are under construction as part of the IIRSA regional integration project.
The construction of dams for hydropower generation is underway or envisaged in order to alleviate chronic power shortages in the countries of the Niger basin.
Groups in both countries have expressed concern over the Peoples Republic of China's construction of 13 hydroelectric dams on the Salween River in Yunnan.
As the construction of dams, power plants and canals required immense labor, which was rare in the middle of the Depression, the government authorized Sacramento River dams and other structures as public works projects beginning in 1935.
These wetlands originally flooded every winter and spring, but levee construction, agricultural encroachment and the construction of dams upstream have also eliminated the flooding process.
The plan as originally conceived called for the construction of five dams that would have had a total generating capacity of 34, 500 megawatts.
He encouraged the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902 to promote federal construction of dams to irrigate small farms and placed 230 million acres ( 360, 000 mi² or 930, 000 km² ) under federal protection.
It is now documented that the first area they became landlocked was in the Santee-Cooper river during the construction of the two dams that impounded Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, and because of this the state game fish of South Carolina is the striped bass.
Construction engineering is a professional discipline that deals with the designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructures such as highways, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams, and utilities.
Intended as permanent structures, steel dams were an ( arguably failed ) experiment to determine if a construction technique could be devised that was cheaper than masonry, concrete or earthworks, but sturdier than timber crib dams.
Timber dams were widely used in the early part of the industrial revolution and in frontier areas due to ease and speed of construction.
Timber plank dams were more elegant structures that employed a variety of construction methods utilizing heavy timbers to support a water retaining arrangement of planks.
Made commonly of wood, concrete or steel sheet piling, cofferdams are used to allow construction on the foundation of permanent dams, bridges, and similar structures.
Several rescue operations have already been undertaken when the construction of dams put entire river valleys under water.

construction and at
In purchasing Louisiana, Jefferson had to adopt Hamilton's broad construction of the Constitution, and so did Madison in advocating the rechartering of Hamilton's bank, which he had so strenuously opposed at its inception, and in adopting a Hamiltonian protective tariff.
Service at these levels of production and utilization will eventually require the construction of about 379,900 miles of new roads and 6,000 miles of new trails, along with the reconstruction to higher standards of about 105,000 miles of roads and 10,500 miles of trails.
The Manchester Depot Sewer Company issued 214 shares of stock at $10 each for construction of a sewer in that locality, and assessments were made for its maintenance.
The final step was a vote for a $230,000 bond issue for the construction of a sewage system by the 1959 town meeting, later confirmed by a two-thirds vote at a special town meeting June 21, 1960.
In September 1822 two companies of infantry arrived at the mouth of the St. Peter's River, the head of navigation on the Mississippi, and began construction of Fort St. Anthony which, upon completion, was renamed in honor of its commander, Colonel Josiah Snelling.
Louis H. Grenier, clerk of the board, said that the appeals will be reviewed in December at the time the board is visiting new construction sites in the town for assessment purposes.
Milton and Rosella Lovett of Cranston were awarded $55,000 damages from the state in Superior Court yesterday for industrial property which they owned at 83 Atwells Ave., Providence, and which was condemned for use in construction of Interstate Route 95.
From the 2000s many Chinese have settled and started up small businesses, while at least as many have come as workforce for large ( construction or other ) enterprises.
Kurosawa's responsibilities increased, and he worked at tasks ranging from stage construction and film development to location scouting, script polishing, rehearsals, lighting, dubbing, editing and second-unit directing.
* 1965 – A fire at a Titan missile base near Searcy, Arkansas kills 53 construction workers.
Governor Gawler took over from Hindmarsh in late 1838 and, despite being under orders from the Select Committee on South Australia in Britain not to undertake any public works, promptly oversaw construction of a governor's house, the Adelaide Gaol, police barracks, a hospital, a customs house and a wharf at Port Adelaide.
It is noted that most of the engines run on steam, and that an even larger one is under construction at the British Capital in Delhi.
* 1991 – The Warsaw radio mast, at one time the tallest construction ever built, collapses.
Under Title III of the ADA, all " new construction " ( construction, modification or alterations ) after the effective date of the ADA ( approximately July 1992 ) must be fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines ( ADAAG ) found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 28 C. F. R., Part 36, Appendix " A ".
he ordered the construction of a small fleet, perhaps a dozen or so longships, that, at 60 oars, were twice the size of Viking warships.
In 1911, Carnegie became a sympathetic benefactor to George Ellery Hale, who was trying to build the 100 inch ( 2. 5 m ) Hooker Telescope at Mount Wilson, and donated an additional ten million dollars to the Carnegie Institution with the following suggestion to expedite the construction of the telescope: " I hope the work at Mount Wilson will be vigorously pushed, because I am so anxious to hear the expected results from it.
The Falcons play their home games at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta, but construction is likely to begin in 2014 on a new stadium with play beginning in the 2017 season.
Members of the 3rd Marine Division ( United States ) | 3rd Marine Division complete construction of M101 105 mm howitzer positions at a mountain-top fire support base, Vietnam, 1968
Likewise, " architecture " refers not only to the design of safe, functional buildings, but also to elements of creation and innovation which aim at elegant solutions to construction problems, to the use of space, and to the attempt to evoke an emotional response in the builders, owners, viewers and users of the building.
The construction of the Abbey at Batalha commenced in 1388 and was added to by various Portuguese Kings over these next two centuries.
In September 2010 the US Veterans Administration proposed construction of a $ 209 million state-of-the-art facility at Alameda Point that would provide primary care, specialty care, and mental health, substance abuse and other services.
Although large Chinese bridges of wooden construction existed at the time of the Warring States, the oldest surviving stone bridge in China is the Zhaozhou Bridge, built from 595 to 605 AD during the Sui Dynasty.
European segmental arch bridges date back to at least the Alconétar Bridge ( approximately 2nd century AD ), while the enormous Roman era Trajan's Bridge ( 105 AD ) featured open-spandrel segmental arches in wooden construction.

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