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from Brown Corpus
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diversified and occupations
Actors sometimes alternate between theater, television and film or even branch into other occupations within the entertainment industry such as becoming a singer, comedian, producer, or a television host in order to be monetarily diversified, as doing one gig pays comparatively very little.
"... indeed I think that all endeavours to make them adopt more settled habits will be useless, for what great inducement does the monotonous and toilsome existence of the labouring classes in civilized communities offer, to make the savage abandon his independent and careless life, diversified by the exciting occupations of hunting, fighting, and dancing.

diversified and program
From the 1950s through the present, Berkeley Lab has maintained its status as a major international center for physics research, and has also diversified its research program into almost every realm of scientific investigation.
The festival includes both performances of the participating groups and a diversified cultural program demonstrating the essence of Korean culture.
After the war, Australia's immigration program diversified and more than 6. 5 million migrants arrived in Australia in the following 60 years, including more than a million Catholics from nations such as Italy, Malta, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Croatia and Hungary.
In recent years, Katimavik diversified its program offerings.
Requires that the public agencies and private nonprofit organizations carrying out program services have a previously demonstrated capability to administer effectively a diversified employability development program for migrant and seasonal farmworkers.
In the 1970s and 1980s, Clorox pursued an aggressive expansion program in which it attempted to establish itself as a major diversified consumer products conglomerate, like P & G.
No longer needing sugar as desperately for a cash crop — the oil-for-sugar program the Soviets had contracted with Cuba had, of course, dissipated — Cuba hurriedly diversified its agricultural production, utilizing former cane fields to grow consumables such as oranges and other fruit and vegetables.

diversified and is
the ceramic material of the age is more abundant, more diversified, and more indicative of the hopes and fears of its makers, who begin to show scenes of human life and death.
What to buy for adult and child readers, for lovers of fiction and nonfiction, for a clientele whose wants are incredibly diversified, when your budget is pitifully small??
The global economic crisis has had less impact on imports because the sector is more diversified than exports.
The surface of the country is beautifully diversified, undulating tracts and well-wooded hills alternating with fertile valleys watered mainly by the Aar and its tributaries.
ARY is a diversified group with interests in several sectors, though it is most famous for its contribution to Pakistani television.
The patterns of speciation in the Cucurbitales is diversified in a high number of species.
One of the key priorities of the reform of the military is make it more ethnically diversified.
Today, Columbia has a highly diversified economy, and is often ranked high for its business atmosphere.
A portrait as diversified as the one already pointed out for the coronal features is emphasized by the analysis of the dynamics of the main structures of the corona, which evolve in times very different among them.
In a highly diversified society, ( see Demographics of India ) McDonald's is a success story despite its fare's differing from that of the rest of the world.
Hearst is one of the largest diversified communications companies in the world.
It is possible for hedge funds to commit to a certain strategy or employ multiple strategies to allow flexibility, for risk management purposes, or to achieve diversified returns.
The other factor reducing the attractiveness of hedge funds in a diversified portfolio is that they tend to under-perform during equity bear markets, just when an investor needs part of their portfolio to add value.
Luxembourg is seen as a diversified industrialized nation, contrasting the oil boom in Qatar, the major monetary source of that nation.
The mission of READ / Orange County is to " create a more literate community by providing diversified services of the highest quality to all who seek them.
Today, the city's economy is now diversified among government service, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, banking, and education.
The economy is increasingly diversified, with significant private-sector activity in sugar, tourism, economic processing zones, and financial services, particularly in offshore enterprises.
Economic growth is far more diversified, with new service and industrial poles, like Casablanca and Tangier, developing.
At present, the city's economy is stable and diversified, primarily based on its traditional transportation, distribution, retailing and commercial heritage, but also supplemented by strength in the educational, health care, financial, information technology and insurance sectors.
Therefore, though the petroleum sector is important, it remains in fact a small part of the country's overall vibrant and diversified economy.
Its economy is diversified although the commodity exports is important, the trade and industry are centralized in Lima but the agricultural exports have created development in all the regions.
The presence of several terms describing the same language and identifying the whole language with its strongest dialect is sometimes the case with minority languages, which are diversified, but, because of the political obstacles, they cannot form one general standard language, which would gain a strong position in the country where they are spoken.

diversified and over
The few families and genera of reptile that have reached Madagascar have diversified into more than 260 species, with over 90 percent of these being endemic ( including one endemic family ).
Since that time, sharks have diversified into over 400 species.
Both snails that have lungs and snails that have gills have diversified so widely over geological time that a few species with gills can be found on land and numerous species with lungs can be found in freshwater.
Vocational education has diversified over the 20th century and now exists in industries such as retail, tourism, information technology, funeral services and cosmetics, as well as in the traditional crafts and cottage industries.
Wallingford has diversified its commercial and industrial base over the past decade attracting high technology industries as compared to traditional heavy manufacturing.
Industry has diversified over the past forty years to now include companies producing products from electronics parts to furniture hardware.
In its 2010 annual report, Carlyle reported assets in excess of $ 150 billion under management diversified over 84 distinct funds.
Such ideas have no operative principles in common with the modern hypothesis of abiogenesis, in which life emerged in the early ages of the planet, over a time span of at least millions of years, and subsequently diversified without evidence that there ever has been any subsequent repetition of the event.
The Apodiformes diversified during the Eocene, at the end of which the extant families were present ; fossil genera are known from all over temperate Europe, between today's Denmark and France, such as the primitive Scaniacypselus ( Early-Middle Eocene ) and the more modern Procypseloides ( Late Eocene / Early Oligocene-Early Miocene )
Around this time Larsen diversified his style, switching over to risky and unusual openings in some of his games, to try to throw his opponents off balance ; this led to the recovery of his form and further development of his chess.
Upon Eliphalet's death in 1861, his son, Philo, took over the firm during the Civil War, and diversified the product line to include sewing machines ( manufactured from 1870 to 1894 ) and typewriters ( 1873 ), both of which were exhibited at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876.
The NihalChand KishoriLal group ( also known as Kejriwal Group ) over time diversified into flour milling, tea plantations and steel.
Chaco's economy is diversified ; but, its agricultural sector has suffered from recurrent droughts over the past decade.
This merger created the largest laboratory ( over 600 personnel ) on the MIT campus and was regarded as a reuniting of the diversified elements of Project MAC.
The main businesses in the town were originally associated with engineering trades, but over recent years have diversified.
The company was taken over and diversified in the 1960s.
He concedes that a broadly diversified ETF that is held over time can be a good investment.
Featuring a live butterfly pavilion allows " visitors to observe the many ways in which butterflies and other animals have evolved, adapted, and diversified together with their plant partners over tens of millions of years.
The economic problems of the 1930s hit the business hard and Leonard Pelham Lee, who had taken over from his father, diversified into the production of water-pumping equipment and the " Godiva " was born.
Over the following century, the Kuk gradually evolved into a diversified organization in line with the social and economic changes over time.
During the past 25 years of operation Helijet has grown from one scheduled aircraft with 14 staff carrying just 22, 000 passengers into a diversified company with 15 aircraft, 150 + employees and carrying over 100, 000 passengers per year.
The organizational structure of the WTF has diversified at various times over its more than 30 year history to incorporate the various changes, affiliations and associations over these years of growth.
Initially focusing on the study of immune disorders under the leadership of Frank J. Dixon, over the following 25 years the faculty grew and diversified its research interests, precipitating another name change in 1977, to The Research Institute of Scripps Clinic.

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