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entire and body
The true artist is like one of those scientists who, from a single bone can reconstruct an animal's entire body.
beyond itself, also, it evokes numerous and distant resonances from the entire body of Mann's work.
This is done by encouraging the entire male student body to participate in either the intercollegiate or intramural sports program and by sponsoring the Carleton cheerleaders.
It is as follows: `` The usual sensitivity tests showed that the specific qualities of skin-perceptiveness ( pressure, pain, temperature ), as well as the kinesthetic sensations ( muscular feelings, feelings in the tendons and joints ), were, as such, essentially intact, although they seemed, in comparison with normal reactions, to be somewhat diminished over the entire body.
After another treatment with the machine, he told her that `` her entire body was shot through with tumors and cysts ''.
For if I knew the secret of letting this power in my body change directly into electricity, I could rent myself out to the electric companies and with just the power in my body I could light all the lights and run all the factories in the entire United States for some days.
He had a way of laughing immoderately so that his entire body shook.
Unlike some non-mammalian animals ( such as lizards that shed their tails, salamanders that can regrow many missing body parts, and hydras, flatworms, and starfish that can regrow entire bodies from small fragments ), once removed, human extremities do not grow back, unlike portions of some organs, such as the liver.
Brenner's team sliced worms into thousands of ultrathin sections and photographed every section under an electron microscope, then visually matched fibers from section to section, to map out every neuron and synapse in the entire body.
However, certain physical phenomena can be modeled assuming the materials exist as a continuum, meaning the matter in the body is continuously distributed and fills the entire region of space it occupies.
Thus, body forces are specified by vector fields which are assumed to be continuous over the entire volume of the body, i. e. acting on every point in it.
The general rule for open connections is that moves of the leader's hands back, forth, left or right are originated through moves of the entire body.
A systemic disease is a disease that affects the entire body, such as influenza or high blood pressure.
The " blue-death " color was not actually achromatic but was a dark blue or maroon hue that covered the entire body.
* The KLF's entire body of work is Discordian both in subject matter and in approach.
Some marine oligochaeta ( e. g. Olavius or Inanidrillus ) have obligate extracellular endosymbionts that fill the entire body of their host.
Therefore, although the priest ( or minister ) says, " The body of Christ ", when administering the host, and, " The blood of Christ ", when presenting the chalice, the communicant who receives either one receives Christ, whole and entire.
Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Orisi Rabukawaqa responded the next day by saying that the Military was not an ethnic Fijian body, that it stood to serve the entire nation, and that there was no colour bar in its recruitment or promotion.
* Sabre — a light cutting and thrusting weapon that targets the entire body above the waist, excluding the hands.
* Épée — a heavier thrusting weapon that targets the entire body.
In épée, the entire body is target, so it is not necessary to have a lamé.
The President is elected every five years by the Federal Assembly ( Bundesversammlung ), a special body convened only for this purpose, comprising the entire Bundestag and an equal number of state delegates selected especially for this purpose in proportion to election results for the state diets.
Galen notes that the exanthema covered the victim ’ s entire body and was usually black.

entire and codified
The entire populace moved northward, the Nephite and Mulekite societies merged, the government form changed, and traditional laws were codified.
Russell codified the modal approach to harmony ... inspired by a casual remark the eighteen-year-old Miles Davis made to him in 1944: Miles said he wanted to learn all the changes and I reasoned he might try to find the closest scale for every chord ... Davis popularised those liberating ideas in recordings like Kind of Blue, undermining the entire harmonic foundation of bop that had inspired him and Russell in the first place.
Confucians held that codified law was inadequate to provide meaningful guidance for the entire panorama of human activity, but they were not against using laws to control the most unruly elements in the society.

entire and statute
Newfoundland never ratified the statute, so it was still subject to imperial authority when its entire system of government and economy collapsed in the mid-1930s.
The western part is inside the Adirondack Park boundary, but the entire town is specifically excluded from the park by statute.
The voters of Colorado then passed a referendum authorizing the eight hour day, but the smelter owners and Republican Party fought any efforts to pass a new statute implementing the amendment, while Peabody declared that he would undo it " if it requires the entire power of the State and the Nation to do it ".
This statute added an entire new component to the Criminal Code.
According the party statute, it was the supreme ruling body of the entire Communist Party.
* Continuous use of the property – The disseisor must, for statute of limitations purposes, hold that property continuously for the entire limitations period, and use it as a true owner would for that time.
The portion of the law that is declared void is considered to be struck down, or the entire statute is considered to be struck from the statute books.
The all encompassing Presidential Decree 1099 of September 7, 2010 that modernised and reorganised the entire Russian awards system away from its Soviet past changed the statute of the Order to a ribbon mounted single class Order.
* DeKalb County Police Department, DeKalb County, Georgia-limited service ( By statute, DKPD has authority throughout the entire county, but yields this authority to incorporated municipalities that provide their own police services.

entire and is
To Adams that age in which religion exercised power over the entire culture of the race was one of imagination, and it is largely the admiration he so obviously held for such eras that betrays a peculiar religiosity -- a sentiment he would have probably denied.
He began the dialogue by having his wife announce that one does not invade people's homes without warning them that one is coming, and went on from that with the entire catalogue of his social gaucheries.
The entire exercise, Latin and English, is most suggestive of the kind of person Milton had become at Christ's during his undergraduate career ; ;
The work as it stands is not the entire book that Malraux wrote at that time -- it is only the first section of a three-part novel called La Lutte avec l'Ange ; ;
The entire middle section of The Walnut Trees is taken up with the life of Vincent Berger himself, whose fragmentary notes on his `` encounters with mankind '' are now conveyed by his son.
He mentions the beats only once '', when he refers to their having revived through mere power and abandonment and the unwillingness to, commit death in life some idea of a decent equivalent between verbal expression and actual experience,, but the entire narrative, is written in the tiresome vocabulary `` of '' that lost `` and '' dying cause, `` and in the '' `` sprung syntax that is supposed to supplant, our mother, tongue.
What they have objected to is the attempt of the Russians to make use of the tragedy of Dag Hammarskjold's death to turn the entire U.N. staff from the Secretary down into political agents of the respective countries from which they come.
For the first time in history the entire world is dominated by two large, powerful nations armed with murderous nuclear weapons that make conventional warfare of the past a nullity.
If an atom bomb in 1945 could destroy an entire city surely the atomic arsenal we now have is more than adequate to fulfill any military objective required of it.
As you can see, in this Push-Pull Super Set the entire chest-back-shoulder area is vigorously exercised in alternate sectors by alternate exercises so the complete torso remains pumped-up all the time!!
By this time Henri's entire chest-back-lat-shoulder area is pumped-up to almost bursting point, and Claude takes time to do a bit more pectoral-front deltoid shaping work.
We must make certain that the aircraft is finished before we give the entire job to the missile.
The transducer itself moves the beam in a sector scan, just like a radar antenna, while the entire transducer structure is moved over a 90-degree arc in front of the eye to `` look into '' all corners.
The total picture is only seen by the camera which integrates the many sector scans over the entire 90-degree rotation period.
Indeed, the experiment is better viewed as consisting of one binomial trial for the entire family.
The graph of f has at least one component whose support is the entire interval Aj.
We have shown that the graph of F contains at least one component whose inverse is the entire interval {0,T}, and whose multiplicity is odd.
The most obvious of these is the quadratic complex of tangents to Q, each line of which is transformed into the entire pencil of lines tangent to Q at the image of the point of tangency of the given line.
Each generator, **yl, of Af is also exceptional, for each is transformed into the entire congruence of secants of the curve into which that generator is transformed by the point involution on Q.

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