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excitement and is
The scene is etched in sharp detail, the military problems brilliantly explained, and the excitement and importance of the battle made evident.
And although Schnabel's pianism bristles with excitement, it is meticulously faithful to Schubert's dynamic markings and phrase indications.
We pointed out that emotional excitement may lead to psychosomatic disorders and neurotic symptoms, particularly in certain types of personality, but it is also known that the reliving of a strong emotion ( `` abreaction '' ) may cure a battle neurosis.
We have a brief glimpse of the Tsar's public personality, the `` official Boris '', but our real focus is on the excitement of the crowd -- a significant contrast with its halfhearted acclamation in the opening scene, its bitter resentment and fury in the final act.
The best course is to recover his physical excitement by a change of pace that makes him ardent again.
The tomb is somberly monotone and lacks the polychromatic excitement that detracts from the elegiac mood of Urban VIII's tomb.
* Catatonic excitement is a state of constant purposeless agitation and excitation.
* Malignant catatonia is an acute onset of excitement, fever, autonomic instability, delirium and may be fatal.
Garnering much excitement is the possible use of diamond as a semiconductor suitable to build microchips from, or the use of diamond as a heat sink in electronics.
Since ensemble taiko is focused on rhythm, the ma of a piece is critical to adding drama, excitement, and tension.
There is, then, a higher probability of excitement and release of photons by lower-energy atoms, making analysis more efficient.
Hoosier Hysteria is the state of excitement surrounding basketball in Indiana, or more specifically the Indiana high school basketball tournament.
More recently, the use of a " rescue instillation " composed of pentosan polysulfate or heparin, sodium hyaluronate, lidocaine and sodium bicarbonate, has generated considerable excitement in the IC / BPS community because it is the first therapeutic intervention that can be used to reduce a flare of symptoms.
John Sheppard, in his analysis of dreams titled On Dreams ( 1847 ), lamented Coleridge's drug use as getting in the way of his poetry but argued: " It is probable, since he writes of having taken an ' anodyne ,' that the ' vision in a dream ' arose under some excitement of that same narcotic ; but this does not destroy, even as to his particular case, the evidence for a wonderfully inventive action of the mind in sleep ; for, whatever were the exciting cause, the fact remains the same ".
Further, there is no reason to be surprised when discussions such as those about the " death of God " – a concept drawn from Nietzsche – stir popular excitement as they did in the recent past, and could do so again today.
The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth is the excitement of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the foolish wisdom of flesh, the seventh is the wrathful wisdom.
She's a very stoic, hardy person full of joy and excitement for life ... She is not without opinions on politics and political types these days ... She is, as most of her friends described her, a pistol.
The afikoman — an integral part of the Seder itself — is used to engage the interest and excitement of the children at the table.
Ahmet Etregun, producer for Atlantic Records, is reported to have said that " Afro-Cuban rhythms added color and excitement to the basic drive of R & B.

excitement and due
The march took less than half the scheduled time due to excitement, but also due to wariness about walking through the city with gay banners and signs.
In the penultimate episode, " Enos and Daisy's Wedding ", the two plan on getting married, only to have Enos call it off at the last minute due to an attack of hives, brought on by the excitement of possibly being married to Daisy.
There has even been a suggestion of a link between the name " Sheba " and that of Zanzibar, and a massive earthenware monument of the Yoruba people all the way in West Africa known as Sungbo's Eredo actually caused mild excitement when it was first studied by Western scholars due to the tribal folk tradition that the divine personage it was built in honour of was none other than the Queen of Sheba herself.
MEMS technology has generated a tremendous amount of excitement, due to the vast range of important applications where MEMS can offer previously unattainable performance and reliability standards.
While initially meeting with a lukewarm reception due to his replacement of the popular Campbell, Kalas soon won the hearts of Phillies fans with his easy-going style, his mellow, baritone, leathery voice ( which rose to great excitement upon great plays on the field or Phillies ' home runs, especially in key situations ), his love of the game and also his accessibility to Phillies fans, for whom he professed a strong love.
From the Revelation CD liner notes by Maxwell Chandler: ” The excitement of new works from Chico is not derived from any absence as he has not stopped, nor is it due to the curiosity factor of seeing what type of artistic phase he is entering into.
Though it generated much interest and excitement, it was also largely criticized by fans due to Scorpion's unusual appearance.
However, the excitement of the film's near completion was short lived due to Sedgwick's death from acute barbiturate intoxication.
Other critics took issue with how the novel did not depart enough from the game's storyline ; Ryan Matthews of gaming site The Junkyard. net stated that " the game was designed with gameplay in mind, but the excitement of killing hundreds of aliens starts to become tiresome in the book " due to repetitious fight scenes.
"-sharp, huffing exhales either due to excitement or meant to provoke a foe
It was noted that it could occur to a lesser extent in sportsmen due to an interaction between mechanical blows and the heat and excitement of physical combat.
In 1922 the Pals created excitement around Charleston as they won the South Atlantic League title, but due to unknown reasons the Pals folded at the end of the season, and that lead to a 16 year baseball drought in Charleston.
WCW used it for the same reason but rarely used it as a match to draw fans due to the excitement generated by seeing six men wrestling in the same match as Crockett did.
Still, there was excitement over the upcoming tour due to the revival in interest of many ' 80s hard rock acts, and the band geared up for their " Maximum Rock " tour with thrash metal legends Anthrax and Megadeth.
Alex gets it, but his shout of excitement frightens his parents due to his emotional state and they decide to break his door down when he won't open it.
" DeCinces said years later that the game and his home run " triggered something " and that " the emotion just multiplied from there ," adding that the ensuing atmosphere of excitement was in no small part due to the excited call of the home run by announcers Bill O ' Donnell and Charley Eckman on the Orioles ' radio network.
The festival is due to take place on June 29, 2011, with Tj Stickland returning with new band " The Bridge " and Martin Williams ' return with " MayDay " has been anticipated with a lot of excitement.

excitement and knowledge
Players quickly noticed that College Bowl's questions were not tailored to reward even minimal levels of effort at acquiring knowledge, but instead were aimed at entertaining a television audience, tricking good players into giving wrong answers in order to create " excitement ," and generally making the spectator feel smarter than the players in order to keep people watching.
His scientific knowledge, along with his excitement and passion about the theory of quick evolution, helps him lead the team in eliminating the Genus.

excitement and here
" Go home to your different wards and organize your different unions, but don't keep coming up here in great bodies and stirring up excitement.
" That series was probably the most excitement I saw around here ," proclaimed Clark, who had 20 points ( 10 goals and 10 assists ) in his 21 games during the ' 93 playoffs.
Although the tiger was never widely seen, it did bring some excitement to city folks as records of tiger being found here are quite old and forgotten now with the last tiger being shot down 80 years earlier in the region.
:" I remember quite well my excitement on going through the turnstile to be let at large in a big, quiet, nice smelling place with a lot of pictures hanging on the walls and here and there students sitting on high stools copying at easels.
She noted that there is "... something awfully satisfying about the throbbing missiles and cathartic explosions that constitute this film's main excitement ," but felt that "... nothing else here delivers a comparable thrill.
There was a well in the square here, and such was the excitement, and it being dark, a man fell into the well and was drowned.

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