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first and member
I hope the man who plans to sit on his hands until the emergency comes will have a change of heart, will get busy and be the first member of our `` plus-one '' shelter club.
The first two pieces butt against the inner member of the keelson and are glued and screwed to the brace between the first two frames.
Not only should every educator above the rank of instructor be expected to be a member of one of the professional organizations, but his first qualification for membership as an educator should be so sharply scrutinized that membership would be equivalent to certification to teach the subject.
Argon became the first member of the noble gases to be discovered.
In 1906, the Aga Khan was a founding member and first president of the All India Muslim League, a political party which pushed for the creation of an independent Muslim nation in the north west regions of South Asia, then under British colonial rule, and later established the country of Pakistan in 1947.
In 1957, Ayckbourn married Christine Roland, another member of the Library Theatre company, and indeed Ayckbourn's first two plays were written jointly with her under the pseudonym of " Roland Allen ".
The first member of the league to attempt to secede was the island of Naxos in c. 471 BC.
The first female member Florence Rankin joined AA in March 1937, and the first non-Protestant member, a Roman Catholic, joined in 1939.
Wilson's first success came during a business trip to Akron, Ohio, where he was introduced to Dr. Robert Smith, a surgeon and Oxford Group member who was unable to stay sober.
The first member of the phylum to be named ( by Dufour in 1828 ) was Gregarina ovata in earwigs.
She was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1987 general election as member for the constituency of Maidstone ( which became Maidstone and The Weald in 1997 ).
The earliest known member of the house, Esiko, Count of Ballenstedt, first appears in a document of 1036, and is assumed to have been a grandson ( through his mother ) of Odo I, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark.
The built heritage was also at the forefront of the growth of member based organizations in the United States for example, founded in 1889, the Richmond, Virginia-based Preservation Virginia ( formerly known as the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities ) was the United States ' first statewide historic preservation group.
Under Abdülaziz's reign, Turkey's first postage stamps were issued in 1863, and Turkey joined the Universal Postal Union in 1875 as a founding member.
If the object point be infinitely distant, all rays received by the first member of the system are parallel, and their intersections, after traversing the system, vary according to their perpendicular height of incidence, i. e. their distance from the axis.
He supported the formation of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm in 1739 by Linnaeus and five others, and was elected a member at the first meeting of this academy.
Wenham was also a member of the first professional organization dedicated to aeronautics, the Royal Aeronautical Society of the United Kingdom.
Two years later, the re-elected Clinton became the first member of the Democratic Party since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second full term as president.
Potter had been a disciple of the land conservation and preservation ideals of her long-time friend and mentor, Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley, the first secretary and founding member of the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty.
Legend has it that for five great Gaelic families — the O ' Gradys, the O ' Neills, the Ó Briains, the Ó Conchobhairs, and the Caomhánachs — the lament would be sung by a fairy woman ; having foresight, she would sing the lament when a family member died, even if the person had died far away and news of their death had not yet come, so that the wailing of the banshee was the first warning the household had of the death.
The first female Blue Angel flight surgeon was LT Tamara Schnurr, as a member of the 2001 team.

first and family
and, `` I do think that families are the most beautiful things in all the world '', burst out Jo some five hundred pages later in that popular story of the March family, which had first appeared when Henrietta was eight ; ;
The first time I saw the latter filly she trotted by me and I noticed such a family resemblance that I said to myself, `` that must be Hickory Ash ''.
Have a test-run on the family first, to be sure timing and seasoning are right.
During all this time Roy continued to paint, first only on weekends, and then, as the family business permitted, for longer periods.
Decide first what the place is worth to you and your family as a home in comparison with what it would cost to live in town.
Palfrey told his wife of his intentions for the first time, and left for New Orleans apprehensively invoking a special blessing of Providence that he might be allowed to see his family again.
The size of Saud's family was still being debated when the King appeared for his first meeting with Eisenhower.
At first the Belgian royal family administered the Congo as its own private property.
As for Cousin Alexander Carraway, the only thing Theresa could remember at the moment about him ( except his paper knife ) was that he had had exceptionally long hands and feet and one night about one o'clock in the morning the whole Stubblefield family had been aroused to go next door at Cousin Emma's call -- first Papa, then Mother, then Theresa and George.
The family was one of the first to be recognized as a distinct group in Jacques Daleschamps ’ 1586 Historia generalis plantarum.
" Ever since the time of my ancestor Ali, the first Imam, that is to say over a period of thirteen hundred years, it has always been the tradition of our family that each Imam chooses his successor at his absolute and unfettered discretion from amongst any of his descendants, whether they be sons or remote male issue and in these circumstances and in view of the fundamentally altered conditions in the world in very recent years due to the great changes which have taken place including the discoveries of atomic science, I am convinced that it is in the best interest of the Shia Muslim Ismailia Community that I should be succeeded by a young man who has been brought up and developed during recent years and in the midst of the new age and who brings a new outlook on life to his office as Imam.
Agrippina was the first Roman matron to have more than one child from her family to reign on the Roman throne.
In this term, he introduced for the first time his Homestead Bill, which sought to provide 160 acres for every poor family head " without money and without price "; Johnson did not rest until passage some years later.
Of his pupils, the most famous were Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri, the first of the Guarneri family of violin makers.
Not long after, Abu Bakr accepted Islam and was the first person outside the family of Muhammad to openly become a Muslim.
The first is what Gildas meant by saying Ambrosius ' family " had worn the purple ".
Sometimes, Roman numerals are still used for enumeration of lists ( as an alternative to alphabetical enumeration ), for sequential volumes, to differentiate monarchs or family members with the same first names, and ( in lower case ) to number pages in prefatory material in books.
Aalto's early career runs in parallel with the rapid economic growth and industrialization of Finland during the first half of the twentieth century and many of his clients were industrialists ; among these were the Ahlström-Gullichsen family.
Amongst those who patronized the old man was the patrician family Falier of Venice, and by this means young Canova was first introduced to the senator of that name, who afterwards became his most zealous patron.
The title of Baron Abergavenny, in the Nevill family, dates from Edward Nevill, 3rd Baron Bergavenny ( d. 1476 ), who was the youngest son of Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland by his second wife Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, first Duke of Lancaster.
* In Nizhny Novgorod, there is a Sakharov Museum in the apartment on the first floor of the 12-storeyed house where the Sakharov family lived for seven years.
" Fisher repeatedly brought Leviticus and his clan back, claiming their primacy as comics ' first hillbilly family — but he was missing the point.
Concerned for the family reputation, Torvald insists that she fulfill her duty as a wife and mother, but Nora says that her first duties are to herself, and she cannot be a good mother or wife without learning to be more than a plaything.
The Capone family immigrated to the United States, first immigrating from Italy to Rijeka, Croatia in 1893, traveling on a ship to the U. S and finally settled at 95 Navy Street, in the Navy Yard section of downtown Brooklyn.
His successor, Frederick II Irontooth, established Berlin as capital of the margraviate, and subsequent members of the Hohenzollern family ruled until 1918 in Berlin, first as electors of Brandenburg, then as kings of Prussia, and eventually as German emperors.

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