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first and sign
At this point Mrs. Frances Cupply, one of Wright's handsome daughters by his first wife, came from the house and tried to calm Miriam as she tore down a no visitors sign and smashed the glass pane on another sign with a rock.
Another optimistic sign, this one from the Labor Department, was the report that the long rise in unemployment compensation payments `` was interrupted for the first time in the week ending Feb. 25 ''.
Thus at the first Council of Constantinople, AD 448, 23 archimandrites or abbots sign, with 30 bishops.
In the 1960s linguist William Stokoe created the first writing system for a sign language, the so-called Stokoe notation, which he designed specifically for ASL.
Stokoe used it for his 1965 A Dictionary of American Sign Language on Linguistic Principles, the first dictionary with entries in ASL — that is, the first dictionary which one could use to look up a sign without first knowing its conventional gloss in English.
* 1972 – Seventy-four nations sign the Biological Weapons Convention, the first multilateral disarmament treaty banning the production of biological weapons.
The caustic, in the first case, resembles the sign > ( greater than ); in the second < ( less than ).
Swedish and Danish chronicles of the 16th century described the events as " black " for the first time, not to describe the late-stage sign of the disease, in which the sufferer's skin would blacken due to subepidermal hemorrhages and the extremities would darken with a form of gangrene, acral necrosis, but more likely to refer to black in the sense of glum or dreadful and to denote the terror and gloom of the events.
ITU prefixes: Letter combinations available for use in Canada as the first two letters of a television or radio station's call sign are CF, CG, CH, CI, CJ, CK, CY, CZ, VA, VB, VC, VD, VE, VF, VG, VO, VX, VY, XJ, XK, XL, XM, XN and XO.
For a given material, it can have a positive or negative sign or exceptionally it can be zero, and this can depend on the temperature, as it does for water about 4 C. The concept of latent heat with respect to volume was perhaps first recognized by Joseph Black in 1762.
* 1986 – Revolt in Kazakhstan against Communist Party of Kazakhstan, known as Zheltoksan, which becomes the first sign of ethnic strife during Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev's tenure
Bulgaria was the first to sign an armistice on September 29, 1918 at Saloniki.
The first use of an equals sign, equivalent to 14x + 15 = 71 in modern notation.
Those who place first lunar month of the year in twelfth zodiacal sign before the spring equinox and fix the Paschal fourteenth day accordingly, make a great and indeed an extraordinary mistake
In the defence sector, Ecuador became the first country to sign a contract for purchasing the Indian made Dhruv helicopters of which one will be for use by its President.
On the other hand, the Republic of Ireland has not been able to sign the Charter on behalf of the Irish language ( although a minority language ) as it is defined as the first official language of the state.
John Fox Watson made a pioneering transfer to Real Madrid in 1948, becoming one of the first players from the British Isles to sign for a high-profile side abroad, leading the way for British players like John Charles, Jimmy Greaves and Denis Law in the following decades.
When Shilton told Leicester he would not sign a professional contract unless he was guaranteed first team football, Banks found himself available for transfer, just a year after winning the World Cup.
* Marriage at Cana: the first sign
God graced me with being able, through such a singular sign, to reveal to my Lord my devotion and the desire I have that his glorious name live as equal among the stars, and since it is up to me, the first discoverer, to name these new planets, I wish, in imitation of the great sages who placed the most excellent heroes of that age among the stars, to inscribe these with the name of the Most Serene Grand Duke.
The first covenant is between God and all living creatures, and is marked by the sign of the rainbow ; the second is with the descendants of Abraham ( Ishmaelites and others as well as Israelites ), and its sign is circumcision ; and the last, which doesn't appear until the book of Exodus, is with Israel alone, and its sign is Sabbath.

first and is
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
And that is the way I first saw her when my Uncle brought her into his antique store.
Why, in the first place, call himself a liberal if he is against laissez-faire and favors an authoritarian central government with womb-to-tomb controls over everybody??
Life is further characterized, in antithesis to Piepsam, as animal: the image of a dog, which appears at several places, is first given as the criterion of amiable, irrelevant interest aroused by life considered simply as a spectacle: a dog in a wagon is `` admirable '', `` a pleasure to contemplate '' ; ;
In the first instance, `` mimesis '' is here used to mean the recalling of experience in terms of vivid images rather than in terms of abstract ideas or conventional designations.
This is the primary function of the imagination operating in the absence of the original experiential stimulus by which the images were first appropriated.
The first half of The Charles Men, ending on the climax of the battle of Poltava in 1709, is more dramatically coherent than the second.
He is, first and foremost, a defender of public morals, a servant of society.
The first of two possible variations on this theme is symbolized by Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.
Noting such evidence is the first step ; ;
So it is that we relive his opening statement in the first television address with the dramatic immediacy of the present.
and it is surely clear that the first of these is the result of the way in which the individual's command of language interacts with the other two.
The first thing to do is get her some money by a temporary but definite adjustment pending a final disposition of the case.
When I take over Taliesin, the first thing I'll do is fire you ''.
If `` Jack the Courtier '' is really to be taken as Swift, the following remark is obviously Steele's comment on Swift's change of parties and its effect on their friendship: `` I assure you, dear Jack, when I first found out such an Allay in you, as makes you of so malleable a Constitution, that you may be worked into any Form an Artificer pleases, I foresaw I should not enjoy your Favour much longer ''.
At this point a working definition of idea is in order, although our first definition will have to be qualified somewhat as we proceed.
`` History has this in common with every other science: that the historian is not allowed to claim any single piece of knowledge, except where he can justify his claim by exhibiting to himself in the first place, and secondly to any one else who is both able and willing to follow his demonstration, the grounds upon which it is based.
We saw it frequently afterward, but our suggestion for the very first encounter is near sunset.
Master Gorton, having foully abused high and low at Aquidneck is now bewitching and bemaddening poor Providence, both with his unclean and foul censures of all the ministers of this country ( for which myself have in Christ's name withstood him ), and also denying all visible and external ordinances in depth of Familism: almost all suck in his poison, as at first they did at Aquidneck.

first and lockjaw
The shorter nerves are the first to be inhibited, which leads to the characteristic early symptoms in the face and jaw, risus sardonicus and lockjaw.

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