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focus and
Andrew Carnegie s political and economic focus of during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was the defense of laissez faire economics.
To be aware of X is to construct a model of one s attentional focus on X.
Conservation groups focus primarily on an issue that s origins are routed in general expansion.
Richard Klemensen s Little Shoppe of Horrors has a particular focus on " Hammer Horrors " and has continued publishing issues on an irregular schedule since 1972.
The aid package falls under the EU s € 1 billion Food Facility, set up with the UN Secretary-General s High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis and FAO to focus on programmes that will have a quick but lasting impact on food security.
Bernhard s focus on Jungian depth psychology proved to be the single greatest influence on Fellini s mature style and marked the turning point in his work from neorealism to filmmaking that was “ primarily oneiric ”.
Unlike Aleksandrov, the focus of Pyryev s films was life on the collective farms.
Most studies on emotion in negotiations focus on the effect of the negotiator s own emotions on the process.
The two outstanding doctrines of the Lotus Sutra, which were the focus of Nichiren s teachings and practice are: the attainment of Buddhahood by all people in their lifetime, and the eternal life of the Buddha revealed in the Ceremony in the Air of the Lotus Sutra.
The Gohonzon is described as an object for focus of devotion in Nichiren s letter: “ The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind ” which is acknowledged by most followers of Nichiren Buddhism.
Paraguay s primary manufacturing focus is on food and beverages.
For example, in Menander s Dis Exapaton there is a focus on the betrayal between age groups and friends.
The relationship is always a focus, even if it s not the focus of every action taken by the main characters.
In Plautus, on the other hand, the focus is still on the relationship between father and son, but we see betrayal between the two men that wasn t seen in Menander.
Artists and critics often credit Rakim with creating the overall shift from the more simplistic Old School flows to more complex flows near the beginning of Hip Hop s new school – Kool Moe Dee says, “ any emcee that came after 1986 had to study Rakim just to know what to be able to do ... Rakim, in 1986, gave us flow and that was the rhyme style from 1986 to 1994 ... from that point on, anybody emceeing was forced to focus on their flow ”.
Rakim created flow !” He adds that while Rakim upgraded and popularized the focus on flow,he didn t invent the word ”.
His focus was to faithfully convey, with less poetic license, Khayyam s original religious, mystical, and historic Persian themes, through the verses as well as his extensive annotations.
His frustration with abstraction won over, as he himself described his paintings focus as coming to a plateau.
That last part of Sojourner s speech brings in her main focus.
Particularly egregious cases known as horrendous evils, which " prima facie reason to doubt whether the participant s life could ( given their inclusion in it ) be a great good to him / her on the whole ”, have been the focus of recent work in the problem of evil.
As prescribed in the United Nations University Strategic Plan 2011 – 2014, the 26 major topics of focus of the UN University s academic work fall within five interdependent thematic clusters:
The institute s research and training programmes address a broad range of policy questions relating to the national and international governance of science, technology and innovation, with a particular focus on the creation, diffusion and access to knowledge.

focus and s
Yale President Richard Levin attributes the run to Yale s focus on creating " a laboratory for future leaders ," an institutional priority that began during the tenure of Yale Presidents Alfred Whitney Griswold and Kingman Brewster.
Local financial markets development is one of IFC s strategic focus areas.
A disadvantage of the Cassegrain is that the feed horn ( s ) must have a narrower beamwidth ( higher gain ) to focus its radiation on the smaller secondary reflector, instead of the wider primary reflector as in front-fed dishes.

focus and work
A pervading quality of free lyricism and a building from turns close to the ground towards jumps into the air gives the work its central focus.
Anthemius assumes a property of an ellipse not found in Apollonius's work, that the equality of the angles subtended at a focus by two tangents drawn from a point, and having given the focus and a double ordinate he goes on to use the focus and directrix to obtain any number of points on a parabola — the first instance on record of the practical use of the directrix.
Although Housman's early work and his sphere of responsibilities as professor included both Latin and Greek, he began to focus his energy on Latin poetry.
Eventually Alston left commercial work to focus on his own artwork.
When W. Grant McMurray became Prophet – President, he declared that instruction specific to leadership changes would no longer be included, so that the focus of the work could be more doctrinal in nature, and less administrative.
At the conclusion of this book tour, Day seemed content to focus on her charity and pet work and her business interests.
Soon after Summer of Night, Simmons, who had written mostly horror fiction, began to focus on writing science fiction, although in 2007 he returned with a work of historical fiction and horror, The Terror.
A focus of the subject is how economic agents behave or interact and how economies work.
He believed that work of quality should be brief and focus on a specific single effect.
This minor will focus on providing students with skills needed to work in the sustainable energy industry, or to start their own company in this industry.
Brockovich's work in bringing litigation against Pacific Gas and Electric is the focus of the 2000 feature film, Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts in the title role.
Although the main focus of his work was on medicine, anatomy, and physiology, Galen also wrote about logic and philosophy.
The former focus on creating new and improving existing infrastructure ( especially the software environment they work with ), while the latter primarily and strongly emphasize the general act of circumvention of security measures, with the effective use of the knowledge ( which can be to report and help fixing the security bugs, or exploitation for criminal purpose ) being only rather secondary.
The focus of the Scottish Enlightenment ranged from intellectual and economic matters to the specifically scientific as in the work of William Cullen, physician and chemist, James Anderson, an agronomist, Joseph Black, physicist and chemist, and James Hutton, the first modern geologist.
The ABC was largely forgotten until it became the focus of the lawsuit Honeywell v. Sperry Rand, the ruling of which invalidated the ENIAC patent ( and several others ) as, among many reasons, having been anticipated by Atanasoff's work.
Pictorialist photographers whose work is characterized by soft focus and atmospheric effects have also been called Impressionists.
Existentialism is a term applied to the work of a number of 19th-and 20th-century philosophers who, despite profound doctrinal differences, generally held that the focus of philosophical thought should be to deal with the conditions of existence of the individual person and his or her emotions, actions, responsibilities, and thoughts.
The primary advantage of in vitro work is that it permits an enormous level of simplification of the system under study, so that the investigator can focus on a small number of components.
Through most of 1603, Kepler paused his other work to focus on optical theory ; the resulting manuscript, presented to the emperor on January 1, 1604, was published as Astronomiae Pars Optica ( The Optical Part of Astronomy ).
Originally his work focused on technique-some argue that it had that focus at the cost of relevance, especially in Rain ( Regen, 1929 ), a 10-minute short filmed over 2 years which features impressive cinematography and a number of ' characters ' but no information about them aside from what was visible, and in The Bridge ( De Brug, 1928 ), which showed a frank admiration of engineering and also featured a number of " characters " but again did not give any information about them.
Thanks to their influence, studying calculus became the major focus of Euler's work.
Previously he had not paid special attention to the study of ichthyology, but it soon became the great focus of his life's work.

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