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large and contingent
In Carinthia, a large contingent of northern German Nazis tried to seize power but were subdued by the Italian units nearby.
Since 1990 ECOWAS has been engaged in a peacekeeping mission in Liberia to which Ghana has contributed a large contingent of troops.
In the east, there were decisive victories against the Russian army, the trapping and defeat of large parts of the Russian contingent at the Battle of Tannenberg, followed by huge Austrian and German successes.
Within a short time the beach and the water off shore were being searched by a large contingent of police, Royal Australian Navy divers, Royal Australian Air Force helicopters, Army personnel from nearby Point Nepean and local volunteers.
A large contingent of Irish troops fought in the Anglo-Boer War on both sides and a few of them stayed in South Africa after the war.
This turned out to be a tactical error, for he was left with insufficient forces to defend himself when a large contingent of Franks besieged the town and Julian was virtually held captive there for several months, until his general Marcellus deigned to lift the siege.
Dalglish's departure was unpopular with the Celtic fans, and when he returned in August 1978 to play in Stein's testimonial, he was booed by a large contingent of Celtic supporters.
He then marched to Acre which was already besieged by a lesser contingent of crusaders and started to construct large siege equipments before Richard arrived in 8 June ( see Siege of Acre ).
On its return to base, the expedition learned of the presence of Amundsen, camped with his crew and a large contingent of dogs in the Bay of Whales, 200 miles ( 320 km ) to their east.
After a failed attempt to move on Baghdad, stopped by the Ottomans at the bloody Battle of Ctesiphon, the British and their large contingent of Indian sepoy soldiers were forced to retreat to Kut, where the Ottomans under German General Baron Colmar von der Goltz laid siege.
In 1967, South Korea obliged the mutual defense treaty, by sending a large combat troop contingent to support the United States in the Vietnam War.
In 52 the Redones responded to the call of Vercingetorix to furnish a large contingent of warriors
But a large contingent of Wallachian soldiers was waiting for the Hungarians at Posada, and as they were winding their way through a narrow valley, the Hungarians found themselves trapped.
They were accompanied by teamsters and packers with 150 wagons and a large contingent of pack mules that reinforced Custer.
Colonies are established not by solitary queens, as in most bees, but by groups known as " swarms ", which consist of a mated queen and a large contingent of worker bees.
The most famous example of this was the Homestead Strike of 1892, when industrialist Henry Clay Frick hired a large contingent of Pinkerton men to regain possession of Andrew Carnegie's steel mill during a lock-out at Homestead, Pennsylvania.
There was also a large contingent of French Huguenot troops fighting with the Williamites.
When the brain is led to believe that the saccades it is generating are too large or too small ( by an experimental manipulation in which a saccade-target steps backwards or forwards contingent on the eye movement made to acquire it ), saccade amplitude gradually decreases ( or increases ), an adaptation ( also termed gain adaptation ) widely seen as a simple form of motor learning, possibly driven by an effort to correct visual error.
The arrests angered the regulars ; on Friday a large contingent set out from camp to free an arrested comrade.
Within three days, a large contingent of National Guard and active duty troops were deployed to the region.
Henry, Robert, and Ranulf took a large contingent of troops to besiege the peninsular capital of the kingdom, Salerno.
A large contingent of DMP, under an Inspector Mills, arrived and the Riot Act was read to the crowd.
The Red Skull sent a number of his subordinates, who became known as the Exiles, and a large contingent of loyal German soldiers and their wives to a secret island base (" Exile Island "), where they would organize an army for use in the future.
The Byzantines were led by Leontios at the Battle of Sebastopolis in 692 in Asia Minor and were decisively defeated by the Caliph after the defection of a large contingent of Slavs.

large and furnished
Octavian was not present, but at the next meeting made a reply of such a nature that the consuls both left Rome to join Antony ; and Antony, when he heard of it, after publicly divorcing Octavia, came at once to Ephesus with Cleopatra, where a vast fleet was gathered from all parts of the East, of which Cleopatra furnished a large proportion.
Antony's fleet numbered 500, of which 230 were large war galleys furnished with towers full of armed men.
Each apartment is fully furnished, and each floor of every building contains at least two large study rooms ( in some cases three ).
The Upper Room was first mentioned in Luke 22: 12-13 ( " And he shall shew you a large upper room furnished: there make ready.
In order for a current to flow, a relatively large amount of energy must be furnished to an electron for it to leap across this forbidden gap and into the conduction band.
" He went on to explain that, while the there was no large body of timber nearby, coal will be furnished at twelve cents a bushell and cheep lumber, poplar, walnut, and oak will also be brought in by the railroad.
Throughout the summer of 1872, the site was occupied only by a large tent which furnished shelter for the construction crew.
There have been Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age finds in and around Eye but the earliest evidence of settlement in the town dates from the Roman period and includes buildings and coins dated circa 365 A large Anglo-Saxon cemetery including many urned cremations and some furnished inhumations, in use during the 6th century, was excavated near the Waterloo Plantation, Eye, in 1818.
The rooms are large and impressive, furnished expensively and equipped with central air conditioning and air filters, but are not quite the stupendous rooms that ' in comparison make Versailles Palace look like a hovel ,' as a foreign observer declared.
These are furnished with large canopied beds, gilded wardrobes and the like.
Toward the end of the 19th century, kumis had a strong enough reputation as a cure-all to support a small industry of " kumis cure " resorts, mostly in southeastern Russia, where patients were " furnished with suitable light and varied amusement " during their treatment, which consisted of drinking large quantities of kumis.
" A great hall was furnished with expensive Teutonic furniture, a large globe and an expansive red marble fireplace mantel.
The ground floor contains the principal suite of large reception rooms, and while these rooms are furnished with works of art and furniture, they are low ceilinged, and, continuing the informal concept of the design, are in no way intended to be state rooms.
A typical early 19th-century casual ward was a single large room furnished with some kind of bedding and perhaps a bucket in the middle of the floor for sanitation.
They consisted of a couple of comfortable bed-rooms and a single large airy sitting-room, cheerfully furnished, and illuminated by two broad windows.
The unexpectedly large force required for South Africa, was mainly furnished by means of the system of reserves which Wolseley had originated ; but the new conditions at the War Office were not to his liking, and, upon being released from responsibilities he brought the whole subject before the House of Lords in a speech.
The Mayor puts Faith up in a large, fully furnished apartment, buys her clothes, a video game system, and an expensive knife.
His apartment was known to be lavishly furnished and he is said to have owned a large porphyry table.
They typically are furnished a large inventory of standard parts that are known to wear and cause malfunctions in the " weapons " they will encounter, and they are simply trained to replace these items until satisfactory function is restored.
Historically the dining room is furnished with a rather large dining table and a number of dining chairs ; the most common shape is generally rectangular with two armed end chairs and an even number of un-armed side chairs along the long sides.
Their buildings were large, substantial, and well-built, and furnished with modern conveniences.
Inside, the observation cars were paneled in walnut and furnished with large, upholstered chairs, fresh flower bouquets, writing desks with engraved stationery, and a secretary to take dictation.
“ Paul was exceedingly ugly ,” Madame Vigee Le Brun wrote in her memoirs “ A flat nose, and a very large mouth furnished with very long teeth, made him look like a death's head .”
She noted of Cuba Court: " It is very large and looks externally like a gentleman's country seat-within most of the rooms are lofty and spacious, and some-the drawing room and dining room are handsomely and commodiously furnished.

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