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Some Related Sentences

relative and forces
His men fought well in the morning, putting up a stout resistance, but as overwhelming Confederate forces massed against them, their line eventually broke and they retreated back through the town of Gettysburg to the relative safety of Cemetery Hill south of town.
Body forces and contact forces acting on the body lead to corresponding moments of force ( torques ) relative to a given point.
As the mass of a model white dwarf increases, the typical energies to which degeneracy pressure forces the electrons are no longer negligible relative to their rest masses.
Cavalry " flying columns " proved effective, or at least cost-effective, in many campaigns — although an astute native commander ( like Samori in western Africa, Shamil in the Caucasus, or any of the better Boer commanders ) could turn the tables and use the greater mobility of their cavalry to offset their relative lack of firepower compared with European forces.
Other factors favouring the retention of mounted forces included the high quality of Russian Cossacks and other horse cavalry ; and the relative lack of roads suitable for wheeled vehicles in many parts of the Eastern Front.
By treating the extra acceleration terms due to the rotation of the frame as if they were forces, subtracting them from the physical forces, it's possible to treat the second time derivative of position ( relative to the rotating frame ) as absolute acceleration.
The first of his papers, Sur le principe des forces vives dans les mouvements relatifs des machines ( On the principle of kinetic energy in the relative motion in machines ), was read to the Académie des Sciences ( Coriolis 1832 ).
With one of the most strikeprone labor forces in Central America, debt-burdened and aging industrial assets, and a dramatically underdeveloped infrastructure, Honduras, however, has distinct economic disadvantages relative to its Central American and Caribbean neighbors, who compete with Honduras in the same export markets.
In contrast, in frames accelerating with respect to the fixed stars, an important case being frames rotating relative to the fixed stars, the laws of motion did not hold in their simplest form, but had to be supplemented by the addition of fictitious forces, for example, the Coriolis force and the centrifugal force.
Nevertheless, Demetrius ’ forces won the battle with relative ease.
* The degrees of Chief Commander, Commander, Officer, and Legionnaire are awarded only to members of armed forces of foreign nations under the criteria outlined in Army Regulation 672-7 and is based on the relative rank or position of the recipient as follows:
The French Navy won some important victories near the end of the 17th century but a focus upon land forces led to the French Navy's relative neglect, which allowed the Royal Navy to emerge with an ever-growing advantage in size and quality, especially in tactics and experience, from 1695.
As the sizes got smaller, one would have to redesign some tools, because the relative strength of various forces would change.
In fluid mechanics, the Reynolds number is a measure of the ratio of inertial forces ( v < sub > s </ sub > ρ ) to viscous forces ( μ / L ) and consequently it quantifies the relative importance of these two types of effect for given flow conditions.
With their military technology, they overcame the local forces with relative ease, and formed several small Boer republics in areas beyond British control, without a central government.
The position of the point relative to the foundations on which a body lies determines its stability in response to external forces.
The small number of ships may be attributed to Tanzania's few exports, the relative insufficiency of its coast guard and naval forces, and Tanzania's single major port facility in Dar es Salaam.
Intermolecular ( or interatomic or interionic ) forces are still important, but the molecules have enough energy to move relative to each other and the structure is mobile.
Comparing measured vapor pressures to predicted values from Raoult's law provides information about the true relative strength of intermolecular forces.
The precise size relative to the Scottish forces is unclear but estimates range from as much as at least two or three times the size of the army Bruce had been able to gather, to as little as only 50 % larger.
Alarmed at the prospect of losing control of the fortune, Cedar joins forces with Deeds ' only other relative and his grasping, domineering wife in seeking to have Deeds declared mentally incompetent.

relative and can
This problem of the optimum balance in the relative numbers of generalists and specialists can be investigated on a communicative network basis.
These engines can be removed from a boat with relative ease, wherein lies their greatest advantage.
In this way, numerical values for the relative efficacy of various detergent formulations can be obtained by measuring the reflectance ( whiteness ) of the cloth swatches before and after washing.
Despite an ambiguity due to its failure clearly to define `` relative costs '', the above exposition of fully distributed costing goes about as far as one can go toward expressing the basic philosophy of the practice.
The evolution of the Greek sculpture can be observed in his depictions from the almost static formal Kouros type in early archaic period, to the representation of motion in a relative harmonious whole in late archaic period.
A relative histogram of a random variable can be constructed in
can be calculated from the relative histogram:
By studying these images, they can detect solar system objects by their movements relative to the background stars, which remain fixed.
Precise measurements of the relative positions of the inner planets can be made by radar and by telemetry from space probes.
Neither G nor M < sub >☉</ sub > can be measured to high accuracy in SI units, but the value of their product is known very precisely from observing the relative positions of planets ( Kepler's Third Law expressed in terms of Newtonian gravitation ).
IR spectroscopy can detect the relative age of an amber sample.
The array may contain subroutine pointers ( or relative subroutine numbers that can be acted upon by SWITCH statements )-that direct the path of the execution.
If light moves instantaneously, the telescope does not move, and the true direction of the star relative to the observer can be found by following the line ES.
According to the special theory of relativity, the aberration looks as a transform of the celestial sphere due to different frames of reference and is virtually a special case of velocity addition, namely one of the light beam and frames ' relative velocity v. The formula from relativistic aberration can be simplified to
However, although these enzymes can produce oxidants, the relative importance of the electron transfer chain to other processes that generate peroxide is unclear.
His argument is based on a conceptual switch from the " ensemble " of Brownian particles to the " single " Brownian particle: we can speak of the relative number of particles at a single instant just as well as of the time it takes a Brownian particle to reach a given point.
Using braille translation software, a document can be embossed with relative ease, making braille production much more efficient and cost-effective.
It is one of five arguments from the " properties, causes, and effects " of true motion and rest that support his contention that, in general, true motion and rest cannot be defined as special instances of motion or rest relative to other bodies, but instead can be defined only by reference to absolute space.
In other words, it is not the relative motion of the pail and water that causes concavity of the water, contrary to the idea that motions can only be relative, and that there is no absolute motion.
For very large systems, the relative total energies can be compared using molecular mechanics.
Nearly all the descriptive words used to justify the genus division were relative terms without a reference measure, and the argument did not take into account the size differences between the species, which can be considerable.
The area of study examines issues such as how each major form of business entity may be formed, operated, and dissolved ; the degree to which limited liability protects investors ; the extent to which a business can be held liable for the acts of an agent of the business ; the relative advantages and disadvantages of different types of business organizations, and the structures established by governments to monitor the buying and selling of ownership interests in large corporations.
The standard interpretation of this temperature variation is a simple velocity redshift and blueshift due to motion relative to the CMB, but alternative cosmological models can explain some fraction of the observed dipole temperature distribution in the CMB.

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