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religious and quest
Nanda, these scriptures were Nehru's " first introduction to the religious and cultural heritage of .... provided Nehru the initial impulse for long intellectual quest which culminated ... in the Discovery of India.
Asahara's religious quest reportedly started at this time, while he was working to support his family.
The early colonists were mostly descendants of those who had followed Roger Williams to Rhode Island in their quest for religious freedom.
Lelio, impulsive and inquisitive, was in quest of the spiritual ground of religious truths ; the drier mind of Fausto sought in external authority a basis for the ethical teaching of Christianity.
D. Michael Quinn has written that Lucy Mack Smith viewed these magical practices as " part of her family's religious quest " while denying that they prevented " family members from accomplishing other, equally important work.
: Within a compass of two hundred pages it proclaims unequivocally the existence and oneness of a personal God, unknowable, inaccessible, the source of all Revelation, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent and almighty ; asserts the relativity of religious truth and the continuity of Divine Revelation ; affirms the unity of the Prophets, the universality of their Message, the identity of their fundamental teachings, the sanctity of their scriptures, and the twofold character of their stations ; denounces the blindness and perversity of the divines and doctors of every age ; cites and elucidates the allegorical passages of the New Testament, the abstruse verses of the Qur ' án, and the cryptic Muhammadan traditions which have bred those age-long misunderstandings, doubts and animosities that have sundered and kept apart the followers of the world's leading religious systems ; enumerates the essential prerequisites for the attainment by every true seeker of the object of his quest ; demonstrates the validity, the sublimity and significance of the Báb's Revelation ; acclaims the heroism and detachment of His disciples ; foreshadows, and prophesies the world-wide triumph of the Revelation promised to the people of the Bayán ; upholds the purity and innocence of the Virgin Mary ; glorifies the Imams of the Faith of Muhammad ; celebrates the martyrdom, and lauds the spiritual sovereignty, of the Imam Husayn ; unfolds the meaning of such symbolic terms as " Return ," " Resurrection ," " Seal of the Prophets " and " Day of Judgment "; adumbrates and distinguishes between the three stages of Divine Revelation ; and expatiates, in glowing terms, upon the glories and wonders of the " City of God ," renewed, at fixed intervals, by the dispensation of Providence, for the guidance, the benefit and salvation of all mankind.
Viviane is portrayed as a strong religious and political leader ; her tragic flaw is her willingness to use others in her quest to save Avalon without thinking of their emotional suffering.
The former assesses where people stand on three distinct forms of religious orientation – religion as means, religion as end, and religion as quest.
He experienced a major religious conversion on Sebastian's day ( January 20 ), while listening to a sermon by Saint John of Avila, who was later to become his spiritual mentor and would encourage him in his quest to improve the life of the poor.
A precursor to the Peace of Augsburg of September, 1555, the Peace of Passau effectively surrendered Charles V's lifelong quest for European religious unity.
These similarities included an engagement in the quest for human meaning and the rise of a new elite class of religious leaders and thinkers in China, India and the Occident.
Her most studied work, The Morgesons is set in a small seaport town, and is the dramatic story of Cassandra Morgeson's fight against social and religious norms in a quest for sexual, spiritual, and economic autonomy.
In the quest of imposing national homogeneity on the country where half of the population consisted of ethnic minorities, Reza Shah had previously issued in quick succession bans on the use of Azerbaijani language on the premises of schools, in theatrical performances, religious ceremonies, and, finally, in the publication of books.
In his quest to discover which of the three Abrahamic religions would shape his own religious beliefs, he invited representatives from each to explain their fundamental tenets.
The quest for the historical Jesus is the attempt to use historical rather than religious methods to construct a verifiable biography of Jesus.
He then went on a quest to learn more and found his mother Kismet, alive and living in a secluded religious retreat on the planet Vesper.
" Steve Turner concludes: " The Veedon Fleece ... appears to be Van's Irish equivalent of the Holy Grail a religious relic that would answer his questions if he could track it down on his quest around the west coast of Ireland.
This quest leads him to the girl's stepfather, Gregory Belkin, who would pay any price to fulfill his messianic dream via his immense worldwide religious organization, the Temple of the Mind of God.
Like much political or religious poetry of the Alliterative Revival ( i. e., Piers Plowman, Mum and the Sothsegger ), the poem takes the form of a quest for knowledge.
This event instigated the gathering of the quarrelsome Mughals towards the command of Babur, but this time the Mughals sought no riches from their new enemies, they were now firm in their quest for revenge accompanied by a strong religious zeal.

religious and is
Hemingway's fiction is supported by a `` moral '' backbone and in its search for ultimate meaning hints at a religious dimension.
This is the rhetoric of righteousness the beatniks use in defending their way of life, their search for wholeness, though their actual existence fails to reach these `` religious '' heights.
Piepsam is not, certainly, religious in any conventional sense.
If Jews are identified as a religious body in a controversy that comes before a national or international tribunal, it is obviously compatible with the goal of human dignity to protect freedom of worship.
From that time to this my religious concern is that I might give effective help to the bringing in of God's kingdom on earth.
He is a Buddhist, which means that to him peace and the sanctity of human life are not only religious dogma, but a profound and unshakable Weltanschauung.
It is like medical schools in India where, in that fairy-land of religious inhibition, the dissection of dead bodies is frowned upon.
In the last analysis, religion is the means of inducing, formulating, expressing, enhancing, implementing, and perpetuating man's deepest experience -- the religious.
Man is first religious ; ;
The feeling of individual inferiority, defeat, or humilation growing out of various social situations or individual deficiencies or failures is compensated for by communion in worship or prayer with a friendly, but all-victorious Father-God, as well as by sympathetic fellowship with others who share this faith, and by opportunities in religious acts for giving vent to emotions and energies.
The value-system of a community or society is always correlated with, and to a degree dependent upon, a more or less shared system of religious beliefs and convictions.
Even in the United States, with its freedom of religious belief and worship and its vast denominational differentiation, there is a general consensus regarding the basic Christian values.
In America also all of our major religious bodies officially sanction a universalistic ethic which is reflective of our common religion.
Closely related to this function is the fact that the religious system provides a body of ultimate ends for the society, which are compatible with the supreme eternal ends.
As he points out, a religious group cannot exist without a collective credo, and the more extensive the credo, the more unified and strong is the group.
His view is that every religion pertains to a community, and, conversely, every community is in one aspect a religious unit.
This is brought out in the common religious ethos that prevails even in the denominationally diverse audiences at many secular semi-public and public occasions in the United States ; ;
and it is evidenced in the prayers offered, in the frequent religious allusions, and in the confirmation of points on religious grounds.
There is a marked tendency for religions, once firmly established, to resist change, not only in their own doctrines and policies and practices, but also in secular affairs having religious relevance.
To derive Utopian communism from the Jerusalem Christian community of the apostolic age or from its medieval successors-in-spirit, the monastic communities, is with an appropriate shift of adjectives, misleading in the same way as to derive it from Plato's Republic: in the Republic we have to do with an elite of physical and intellectual athletes, in the apostolic and monastic communities with an elite of spiritual and religious athletes.
It omits, for example, practically the whole line of great nineteenth century English social critics, nearly all the great writers whose basic position is religious, and all those who are with more or less accuracy called Existentialists.

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