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system and dividing
A dividing issue is whether a person is " Folkish ", meaning that an emphasis on ancestry and ancestor worship is a part of their belief system.
Johnson describes that the African identity was influenced and caste system constructed by dividing enslaved Africans, mixed race offsprings, and indentured servants by their occupations, and by skin color.
The Ottomans attempted to create peace by dividing Mt Lebanon into a Christian district and a Druze district, but this would merely create geographic powerbases for the warring parties, and it plunged the region back into civil conflict which included not only the sectarian warfare but a Maronite revolt against the Feudal class, which ended in 1858 with the overthrow of the old feudal system of taxes and levies.
Into the 19th century, a system prevailed of dividing the land into prazos ( large agricultural estates ) which the natives cultivated for the benefit of the European leaseholders, who were also tax-collector for each district and claimed the tax either in labour or produce, a system that kept the sharecropping farmers in a state of serfdom.
The concept of dividing pre-historical ages into systems based on metals extends far back in European history, but the present archaeological system of the three main ages: stone, bronze and iron, originates with the Danish archaeologist Christian Jürgensen Thomsen ( 1788 1865 ), who placed the system on a more scientific basis by typological and chronological studies, at first of tools and other artifacts present in the Museum of Northern Antiquities in Copenhagen ( later the National Museum of Denmark ).
He then suggested a system of sub-units, dividing successively by factors of ten into the centuria, decuria, virga, virgula, decima, centesima, and millesima.
Among the cultural traits that the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan shared with many other cultures of central Mexico are the agricultural basis of maize cultivation, the basic social organization dividing society into classes of noble pipiltin and macehualli commoners, the complex religious beliefs and practices including most of the pantheon ( e. g. gods such as Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl ), the calendric system of a xiuhpohualli of 365 days intercalated with a tonalpohualli of 260 days.
However, the basic idea of the point system to generate different type sizes by multiplying a single minimum unit calculated by dividing a base measurement unit such as one French Royal inch was not Didot ’ s invention, but Fournier ’ s .< ref group =" note ">
Many of the legal, administrative, and economic reforms of the revolutionary period were left intact ; the Napoleonic Code, which guaranteed legal equality and civil liberties, the peasants ' biens nationaux, and the new system of dividing the country into < span lang =" fr "> départments </ span > were not undone by the new king.
Most strains of C jejuni produce a toxin ( cytolethal distending toxin ) that hinders the cells from dividing and activating the immune system.
Rays are used to model the propagation of light through an optical system, by dividing the real light field up into discrete rays that can be computationally propagated through the system by the techniques of ray tracing.
Late in 1957, General Raoul Salan, commanding the French Army in Algeria, instituted a system of quadrillage ( surveillance using a grid pattern ), dividing the country into sectors, each permanently garrisoned by troops responsible for suppressing rebel operations in their assigned territory.
In order for the state to reclaim dry, barren areas of land, the state further developed this system by dividing up the land according to the number of men of an age to cultivate it.
The system used in the west today, dividing instruments into wind, strings, and percussion, is of Greek origin ( in the Hellenistic period, prominent proponents being Nicomachus and Porphyry ).
The BNSF is the dividing line for the street system east and west, and Bridge Street is the dividing line north and south.
: d ) Shortly before his death he completed " From Job Markets to Labor Markets " in which he proposed a computer-moderated economic system dividing work among all who seek employment.
The system of dividing and expanding a kingdom in order to provide for the sons of a ruler agrees in general with the apparent organization and succession practices of ancient Tai village groups was called mueang.
The Tetrarchy ultimately degenerated into civil war, but the eventual victor, Constantine the Great, restored Diocletian's system of dividing the Empire into East and West.
In 1968, Mexican American inmates of the California state prison system separated into two rival groups, Norteños ( northerners ) and Sureños ( southerners ), according to the locations of their hometowns ( the north south dividing line is near Delano, California ).
The simple vacuum system had the major defect that in the event of one of the hoses connecting the vehicles becoming displaced ( by the train accidentally dividing, or by careless coupling of the hoses, or otherwise ) the vacuum brake on the entire train was useless.

system and students
Three of the four persons present, all foreign students in Tokyo, had been playing a game of judging popular Japanese foods by the In and Out system, an equation in which Zen philosophy was used as the modifier.
In 2005 there were 60, 275 students in the ACT school system.
As punishment, during the fall exam period Gooch evicted two residents and relocated the remainder of Gate House to other places in the residence system, banned all current Gate House students from entering the building in 2008.
A few library schools sometimes taught the BC system to their students, but only in a minor way.
This is two levels below a Bachelor's degree ( Level 6 in the MQF ) and students within the system who intend to further their studies to that level will usually seek entry into Advanced Diploma programs in public universities, polytechnics or accredited private providers.
First year students are required to live on campus and 95 % of undergraduates remain in the on-campus house system.
All first year students live in the house system and 95 % of undergraduates remain in it.
Cadillac's public education system has a total of 10 schools, with approximately 3, 100 students and 166 teachers with a student: teacher ratio of 19. 1: 1.
As well as teaching knowledge about democracy, parliament, government, the justice system, human rights and the UK's relations with the wider world, students participate in active citizenship, often involving a social action or social enterprise in their local community.
Some school system administrators are choosing to use the safety mode on school computers when students are accessing YouTube in order to prevent the viewing of objectionable content.
For example, a physics lab course might ask students to record lengths in centimetres, and masses in grams, but force ( a derived unit ) in newtons, a usage consistent with the SI system.
Over time, tuition for limited-matriculated students became an important source of system revenues.
Partially because of Dartmouth's rural, isolated location, the Greek system dating from the 1840s is one of the most popular social outlets for students.
Jones however was the one who is generally credited with having gone much of the way towards a practical solution through his scheme of ' Cardinal Vowels ', a relatively simple system of reference vowels which for many years has been taught systematically to students within the British tradition.
* Disabilities, Handicaps, or sicknesses: There are many students that are unable to go to a traditional school setting because they cannot get around easily or a low immune system and get sick from other students.
Open learning system often includes aspects of e-learning. There are numerous universities and organizations that create open educational resources for self-motivated students to access anywhere, at any time.
Though the system can have variations in local, regional, and country level, the similarities-in systems or even in ideas-that schools share also enable the exchange among students at all levels which are also playing an increasingly important role in globalization process.
Jefferson had enacted a system of student self-government, allowing students to choose their own studies, make their own arrangements for boarding, and report all wrongdoing to the faculty.
The monitorial system uses slightly more-advanced students to teach less-advanced students, achieving student-teacher ratios as small as 2, while educating more than a thousand students per adult.
With an open format similar to Wikipedia, any teacher may upload their courses online and a feedback system will help students choose relevant courses of the highest quality.
Thus, it has been argued that a voucher system would lead students who do not belong to a preferred religious or ethnic group, or those with disabilities, to become concentrated within the public school system.

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