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town and was
The town was about what Wilson expected: one main street with its rows of false-fronted buildings, a water tower, a few warehouses, a single hotel ; ;
Though only a relatively short walk separated it from my own part of town, its character was wholly foreign to me.
The insurance man informed them that he had talked to Crumley who was all right and that he would watch the men's personal effects until they towed the rig back to town.
He went to Key West every fall and winter and was the only man in town who did not know that his title of `` Commodore '' was never used without irony.
The odor here was more powerful than that which surrounded the town aborigines.
In town after town my companion pointed out the Negro school and the White school, and in every instance the former made a better appearance ( it was newer, for one thing ).
First, Wright said, he was choked by the smoke, which fortunately kept him from seeing the dreadful town.
There was only one hitch: the small town of Kehl, on the other side of the Rhine, was still under French jurisdiction.
At this, the students let out a yell, knowing full well the actual frontier was beyond the town of Kehl.
Potemkin's Army of Ekaterinoslav, totaling, it was claimed, 40,000 regular troops and 6,000 irregulars of the Cossack Corps, had invested Islam's principal stronghold on the north shore of the Black Sea, the fortress town of Oczakov, and was preparing to test the Turk by land and sea.
Very soon after his arrival in Little Rock, Pike had joined one of the most influential organizations in town, the Little Rock Debating Society, and it was with this group that he made his debut as an orator, being invited to deliver the annual Fourth of July address the club sponsored every year.
Mr. Banks was always called Banks the Butcher until he left town and the shop passed over to Meltzer the Scholar who then became automatically Meltzer the Butcher.
The `` fruitful course '' of metropolitanization that you recommend is currently practiced by the town of East Greenwich and had its inception long before we learned what it was called.
The doctor, since Scotty was no longer allowed to make his regular trips into town to see him, came often and informally to the house.
At any cost, he must leave the dreary Pennsylvania mining town where his father was a pharmacist.
The backing from the white town was greater and there was little publicity.
The clock you heard strike -- it's really the town clock -- was installed last April by Mrs. Shorter, on her birthday ''.
`` P. J. '' -- as Ludie called the town -- was crowded with summer people who came to the mountains to escape the heat in the big cities.
Before he left town Pat saw to it that I was fixed up with a job.
When he was going to town, nothing was good enough -- he had cursed at Winston once for leaving a fleck of polish on his shoelace.

town and within
`` If I don't come out within half an hour ride back to town and bring out a posse ''.
Providence finally managed to get Gorton out of the town, and he and some friends bought land at Pawtuxet on the west side of Narragansett Bay, five miles south but still within the jurisdiction of the Providence colony.
It is the seat of the Ostalbkreis district, and its largest town, as well as the largest town within the Ostwürttemberg region.
Originally the site of a Roman fort, Gobannium, it became a medieval walled town within the Welsh Marches.
In January 2012, the Welsh Government announced the repeal the Abergavenny Improvement Acts of 1854 to 1871 which obliged the holding of a livestock market within the boundaries of Abergavenny town ; that repeal being effective from 26 March 2012.
Accrington is a town in Lancashire, within the borough of Hyndburn.
Accrington is a hill town located at the western edge of the Pennines within a bowl and largely encircled by surrounding hills to heights of 300-400m.
Administered within the Prussian Rhine Province, the town became part of the German Empire in 1871 during the Prussian-led unification of Germany.
The earliest known mention of baseball in the United States was a 1791 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, ordinance banning the playing of the game within of the town meeting house.
* Connecticut, as an incorporated municipality within, or consolidated with, a town
Only Kawerau District, an enclave within Whakatane District, continues to follow the tradition of a small town council that does not include surrounding rural area.
There are a further three primary ( or elementary ) schools within Bodmin ; Berrycoombe School in the north west corner of the town, St. Mary's Catholic Primary School and Robartes Primary Junior School, both situated west of the town centre.
Although there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town within general English language meanings, many cities have a particular administrative, legal, or historical status based on local law.
Casablanca remained a modestly sized port, with a population reaching around 12, 000 within a few years of the French conquest and arrival of French colonialists in the town, at first administrators within a sovereign sultanate, in 1906.
If no election is to take place within 120 days of the vacancy then the district chairman is to call together the members of the district and they are to elect a member who will serve until the next town election.
The three elected members of the Board of Assessors serve three year terms and annually make a fair cash valuation of all property within the town.
Stanley has two taxi services which can be used for travel within the town and the surrounding areas.
The Quraysh were the guardians of the Kaaba within the town of Mecca and was the dominant tribe of Mecca upon the appearance of Islam.
The other tradition, first mentioned in an epigram by Chersias of Orchomenus written in the 7th century BC ( within a century or so of Hesiod's death ) claims that Hesiod lies buried at Orchomenus, a town in Boeotia.
Today's St Leonards has extended well beyond that original design, although the original town still exists within it.

town and Persian
Anah, or Ana, is an Iraqi town on the Euphrates river, approximately mid-way between the Gulf of Alexandretta and the Persian Gulf.
A Persian geographer recorded in the mid-9th century that a well preserved and much venerated church existed in the town.
The Persian force then sailed for Attica, landing in the bay near the town of Marathon.
In the fourth century AD, the Bishop Acacius of Amida, touched by the plight of Persian prisoners captured in a recent war with the Roman Empire — who were held in his town under appalling conditions and destined for a life of slavery, took the initiative of ransoming them, by selling his church's precious gold and silver vessels, and letting them return to their country.
* In the film The Music Man ( based on the 1957 musical ), town librarian Marian Paroo draws down the wrath of the mayor's wife for encouraging the woman's daughter to read a book of " dirty Persian poetry.
Its name is thought to come from the ancient Arabian town of Suluk, Libya, although in the modern era it has also been called the Gazelle Hound or Persian Greyhound.
The town of Kidichi features the Hamamni Persian Baths, built by immigrants from Shiraz, Iran during the reign of Barghash bin Said.
One derives the name from the Old Persian asmara, " stone ", " rock ", and Sogdian kand, " fort ", " town ".
The word Astana in Kazakh literally means Capital but the word itself originates from Persian Astane ( means " sublime threshold ," " royal porte " implying a royal capital city or a holy shrine town, ( from the Persian verb Istadan ( آستان ) ' to stand ' ( in respect )), and literally means " threshold " ( royal or sacred, where people stand in respect or awe ), implying where the court is seated ( the capital city ) or the body of a sacred person is interred ( a shrine town ).
Kand, qand, kent, kad, kath, kud — all meaning a city — are derived from the Persian / Sogdian کنده kanda, meaning a town or a city.
His name Razi in Persian means " from the city of Rey ", an ancient town called Ragha in old Persian and Ragâ in Avestan.
" Sharbān ", translated from modern Persian, literally means " town keeper "; ( شهر " shahr ", meaning " town ", بان " bān " meaning " keeper ").
* Renee Gardens – A small subdivision located on the north side of the town near Persian Terrace.
Bardiya's death was not known to the people, and so in the spring of 522 BCE a usurper pretended to be him and proclaimed himself king on a mountain near the Persian town of Paishiyauvada.
Previously called Slepe, its name was changed to St Ives after the body, claimed to be that of a Persian bishop, of Saint Ivo ( not to be confused with Ivo of Kermartin ), was found buried in the town in about 1001 / 2.
The world Shahrestan comes from the Persian words shahr and ostan, which mean city ( or town ) and province, respectively.
In keeping with his principles of bridging the gaping relations between the Persian Ismailis and the broader Sunni world, Imam Jalal al-Din Hasan invited a number of religious scholars from the town of Qazvin to visit the castle ’ s library and burn any books they deemed heretical.
At the end of the 18th century, the British and Dutch transferred their regional commercial offices to Bushehr, and during the 19th century the town was prominent as the home of the British political agent for the Persian Gulf.

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