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venue and was
The first regular auto racing venue was Nice, France, run in late March, 1897, as a " Speed Week.
The stadium " Tivoli ", opened in 1928, served as the venue for the team's home games and was well known for its incomparable atmosphere throughout the whole of the second division.
The stadium, which is owned directly by the club, was inaugurated in 2006 and replaced the old Alkmaarderhout venue as the DSB Stadion.
The Aberdare Athletic Ground was the venue of the first rugby league international between Wales and the New Zealand All Golds on New Year's Day 1908, which was won by the Welsh 9-8.
The Reichstag building was also occasionally used as a venue for sittings of the Bundestag and its committees and the Bundesversammlung, the body which elects the German Federal President.
On Boxing Day 1963, Craven Cottage was the venue of the fastest hat-trick in the history of the English football league, which was completed in less than three minutes, by Graham Leggat.
It hosted the FA Cup Final from 1920 to 1922, has held ten FA Cup semi-finals ( most recently in 1978 ), ten FA Charity Shield matches ( the last in 1970 ), and three England international matches, the last in 1932 ; it was also the venue for an unofficial Victory International in 1946.
It was the venue for a boxing match between world flyweight champion Jimmy Wilde and Joe Conn in 1918.
This was the venue for home games of both the Irish Rugby Union Team and the Republic of Ireland national football team.
Kaye also later stated that he never returned to the venue because there was no way to re-create the magic of that time.
England played their first match at the stadium in 1924 against Scotland and for the next 27 years Wembley was used as a venue for matches against Scotland only.
During this time, England played at a number of different venues across the country, though by the time of the 2006 World Cup qualifiers this had largely settled down to having Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium as the primary venue, with Newcastle United's St. James ' Park used on occasions where Old Trafford was unavailable.
La Borde was a venue for conversation among many students of philosophy, psychology, ethnology, and social work.
With 293 seats, the venue was the smallest in Paris.
While it is true that Aldini did do these attempts at human reanimation during the same time of Shelley's writings, and Forster execution was a sensational notice in the public venue, there is no specific reference that Shelley did actually adapt Aldini into her works despite obviously being aware of Aldini's experiments which were done in public at the Royal College of Physicians in 1803.
Paris was the venue for the Second International Congress of Mathematicians in 1900.
Originally built for the Central Coast Bears team in the NRL rugby league competition ( to this day, the seats are arranged to say ' Go Bears '), since 2005 it is now the home of the Central Coast Mariners A-League association football team and was the home venue of the Central Coast Rays rugby union Australian Rugby Championship team
The perceived threat to Iraq in the summer of 1982 thus was serious enough to force Saddam Hussein to request the Nonaligned Movement to change the venue of its scheduled September meeting from Baghdad to India ; nevertheless, since the fall of 1982, the ground conflict has generally been a stalemated war of attrition — although Iran made small but demoralizing territorial advances as a result of its massive offensives in the reed marshes north of Basra in 1984 and in 1985, in Al Faw Peninsula in early 1986, and in the outskirts of Basra during January and February 1987.
He was particularly friendly with Joseph Black, and the two of them together with Adam Smith founded the Oyster Club for weekly meetings, with Hutton and Black finding a venue which turned out to have rather disreputable associations.
An example of this practice was the Wizards ' 2010 game ( and victory ) against Manchester United at Arrowhead Stadium, which was also the first professional sporting match held at the venue after its renovations.
The leading figure behind the establishment of the society as a more organised body during this early period seems to have been Matthew Boulton: his home at Soho House in Handsworth was the principal venue for meetings, and in 1776 he is recorded as planning " to make many Motions to the Members respecting new Laws, and regulations, such as will tend to prevent the decline of a society which I hope will be lasting.
This marks the third consecutive venue or date change for a Vikings game and was the first NFL game played on a Tuesday since 1964.

venue and subsequently
In June 1996, while the group was playing at Brixton Academy, the sound system caused dust and plaster to fall from the roof ; subsequently, the group was banned from ever returning to the venue.
In its use as a concert venue, it once played host to the Beatles but was subsequently allowed to fall into disuse and considerable disrepair.
Although Eyadéma attempted to suspend the conference, surrounding the venue with soldiers, he subsequently accepted the outcome.
Epping Forest was considered as a venue for the mountain-biking event of the 2012 Summer Olympics, though a later ( but subsequently abandoned ) choice was Weald Country Park near Brentwood, Essex.
Trio went on the air in 1994, then originally owned and operated jointly by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Power Broadcasting Inc. ( a subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada ) as a venue for airing the CBC's arts, culture and entertainment programming in the U. S. It was sold to USA Networks in 2000, and was subsequently transferred to Vivendi Universal and later NBC Universal.
An assembly hall was subsequently constructed at the venue.
However, the British government subsequently cancelled the tour over potential public order concerns at each Test venue.
Artists playing there have included Michael Jackson, the first musical performer to play shows at the venue in 1988, on June 27 and 28 for his Bad World Tour and subsequently in 1997, on June 27 and 29 for the History World Tour ( more than 240, 000 spectators for four concerts ), the Rolling Stones who played two concerts in 1990, Johnny Hallyday who celebrated his 50th birthday there in 1993 ( performing on three consecutive evenings ) and his 60th birthday in 2003 ( for four nights ), U2 ( 53, 519 spectators on September 6, 1997 ), Robbie Williams, Prince and Iron Maiden.
In 2002 the Houston Astros baseball team sold the naming rights for their venue, subsequently named Minute Maid Park, and the company now owns 8. 5 % of the team.
The Domain was subsequently used for military and ceremonial events and evolved as a venue for soap box oratory and political meetings.
Unable to find a new venue or secure agreement on improving safety at Lee Valley, the Racers withdrew their team from competitions on 21 November and subsequently folded.
It was restored in the late forties and has subsequently been used to provide a venue for musical theater, drama and other cultural events.
In 2008 Miss Haig, and her by then business partner ( Technical Director ), acquired a theatre licence for the venue and subsequently turned the venue back into a theatre.
Thomas subsequently issued an apology on her personal web site, but Principal Alan Goodwin said, in an email to Whitman parents, " Graduation celebrations are not the venue for divisiveness.
The exception to this is where the issuing venue has subsequently closed down and a new ' home venue ' has been selected.
He collapsed onstage at a New York venue at age 63 and subsequently died from complications soon after undergoing heart surgery.
However, it was subsequently announced in June 2010 that the preferred venue had changed to the smaller Cofton Park, in Birmingham.
" was an early publishing venue for many subsequently well-known writers, including Lester Bangs and Greil Marcus.
By the 1740s, the Artillery Ground had become the sport's feature venue and for about twenty years it had a social status that only Lord's Cricket Ground has subsequently equalled.
A successor event, the Green Gathering, took place at Piercefield House, Chepstow, Monmouthshire in July 2011, and it was subsequently announced that future annual events would be held at the same venue.

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